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Effective methods of organizing a kitchen at the cottage: design tips

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kitchen design for a garden will require the use of proven design techniques to create original and comfortable environment. Make pastime convenient and enjoyable arrangement will help correct cooking conditions. Organization of the work area and cozy dining room will give a warm and homely atmosphere.

The kitchen in the country
At the cottage should prevail in the interior comfort

Kitchen interier in the first place must take into account the individual characteristics of the layout and personal preferences.

Modern stylistic solutions allow you to create the desired atmosphere. Fulfilling arrangement Kitchen own hands can organically combine the aesthetics and functionality. Proper arrangement of furniture and appliances can save the time required to perform household tasks.

Variations of buildings and constructions of the villa kitchen

The kitchen in the country must comply with the overall decoration and style of a country house. A rational approach to the design selection, finishing materials create a unique interior of a country house in his hands with minimal financial investment. kitchen equipment types to give allow you to use other than traditional buildings, open and closed types of buildings.


summer version outdoor kitchens run as arbors, or verandas. Mandatory element of the roof structure acts, providing reliable weather protection. The kitchen area should be well thought-out and planned. It is important to choose materials resistant to temperature changes and convenient tools for cooking.

Freestanding pavilions, kitchens or summer may be embodied as extensions, or individual houses. Spacious area will create a comfortable work area and recreation room for the household. Closed structure require to think of ways of communication lines and perform extraction arrangement.

variation of construction
kitchen layout can be very diverse

The present embodiments have many advantages, the choice depends on personal preference. The open design will provide an opportunity to cook outdoors, using barbecue, or stove. Glazing and sliding doors will bring comfort in the use open kitchen space. Locked options are practical and do not require additional protection from the weather.

Proper placement of kitchen furniture and appliances in a wooden house

kitchen project in the country should include a range of home appliances and the correct placement of furniture. It is important to determine the functional purpose of the premises. To equip the kitchen in the country can be harmoniously combining work area and living room, or use the space exclusively for cooking.

cooking hobs, refrigerator and sink should be compact and comfortable to create activity zones. Proper alignment of the elements will create a comfortable interior in a small country house. Arrangement allowed the furnace, which will emphasize the original flavor of a country house. Setting overall refrigerators and stoves may not be feasible due to the short-term stay in the country.

Cozy cottage with his hands does not mean obligatory presence dimensional space. Small dishes do not look less attractive and original design with the right. Optimal view of arrangement will perform linear equipment. Light colors visually expand the space.

The main purpose of the organization of small-size space - to pick up the functionality and compact objects.

The kitchen in the country
From the arrangement of furniture and comfort depends eronomichnost

The kitchen in the country with their own hands can bring original ideas to unite the kitchen and living room. This option provides for the implementation of the zoning space with decorative elements and visual effects. intricate partitions, multi-level construction and design techniques allow to perform original combination kitchen-living room space.

Secrets of the arrangement of kitchen interior in a small cottage

Design and decoration of the kitchen the country should be based on the specific conditions and room layout. The use of proven techniques to help create the right atmosphere of the home:

kitchen interier

  • Replacement covers for a stylish drape (old furniture will acquire a unique charm and freshness);
  • natural motifs (floral ornament, Image wildflowers, the woods, beneficial to decorate the interior of the country with their own hands);
  • natural materials (tree, bamboo, stone - fill the atmosphere of the room a home with warmth and comfort, emphasize the harmony with nature);
  • nautical theme (palette of colors and a sea theme to give your hands look original and organically in a country house);
  • romantic elements (candles, glass containers, filled with water, live plants perform the embodiment of elements of fire, water and land);
  • natural flavors (natural smell of pine needles, colors, spices beneficial complement design).

Kitchen design in the country
Take the trouble on the design, nice nice when

Stylistic ideas and trends in the suburban interior

There are plenty of styles, which if used correctly can emphasize the status and identity of a country home. Interior garden favorably combined with interesting design solutions:

  1. The refined and sophisticated style Provence in the interior holiday home is characterized by soft pastel colors, delicate patterns. Personally adapted inlay and organic materials fill environment comfort. Villa in Provence style, stands out bright and spacious rooms. Traditional combination of beige and brown tones create the necessary contrast. Patinated furniture gives a luxurious charm decoration of the room. Cottage interior in the style of Provence invariably popular among connoisseurs of natural finishes and comfort.
  2. Classic kitchen interior in the country emphasize the discreet luxury design. Kitchen sets made of precious woods, brass fittings, exquisite patterns and gilt molding is the main elements of style. Variants of classical solutions are always in trend.
  3. Modern chalet kitchen in high-tech style offer a bold combination of cold and warm textures, unusual bright colors. Materials for finishing surfaces and kitchen furniture fronts in the given style acts metal and plastic. Tech appliances combines functionality and stylish design of devices.
    Kitchen in the style of Provence
    Provence - the style of the French countryside
  4. A simple and unassuming style in the interior country holiday home enables advantageous to introduce the old furniture in the form of original accent. Open hanging shelves, or racks with cooking facilities, jars with pickles and spices give extraordinary homeliness. Design villa in rustic style is recommended to using natural materials. wooden beams, metal components and lace adorn the environment. Not intricate lines of furniture, finishing natural stone, ceramic elements will create a holistic view of design.

The original design and decor to the summer kitchen, living room with a bay window: Design your own hands

Decoration and garden repair their own hands will require incarnation suspended and informed decisions. Designed in the style of interior decor, It emphasizes the exquisite taste of the owner of the house and deliver the original design. Country house favorably complement the wrought-iron and ceramic products, designer textiles.

kitchen interior holiday home

Decoration kitchen in the country opens up limitless possibilities realization of unique ideas and personal preferences. Own made stuff will give the room personality. Decor elements correct accents and emphasize the expressive style.

Interior of a summer kitchen in the country provides the original design of the windows. Heavy curtains of embossed fabrics do not look appropriate and cumbersome. It is recommended to give preference to short curtains and easy care fabrics. The interior of the villa kitchen with his hands should be filled with light, preserving natural lighting, without closing the sun's rays. The right lighting to visually enlarge the space. Viewing panels allow to admire the view outside the window and green garden.


Embodying the idea to give your hands a sense of proportion must be considered, without cluttering the environment with unnecessary items. It is important to ensure freedom of movement, retaining the lightness and airiness of the space. Attractive and stylish design of the kitchen in the country house depends on the original decor. The harmonious combination of bright accents and create an original interior villa kitchen.

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