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Updating kitchens: budget remake in a few simple steps

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Repairs on the kitchen - for many, this phrase immediately associated with the huge financial investments and discomfort in life. There are many options alteration kitchen space with minimal investment of time and money. Remaking the kitchen with his hands can be started at any time, regardless of the completeness of the budget. The main thing in this case - to carefully consider the project, think about all the little things. An old kitchen in a new way can be altered in several ways. Transform an old case with your own hands is not so difficult, it can be converted into an interior zest. Paint the walls with fresh paint also not be easy and will not take long. Consider the basic options, which will require a minimum investment (to 30 thousand).

updated kitchen
Renovated kitchen looks, as a new

Finishing work

Remaking old kitchen - this update, wall and ceiling. Consider the simplest way to refresh the appearance of the kitchen:

Updating kitchens

  1. if nothing to restore already lost and the coating appearance, it is better to get rid of it. If the kitchen looks unaesthetic, and greasy walls injected angst, then there is nothing better, than the fresh paint. Remove old coating, proshpaklyuyte and paint the wall. This is the most economical way, the cost of which will amount to a maximum of 3 000 rubles with putty and primer. Such work is the owner automatically perform, such alteration of the kitchen does not require special skills;
  2. If the walls are uneven and self-align them will be difficult, it is possible to paste over wallpaper kitchen. They hide small defects of the walls;
  3. ceramic tile, if it is laid on the walls, you can restore parts. Replace the faulty portion and the not bring down the rest of the coating.

Installation of ceramic tiles
If you have any old tiles, can be replaced with new sections of the split- everything just

Remaking your own hands made in the case, if the goal is worth the maximum savings. Replacing the wiring, water supply, tiling - such work is unlikely to succeed on their own produce, so they should be excluded from the list at once. This also applies to replacement windows. It follows from this important rule of budget repair - did not originally plan work, who can not produce their own.

If the plumbing and electrics have not yet out of order, there is no need to change them. The same goes for windows. Even if they are wooden, set the seal. He will make the window openings and tightness in the apartment immediately becomes warmer. Doors too easily restore:

  • Remove them,
  • coat of fresh paint,
  • SmeN handle.
  • you can paste over the door wallpaper or faux leather.
  • If the budget allows, it is possible to install a sliding door to the kitchen.

Updating the kitchen after renovation

popular choice - Sliding glass doors in the kitchen. The flap is mounted on a special track, located along the wall. The transfer occurs by the roller. The mechanism is very simple, but it allows you to save space tremendously.

Update household appliances

Updating the kitchen can be done, changing it, home appliances. This is the version, which will require investments of some. If this is not possible, the approach to this creative. Another commandment economical repair - nothing can be thrown away.

Household appliances in the kitchen
If you try all the techniques you can update

Electric stoves Soviet era today, just in fashion. They are made qualitatively, the life of such equipment is calculated for decades. Therefore, this board can easily fit into the interior. Carry out a thorough cleaning of the plate, remove all contamination. If there are chips, repaint their heat-resistant paint, suitable for color.

Old fridge can also be advantageous to beat. Come to the aid decoupage technique, labels and stickers. In an extreme case, the refrigerator can be repainted. This can be done in automotive paint spray can.

Budget Repair is a caveat. Move on to the walls and ceilings need only, when upgraded equipment. Appearance of the walls selected to have restored the art. Popular choice - White, light gray, apricot colored walls.


How to transform old furniture with a modern twist?

The main problem of the old kitchen - furniture. Put it in the proper form can be difficult, but here you can find a way out. Kitchen set can be completely eliminated, if it can not be reconstruction. Use an old dresser, which can be covered by a new countertop. It will be possible to do all the kitchen work, and drawers to store utensils and other things. Placed in niches racks and shelves. For their manufacture take only a few planks and bars.

Alteration of old furniture to modern simple task, but doable. Kitchen set can be restored. Alteration of furniture with his own hands - a creative process. connecting fantasy, you can get a colorful harmonious furniture, which will be pleasing to the eye.

Modern furniture in the kitchen
Can be brought up to date with all the furniture, in stores now an abundance of material

The best ways to upgrade the old kitchen

Alteration of old furniture - this is the best way to update your kitchen. Old cupboard can be converted into the original interior detail. A variety of ideas old furniture allow any alteration, even the oldest setting to give a modern look.

The old kitchen cabinets kitchen spoil the view, even if they restored the walls and ceiling. Renovation takes place in several stages. First, the cabinet must be removed from the wall and thoroughly clean it from dust and dirt. Alteration of the cabinet with their hands does not require specific tools. Grinder can be replaced with sandpaper, screwdriver - screwdriver. After the cabinet removed, We need to be removed from his door and shelves. The old covering is better to remove nazhdachkoy. Furniture immediately get a fresh look, if we replace the old loop, handles and bolts. Cracks are sealed and covered with a layer of filler. Outside the cabinet can be painted with acrylic paint in one or more colors, and on top of varnish. Old doors excellent replacement for sliding door cupboard. They are very convenient to use, especially, they save space in a small kitchen.


Remaking old chairs will still be easier. Initially, they need to be strengthened, tweak all loosen the bolt. Next, you need to sand the chair and coat of fresh paint. Seats are fitted with new tissue and replace it stuffy foam. For stools can sew a new pillow for sitting. That's the whole remake chair.