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Designs kitchen sets: 5 the most popular styles

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Kitchen set - an integral part of any apartment or house. When selecting furniture we pay attention to the appearance, functionality and practicality. But in addition to these all indicators, you need to select the set of the overall style of the room. After all the furniture in the style of Provence it would be extremely ridiculous to look in the room with Art Nouveau. Therefore, the furniture kitchen units selected on the basis of the repairs in the kitchen. Design kitchen furniture should be in harmony with the walls finished, textiles on the windows and stylistics.

Kitchen set
The overall picture should be in all the interior elements

The combination of styles

But not many are willing to stick to a single style in the interior, preferring to combine the kitchen one style to another style of the room. Is it correct? try to understand.

Design kitchen furniture

In the design world, in fact, there is a mixed style interior. But he comes to the common space, rather than separate kitchen units. If we talk about a mixed style in furniture, we can distinguish, that are produced by many manufacturers of kitchen furniture classic style includes elements of modern, ancient and modern.

This style of furniture is attractive. He perfectly combines the flexibility and ease of. Careless attrition facades, slightly noticeable "old" in conjunction with the new surfacing materials, give to furniture originality and sophistication. Create a design of furniture with his hands is quite possible.

headsets can be easily converted from a modern kitchen in a "mixed".

Initially, you need to do the design of kitchen furniture, enter all the required adjustments with respect to size and replace if necessary facades. Further, depending on the wishes of the facades of the headset is a little overwritten and re-covered with lacquer. The remaining items are painted or headset off with plastic.

The design of the kitchen units
Design - is a field for imagination

Today common style mix classical to country. The perfect combination of rustic theme with a noble classic allows you to make the room cozy, but not saturated. This design trendy kitchen, you can make your own hands in the presence of the classic headset. design furniture Kitchen includes wood elements, painted facades, refined accessories.

In order to create a design of kitchen furniture with his own hands is enough to add bright and flashy colors, diluted pastel shade saturation elements, open facades home appliances and add a natural "negligence" by means of natural and artificial materials.

kitchen in a modern style

variety of styles

Today, there are a huge number of styles:

  • Provence,
  • Classical,
  • modern,
  • Hi-tech,
  • Country,
  • Old,
  • Deco,
  • Vintage,
  • Shebbi - Chic.

Each of them is good and delicious -Custom. But in this article we propose to consider the first five of the most popular and sought after.

Kitchen set in country style
Country style has the comfort and appetite


Provence is characterized by two colors:

  • lavender.
  • orange.

Provence allows the use of other shades, but the two dominant. Headsets are made in Provence in a natural ornament. Material for manufacturing - wood. Most often, the furniture is made of cherry.

The style is similar to Provence Country. He is simple and casual antiquity. kitchen, made in the style of Provence and cozy home. In addition to the tree in the headsets used natural stone, less metal.

beautiful kitchen

Such sets are expensive and not everyone can afford. But this set does not necessarily buy. Painting of furniture in the style of Provence with their hands do not take a lot of time and effort. Enough to have a headset and a desire. In order to become the owner of such "old luxury" sleduetpokrasit wooden furniture in the style of Provence.

Step by step instructions for painting:

  1. Handle facades sandpaper with large grain. Next, grind fine grain surface.
  2. choose the color. Provence includes pastel shades, so we choose the gray or sand.
  3. Using a brush to paint over every corner of the furniture and the sides.
  4. Leave to dry completely.
  5. Next, take the steel wool for polishing and spend it on the wood line, giving a natural tree ornament.
  6. The resulting strip erase rag.

Kitchen set in the style of Provence
Lightness and airiness of the French style will give your kitchen space effect

Production of furniture in the style of Provence finishes grinding steel brush. After grinding once again wipe cloth.


Design of furniture in the style of rustic style reminiscent of Country. The main purpose of such a headset - it's availability. He was not inherent pretentiousness and chic. Country - is a simple, but at the same time elegant style. Country headsets are made MDF and DSP.

The facades of kitchens run with lattice inserts and patterns. Often in the Country is connected to wooden facades with metal inserts.

Furniture is performed in such colors:

  1. Brown.
  2. Green.
  3. Yellow.
  4. Red.


Classic style is always in fashion. He is "immortal" and for many years proves its advantage. It is characterized by high cost, glamor and elegance. For the manufacture of furniture in this design uses an array of valuable species of wood. That's why it is so expensive. Classic design - a natural tree, marble or stone.

But not all expensive classic style furniture. "Economical" model made of MDF material. Peculiar presentable appearance MDF acquires through laminate layer, which was previously applied to the sheet.

kitchen classics
Classic is not just a time, but also luxury and wealth

The color scheme is inherent in the classics, It includes solid wood shades: light beige, dark - brown, and rich burgundy.

Often confused with the classic style with modern. They're alike, but not much. styles principle one - comfort and convenience, but the shape of different sets and accessories. Classical carved facades and different patterned stained glass, and modern means square and sharp corners.

Hi-tech and modern

Hi-Tech is different functionality. Kitchen sets used plastic, glass or metal. MebelHay - Tech fits in white, black and gray tones premises.

Design kitchen sets

Modern similar to Hi - Tech. The combination of frosted glass, become, chrome metal fittings and, give the furniture freshness and novelty. Headsets are performed in different variations: with sharp or rounded corners. Kitchen sets Nouveau fit perfectly fit into modern renovation, interior made of artificial stone and bar. Often such kitchens are installed in large living rooms.

The headsets Modern lines observed asymmetry. Facades are not decorated with ornaments. The entire design is reduced to minimalism and simplicity. Furniture is done in different shades, so the main can not be separated. Facades in such kitchens are rarely dull. Often, they are covered with varnish for a glossy color.



Kitchen is selected based on the overall style. In the bright light and the room will be an organic look Modern headsets. In a relaxed and cozy atmosphere fits perfectly mixed style kitchen with plastic facades. Restrained interior space implies the presence of the kitchen Hai -Tek, and luxury inherent in classical style. Simplicity and functionality expressed in the Country. But this style can be combined with Provence and finally get romantic and cozy kitchen with good functional properties.