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How to make a real kitchen for the girls from the tree: We take into account the child's wishes

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Kitchen - this is functional and the necessary room in the house. Children love to copy the behavior of adults and play in imaginary scenes of adulthood. Reduced copy of the kitchen will bring a lot of emotions for children. Wooden children's kitchen is designed for gaming and dating girls the basics of management and maintenance of order. Besides, play with the toy utensils and appliances like children, regardless of gender.

Game kitchen creates useful skills and teaches the purity.

Kitchen made of wood for children
Kitchen wood dostvit rabost absolutely all children

Kitchen set for the child with his hands

child kitchen sets It offers specialty shops and furniture shops, but the price of such structures is too high. If you buy these products does not allow the family budget, it runs a children's kitchen with his hands. This will require special tools and materials.

Children's kitchen consists of a plate, oven, shells and a variety of shelves.

design designs

Kitchen with his hands involves the creation of the project. Moreover, each structural element is located on the plane.

It is recommended to choose the right size. The project is children's furniture done with adult designs, but proportionally smaller in size.

Parameters vary according to the child's growth and size of the room.

When designing a kitchen, You can replace expensive items to cheaper.

In the children's structures may be present lighting sources. Used light bulbs with low power.

Children's furniture is performed in the same style decision, that room, in which it is established.

Kitchen set made of wood. The following variants:

  1. The product is made of plywood. With the help of the jigsaw cut out parts of a rectangular shape and are secured by special rails. Additionally mounted cabinets, set faucet and sink. The surface is painted with a special paint.
  2. It can be converted from an old kitchen cupboard. The product is altered under the baby's growth. The surface is cleaned and painted. By design fasten hooks. Installed capacity for water and flashlights for lighting.
  3. Performed construction of paperboard.

Kitchen set for children, wood
Make baby furniture itself is not difficult

Also runs a toy kitchen timber. This will require special materials.

The choice of materials

When you create a children's kitchen not necessarily choose the expensive accessories. But this material must be safe for baby.

Wood is selected for the manufacture of furniture, MDF panels or SAD. Wood represented soft and hardwood.

choosing raw materials, should focus on high-quality materials. Solid wood are of the following types:

  • whole, which are made from one piece of wood, which is pre-treated;
  • Pressed parts are assembled from more thin boards, which are pressed and glued, to achieve the desired thickness.

Selected special fittings. Children's toy kitchen equipped with handles and hinges standard size, which are used in furniture for adults kizdeliyah.

To create the required water supply bottle, MISKO, Small crane, and the tube of plastic material.

The design is made hole, where the bowl is inserted. To bowl attached the composition of the bottle and the hose. mounted crane, and constructed over the sink cabinet, wherein the water tank is stored.

For lighting headset need a flashlight with batteries, which are mounted in the upper part of the headset.

For decoration use wallpaper or paint from a container.

Children's kitchen with his hands
Varintov mini garnish many, It all depends on your imagination

Basic installation steps

Children's kitchen is going as well as adult. When this is used the same hardware as in the adult models.

Mounting is performed by means of special screws, screws, screwdriver, hammer and metal parts.

All fasteners recommended to strengthen, to withstand the load.

Toy kitchen for girls going with the following features:

  1. For fixing the upper shelves it is recommended to use special anchors, which have a hook shape.
  2. used strips, through which boxes can be moved along the guides.
  3. To use standard loop fasteners, which are attached to the wall.

Children's kitchen for girls is not much different from the adult counterparts. When designing uses standard fasteners and shelves device.

Toy kitchen for girls
Toy cooker for any girl in the joy

Installation design consists of the following steps:

  1. Selectable sawn material or items from the old cabinet or cupboard.
  2. Are marked cutting line and are cut jigsaw.
  3. fastened worktop, which serves as chipboard.
  4. Additional wall installed between the condenser and kitchen.
  5. For cleaning steel container is selected. Drawn circle with the smaller diameter and cut. It is inserted into the subject.
  6. The door on the toy refrigerator mounted with hinges. magnet is attached, that the door can not be swung open.
  7. Instead of using the old burners or drives can end.
  8. The oven set reylery, which will move the pan.
  9. Cut the oven door and is mounted on a hinge.
  10. With plastic bottles or empty tubes out of cream are knobs for adjusting burners. The opening on the one hand is inserted into the upper part of the tube or bottle, and on the other puts the lid. In this case, the handle spinning.
  11. Inexpensive faucet purchased the building market. It is attached to a special counter. The tapping hole tap, which is mounted with screws.

Cooking for girls is almost ready. It remains to putty the cracks and walk sealant. Then the surface is sanded and coated with paint. Jars lids painted with paint and are screwed into the table top. Additional bulbs are screwed inside the refrigerator and the surface of the dishes in the upper portion.

Inside the refrigerator shelves placed Plexiglas. hang curtains, hooks for towels and shelves.


A set of kitchen for girls consists of a table top, the refrigerator, sink and stove. These elements are carried out independently.