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How to design the interior of a white kitchen in the style of Provence

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Probably, every person on the planet had heard of Provence - a corner in one of the regions of France, Located on the Mediterranean Sea. sense of identity combined with an elegant rustic flavor, romance and simplicity - all united in a style like Provence. He is not unlike any other style, therein both light and heat is present, comfort and ease.

Provence style
Most often, the style of Provence can be found in kitchens

If you arrange the interior in the style of Provence, It means your kitchen will be a homely and French gourmet.


Provencal style - a solution for those, who appreciates a home environment and ease, who lives in a big city and wants to plunge into the measured rural life, a break from the hustle and problems. Many modern kitchens looks pretty cool, stern and aloof, This same style is completely different.

kitchen Provence style is thoroughly permeated with kindness and warmth, light, the smell of home baking. Here everyone will rest showers and body, enjoy the peace and comfort.

The main accessories in the style of Provence:

  • antique furniture;
  • natural materials;
  • lovely trinkets;
  • Peerless figurines, baskets, china;
  • painted vases;
  • bird cages, Other elements.

Provencal cuisine is light and spacious. Combine with each other the natural pastel colors and natural materials - is the main task.

Ornament in the kitchen
Kitchen design with the addition of ornament


To kitchen living in the style of Provence has been issued correctly, it should be remembered, that it uses plaster, which is not applied very carefully, welcome errors and irregularities. If suddenly a finishing material did not come for whatever reason,, it is replaced by the wallpaper. They need to be rude, with a pattern or texture careless.

Add olive true spirit can finish using natural stones or decorative bricks.

Council: if on the tiles add a floral ornament, This further brings you closer to the Provence style.

semi, as well as on any other surface of the kitchen, must be only natural materials:

  • Ceramic Tile, Laid slightly carelessly;
  • Tree with cracks or small gaps;
  • Imitation of natural stone or stone, shabby and with the presence thereon chipping.

As for the ceiling, it also usually unevenly poshtukaturen, and decorated with wooden beams and floors. Painting - not too bad, then allowed pastels, in which blend harmoniously with floral designs.

Beautiful and modern interior
Unobtrusive French elegance

Color spectrum

The kitchen living room in the style of Provence should be light pastel colors, sunny and bright colors, and white, completely absent. The true color of this style starts from a dark coffee to light blue. They can be diluted such as the tones of lavender and honey.

Interior Provence can not be imagined without:

  • lavender;
  • Benjamin Creme;
  • Milky white;
  • beige;
  • lemon;
  • olive;
  • coffee;
  • blue.

lighting elements

The lighting in the style of Provence should be natural, if the kitchen a large window, that it in no case do not cover the dark curtains. Apply a better light light curtains of translucent materials, that they passed the light.

Not difficult task will be the selection and chandeliers in the style of Provence Country, and suitable fixtures. So that they fit into the interior, you must opt ​​for models with forged elements. Chandelier in the kitchen in the style of Provence most suitable with floral ornaments, but it is necessary to consider how high a room, and the size of the room.

kitchen decoration
Using rustic style in the interior, you can create a cozy room

Council: if you find a for sale chandeliers or sconces, that will simulate candles, it will not only be the subject of lighting in this style, but will also give appropriate environment, including a romantic dinner.


Kitchen dining room in the style of Provence is not necessarily the only furniture in bright pastel colors, it is quite possible the presence and dark furniture. the main thing, that it resembled about the ancient spirit of ancient France.


When you go to the kitchen, itself immediately gives hood in the style of Provence huge, which does not give any hint of modernity. Hoods real French homes with very simple, devoid of glamor elements, clear lines and beauty. they usually darkish and scuffed, that perfectly complements the interior of an ancient cuisine.

Table and chairs

Such items of kitchen interior, perhaps, It can be called the most important, because without their presence does not pass the process of eating the food.

Chairs in the interior
Proper selection of furniture for interior

Provence dining table should look great and massive, made of natural wood. it's desirable, to the legs were screwed, a particular form. This piece of furniture in the kitchen is the central figure, since it is for him lunch and dinner the whole family. Tables come in Provence:

  • square;
  • rectangular;
  • round;
  • elliptical.

If the table is large, for it perfectly fit a large and noisy group, small - perfect for a romantic dinner or a small family of 3-4 person. The advantage of square and rectangular table is, that it can be put against the wall, in this way, saves space.

Table and chairs in the style of Provence are different from other pieces of furniture easy scratchiness, surface without polishing, ancient view - they look like a family heirloom, which has passed through several generations, and is very valuable.

Chairs provence - a necessary element for the table, who have him fully fit size, form and style. Basically, they make easy and stylish, with oddly curved legs, forged elements, upholstery fabric is not bright and comfortable backrests.

Making kitchen design
The inhabitants of the city apartments often seek to bring a touch of rustic simplicity


Tiles in the kitchen of Provence is an essential, So, how it can help you feel the real spirit of antiquity. You can opt to blue shades with different patterns, bright pastel and beige tones with vegetation elements, the image of fruit and vegetables. Tiles in the kitchen style of Provence, combined with furniture appropriate to it will make your room cozy and comfortable small island on the Mediterranean Sea.

Gas stove

Mainly for this style of kitchen gas stove in retro style perfectly suited, which perfectly fit into the overall atmosphere of its unusual design. agree, both can fit into a rustic design Gorny and polished hob with oven? A nalyapisty and ugly plastic? Natural stone or metal - that's another matter.

To select the plate, that will support Provence style on the kitchen, should be aware of features such as simplicity and modesty, to remind the promise of old time. In electronics stores and household appliances, Luckily, and provided such options.


Council: you can find them coloring anthracite, iron or steel blued. So the kitchen will add charm and atmosphere of the Provence style.


As already written above, curtains should not be too thick and heavy, let it be light curtain of translucent material. The perfect addition - swipe of material of the same color and fabric. Still it is possible to decorate the kitchen napkins with lace. Do not forget, Provence that likes natural materials, therefore, should be excluded synthetics, and purchase products made from cotton or linen. Textiles in the kitchen is used everywhere:

  1. napkins;
  2. Curtains & Drapes;
  3. Cushions or chair covers;
  4. Tablecloth;
  5. towels;
  6. The fabric on the floor lamp, other.

Accessories and decor

If you decide to arrange the room for meals in a similar style, do not forget about accessories and jewelry. It should hang antique clocks, chimes can be; put on the table a vase painted with flowers - daisies, decorative sunflowers, chrysanthemums; arrange the candlesticks; shelves with exposed crockery give elegance and wealth; Take care about decoupage pictures.


Where to use this style

Provence style is used everywhere, the main desire. It is possible in a small and a large room, it does not matter Apartment, or house. The main condition - it is the compatibility of at least a few rooms, who are near. This may be a kitchen and dining room, or kitchen with the living room or hallway, but better, if you stick to this theme throughout the house.

White kitchen in the style of Provence

Many fans of this style are wondering: Can the white kitchen provence? Answer: Yes, but it is best to dilute the other is not very bright and flashy colors.

Mandatory element of this color scheme is white Furniture in the style of Provence, which may be forged with inserts, carvings and other interesting details. On the table, you can lay a white cloth with blue patterns, the same can pick up and the tiles on the wall.

Chandelier white Provence perfectly fit into the interior, her pick up a few lamps or fixtures.


certainly, in the style of Provence present simple, and the registration price is not so cheap, but most importantly - it's joy and gladness, that you will spend for a delicious hearty lunch or dinner with her family, or a feast with friends. Such emotions and moments of life can not be replaced by anything! White kitchen in Provence style is fashionable and stylish.