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50 shades of gray: Choose a fashionable kitchen

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Fashion trends so unpredictable and changeable, few expected, that became popular in 2015 , the gray tones in the kitchen interior design, stay with us for a long time. All because this color is associated with sadness, boredom and sadness. Although gray is multifaceted, It has an impressive number of shades, combined with a variety of colors, due to its inherent neutrality can become background, Variegated colors soften, emphasize placed accents.

gray kitchen

According to the observations of psychologists, this, considered gloomy, color has a mild calming effect on the psyche, and facilities, where it is combined with white, look sterile clean, and for kitchens is - important.

Designers use gray for the decoration of any premises, adjusting only hues. The large use saturated and ash tones, for example, anthracite, a small kitchen in the standard high-rise buildings - light gray and smoky-blue.

shades of gray

In the standard version of his gray rarely used in design. His palette is broad and multi-faceted, variability affects its shades. It is able to be:

  • cold (color Marengo, graphite, thundercloud);
  • warm (quartz, tin);
  • neutral (the color of wet asphalt, the smoking embers).

Kitchen with gray

Equally impressive variety possible due to the fact, that getting gray, you can not just mixing in different proportions of white and black, but also other opposite colors, for example, red with blue or orange and blue.

And get every combination we will be a different shade, each of which will serve as a perfect background for the realization of your most interesting ideas and create a unique, refined and modern interior. Proper combination with other Kohler give the home hearth a welcome feeling of coziness and comfort.

offer, get acquainted with the peculiarities of the application of gray for the kitchen space equipment, and splashes of color, used in practice for its enrichment.

Choosing Interior Kitchen

As with other colors, the application of gray are present some limitations and:

  1. Try to correctly choose shades, preferring soft light, not dark. harmoniously matched, they will give your kitchen finesse and nobility.
  2. Successful combination of classic colors with neutral black and brown, a gray-white kitchen has a long period hold branch championship, creating an easy and relaxed interior.
  3. bright green, orange and red flashes on a gray background looks impressive and unobtrusive.
  4. Dark grays, such as romantic smoky-gray undemanding and combine perfectly with almost all colors of the spectrum.
  5. Consider, that the dark gray tones, the same color anthracite, optically reduce the surrounding area. For this reason, you should avoid kitchens gloomy, gray walls, Use lighter shades or combine them with dark.

Kitchen in shades of gray

Despite their indisputable advantages, Gray is not suitable for monochrome design, when all elements of the interior are designed in one color. These rooms look cold and aloof.

In light of the above, smarter, Yes, and effectively when placing dishes sulfur to use it as base color, mixing and combining with other Kohler.

Variants gray combinations

Among professional designers, designers considered successful with a combination of gray:

  1. beige;
  2. white;
  3. red;
  4. green.

Stylish gray kitchen

With beige

The combination with beige fill your kitchen with light, ease and comfort, It does not require any additional bright accents. These two visually caramel mixed with each other, supplementing and replacing. Most often used the warm shades of beige: cappuccino, coffee with milk, chocolate. Permissible to add to them the third base color - white.

With white

The combination of gray and white colors in the kitchen

Such classic tandem has virtually no cons, because it creates a feeling of cleanliness and comfort. It is recommended not to use the pure white, it will give a gray excessive sharpness, better to replace it with a soft cream or milk. Bright color blotches: vases, ceiling, utensils - will help remove the feeling of coldness and impersonality, a color steel metal surfaces - discharge atmosphere.

With red

When combined with the red gray (orange) any situation looks very fresh and bright. But these colors should be used with extreme caution, dosed, because they carry a strong emotional color. The trendy high-tech style widely used color silver metallic combined with shades of red.

Council: creating similar color combinations, bright color should be used to add accents, gray and become the base.

With green

soft coniferous, turquoise, emerald green and mint green color temper the coldness in any shade of gray. Such a tandem is ideal for eco-style in the interior. but consider, that the more intense and brighter shade of green you use, the stronger it is necessary to dilute the gray.

combination of gray and green in the kitchen

design options

In implementing their ideas on a gray kitchen design, important to identify, where it will be used: on furniture or on walls.

Gray kitchen furniture is most often characterized by the Art Nouveau style, Provence and high-tech, It often gloss cabinet fronts, often treated with special decorative sequins. Also popular are two-color module sets, let's, wet asphalt, and some bright - green, purple, lavender. Such furniture will not be lost on any background, that allows you to draw walls in neutral, and bright colors.

In the classical style of the furniture surface a matt, not so often see metal parts, more popular elements of natural wood and MDF.

Gray walls - a selection of modern interiors fans, they help transfer technology and a certain coldness of our time. The classic kitchen wall, painted in similar colors will look more strictly, but at the same time elegant.

Paint or wallpaper

We exist a lot of finishing materials, that can help in the implementation of any stylistic ideas to create the perfect gray kitchen. The most popular is painting the walls and Wallpapering. What to prefer?10035b8637c7a7b59546307ae3966bcd

since the kitchen, among other things, also a place where it is constantly accumulated grease and soot, settling on the furniture and walls, Painting is still preferable. Especially, select a suitable tone paint easier, than to seek out the right pattern and color of wallpaper. Compromise is to buy water-resistant wallpaper for painting, which are adapted for wet cleaning and subsequently sustain application of multiple coats of paint.

For those, who are not afraid to do and is willing to spend time on it, We recommend to apply for finishing wall background Shabby-chic.

Shebbi - chic

Shabby - chic - a relatively new and unusual design direction, when items HOME grow old, acquiring antique patina. Your gray kitchen, Shabby background will look like can not be more relevant, if a you paint the walls pastoral gray tones and then inflict upon them a textured roller pattern in a contrasting color.

Profitable beat pattern on the wallpaper or paint, you can use decoupage Shabby-chic on the kitchen headset. Cut and Paste the, according to the rules of the art decoupage, stylistically appropriate patterns on furniture and household appliances.


Learn all the subtleties of this style, you can by driving in the search bar of your browser phrase "Shabby-chic master class", Internet open spaces, a plurality of detailed tutorial on creating a refined atmosphere of the "lost chic".

Retro for a small kitchen

For owners of small apartments, desperately trying to pick up a practical and attractive solution for their stylistic small kitchens. gray kitchen Retro is the ideal solution.

Mix and artificially aged wood furniture with walls of gray tones, color accents help to arrange pictures and panels with photographs of the celebrities of the last century, and small decorations, crockery and curtains. This kitchen will acquire a raid of mystery and charm.