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Country and Provencal style in modern kitchen interior: 10 designer tips

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Each person is faced with the need to make repairs. This can be encouraged to several reasons, whether it is a severe need or tiresome routine. All people increasingly pay attention to the modern European style interior. They are full of interesting ideas in contrast to the template and standard furniture sets, which filled the domestic furniture stores. From a variety of design trends, food country style and Provence are gaining more and more fans.

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Country, Provence and other rustic styles in the interior of the kitchen

Sometimes one and the same object is associated with different people and to the country style, and Provence. Do they have fundamental differences?

country style It embodies the spirit of rural motifs and province. Although he appeared in England, it looks in different countries in different ways. This is explained by the national visions and views of the village of color among different peoples. Provencal style also has a specific nationality. Place of origin and habitat it - France. Environmental Provence style country considered a subspecies.

But that's not all their differences.

Color spectrum

Colors, which have both styles, quite diverse. Thanks to them, and sometimes can be distinguished from the country of Provence. Think of a house in the village, it is cozy and home associations. In the mind there are warm colors, eg, beige, yellow, tender green, olive, brown, terracotta color. Too bright colors are unusual for kitchen country.

composite style
Modern design ideas in different styles

Provence Interior associated with lavender fields, vineyards, bright sun, sea ​​and fragrant buns, without which it is impossible to imagine the French province. Therefore, the color of the style is better to choose cold. This pastel colors: blue, vasylkovыy, Gray, sand, beige. The most common preference is given to the white walls, which almost never occur in the country.

Another feature of the flowers of both styles - no postrosti. This Provence colors always fade in the sun, therefore, to be more consistent chosen muted tones or vibrant colors are diluted with white paint.

Materials for kitchens in the style of Provence and country

Kitchen country style pleases the eye with its ease, ease and simplicity. Create a holistic interior quite hard work, but the result should look like this, if you do not bother on him.

Finishes and materials for country music and the style of Provence are selected carefully, advantage is given to natural components. To do this, you can use:

  • tree;
  • metal;
  • a rock;
  • brick;
  • tiles;
  • natural fabrics.

Fresh flowers on the table
A harmonious combination of all parts of the interior

To create a full-fledged kitchen design, which would be consistent with a country style and Provence, you need to correctly choose and match the finish.

  • Gender is usually laid out in a tree, natural stone or ceramic tiles. Due to the high cost of natural materials you can choose the budget alternative, eg, replace wooden planks parquet, laminate or linoleum pick, which looks like a tree. Color terracotta well suited for this. Excellent material for the replacement of stone - granite. If two rooms are combined, for example, kitchen, dining room in the style of Provence, then a good option is a combination of wood in the dining room and tile in the kitchen working area.

Council! Naked sex does not always look good, so it can be decorated with hand-made rugs in a rustic spirit or ready patchwork or wicker.

  • Kitchen in the style of Provence and country will give the owners in the choice of finishing the ceiling. Will approach the usual whitewash, its combination with the tree, completely wooden top and popular stretch ceiling. When choosing the first material can not worry about his irregularities, conversely, kitchen interior Provence welcomes roughness and frayed.

The ceiling in the kitchen style
Cozy room with taste and its zest

Council! When choosing a wooden ceiling, consider the fact, it will visually reduce the height of the room. Therefore, you should consider painting the ceiling in a light and even white tone.

  • To make a wall in the least think of wallpaper. They are found in the country kitchens, but all the same style closer paint, textured plasters, display of stone or brick, terracotta. Plastered walls in the house and the apartment also have external differences. City apartment accept smooth walls, but in a country house will look better rough coating material. The walls in the interior serve as background, so choose should be low-key colors.

Council! Do not use stone or brick for finishing large surfaces. This oversaturated country style and make the kitchen look like a garage or hallway.


The country-style furniture plays a major role. To choose the right furniture for the kitchen in the style of Provence, you useful tips:

Furniture in the interior
For the kitchen it is important to choose the right furniture

  • should give preference to wood furniture, in an extreme case, MDF. Furniture for kitchen of Provence and country could not be made of plastic, with varnished, glossy and specular surfaces;
  • the priority period furniture and artificially aged. Small cracks and abrasions will only be a plus;
  • very fashionable nowadays countertops made of marble and granite;
  • Country mandatory element of the interior in the kitchen - cupboard. He could not be better immersed in the atmosphere of village life;
  • If you've kept a jar, dishes and other kitchen utensils locked, then it is time to get them. The more open shelves - the better;
  • facades of cabinets can and should choose a thread, decoration, inserts of glass and wrought;
  • appliances completely contradicts its modernity country style. The yield of this situation - hide appliances in the furniture set for facades or select such a technique, which would correspond to the style;
  • large table is also important in the style. Best wooden table, which would be in harmony with the furniture;

Beautiful kitchen interior
The combination of nostalgic motifs and modern functionality

  • but the chairs are not only wood, but wicker, wrought. They can even be of different shapes and sizes, which gives the country a special style of refinement.

Council! The furniture in the style of the country must not only be beautiful, but also functional.

kitchen decorating: blinds

Kitchen country style suitable curtains of natural light materials, it may be flax, cotton. Heavy fabric in the style does not fit. Curtains can be either monophonic, and with applied pattern, eg, squared, in large and small flower, in pea, with embroidery. You can use standard styles of curtains, and Roman blinds, Rolling, tulle, lambrekenы. Kitchen country relevant natural tone: blue, yellow, green, beige, terracotta curtains.



None of the interior will not look good without the appropriate accessories. For a country fit:

  1. abundance of flowers. Better to prefer dried artificially. It can be flowers in pots, vases, carelessly hung dried broom;
  2. set of jars with spices, wooden boards and stands, copper kitchen utensils, clay pots and jars, grinder, cookbooks, ligament onion and garlic - still left in plain sight;
  3. cookware sets with colorful ornaments successfully fill the open shelves;
  4. painting with embroidery, mats, pillow, capes and other manual work would be appropriate;
  5. chests of different sizes, PEDs, wooden boxes.

Country style of Provence and fit better in the spacious kitchen large houses, than small rooms apartments. If you have knowledge of these styles, properly combine materials and textures, emphases, select furniture, Details and colors, it is easy to transform your kitchen. The room is filled with the atmosphere of sunny beaches of the French Provence or the warm gentle comfort house in the village. Kitchen in the style of Provence and the Country Music today is a fashionable and stylish.