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How to use the corner cupboard to revitalize the interior of the kitchen ?

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Kitchen cupboard - it is practical furniture, which is characterized by decorative properties and functionality. The subject consists of a lower base with shelves and elegant shop windows. By size smaller depth upper part of the lower base. Corner cupboard kitchen truly is a luxury in the interior.

Corner cupboard kitchen

The buffet stored cutlery, accessories and crockery. This element is able to complement the interior and create an original design.

Products are carried out in all variations. There are folding models, Products with glass doors and shelves.

In the manufacture of the material used is different - plastic, wood and metal.


Sideboards and buffets for the kitchen are considered antiques. These structures characterized by the originality and reliability. Suitable for rustic interiors, classic or design Provence.

Antique buffet is expensive. It should try to perform design element with their own hands.

In construction, who made their own set of advantages:

  • original design;
  • the perfect combination with the interior;
  • reasonable price.

corner cupboard
Buffet has to be part of the room style

Corner cupboard - it is the best option for creating comfort in the kitchen area. The product has the following features:

  1. section contains, in which the storage of all utensils and kitchen stuff. Such furniture is different capacity.
  2. This compact design, who do not occupy a lot of space.
  3. With zoning is performed on the working area and dining furniture using this.
  4. On the upper surface is performed laying on her small television set.
  5. design shelves decorated with backlit.
  6. Corner employs dining area, that empty.
  7. Used as part of the kitchen units.
  8. The use of glass doors allow to put on display the beautiful kitchen sets and utensils.
  9. Corner construction employs maximum angle.

In the lower tier of angulation is located a large kitchen utensils and household appliances. We have a lack of furniture: it is not suitable for kitchens in a modern style.

Corner models recommended, if the area is bounded.

Buffet in the kitchen
Corner option is convenient and does not occupy much space

What makes buffets?

Corner cupboards for kitchen wizard from any materials. The study presented options allow you to select a durable and high-quality piece of furniture.

The surface of the products must be resistant to moisture, as the kitchen - it's a room with a constant temperature changes and fumes.

You may use these materials for designs:

  1. Chipboard is a chip, which are pressed together with the resin. This material is securely fastened nails. You can select a product from a large range of color palettes. It is believed, that the active material upon heating releases dangerous substances, however cabinet located at a distance from the heat source.
  2. Corner cupboards are made of MDF. In the manufacture of resins is used instead of lignin. This material is considered environmentally friendly. Soft texture allows you to create products of any shape.
  3. MDF is made from wood residues. Material strength characterized, ease and resistance to temperature fluctuations and humidity.
  4. Natural material wood is considered. Antique wood furniture will decorate any house. Characteristics of the product depends on the wood species. Products made of durable pine, larch is resistant to moisture, and the oak does not rot.

Types buffets not only depend on the material used, but also on the design and decoration, in which they will be used.

Buffet chipboard
Chipboard - an excellent and inexpensive material for kitchen furniture

There are the following kinds of furniture depending on the overall style of the interior:

  1. Massive buffet in the traditional version is suitable for a room in a classic style. Used as decoration carved lining, exquisite moldings and swing doors.
  2. It looks luxurious wardrobe Baroque. The interior looks lacquered door, massive countertop and unusual shape of the door.
  3. Suitable for cupboard interior in the style of Provence. Furniture selected light, with the distance between the layers and light shades. Looks antique finish and a fine thread.
  4. Wardrobe veneer light shades for the kitchen in a retro style, which is characterized by simplicity and naturalness.
  5. Membership of an ethnic style displays the design of rattan with light doors.
  6. Kitchen country style will suit simple buffet, which is made of the untreated timber with a plurality of lockers. It does not require elaborate decoration.

Corner cupboard in the style of Provence
Provence style is proroditel such furniture as a buffet

Where to put the buffet in the country house?

The idea of ​​the general layout of the room affects the placement of the buffet. Massive require thoughtful design space. Lightweight plastic products are placed on summer kitchens or lodges. To save space, the buffet is arranged in the kitchen. The form of this element must coincide with the design solution throughout the furniture structure.

It is not recommended to install the product in front of the massive window. This affects the decrease in natural light the room.

If the kitchen is spacious and bright, the headset is installed next to the dining table or in front of the entrance door.

Vertical cupboard with lots of shelves See the original. If there is a separate dining room, then it can be placed there. In this case, a large corner cupboard and with various shelves showcase. Guests can see the sets of dishes and family photos, placed on the shelves.

With the help of cupboard space delimited. Provided cooking area and dining area.

Convenience is characterized by a bar - snack bar. This furniture is suitable for receiving guests.

Suitable for a small kitchen corner option.


Qualitative buffet becomes a decorative element for any home. If you choose the right size and design of the product, the headset will fit harmoniously into the environment.