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Cuisine of Provence with their hands

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To convey the beauty of the French countryside in a city apartment or a country house, you can use furniture and accessories, created with their own hands. These masterpieces are obtained from untreated wooden boards, old floor lamps, linen, dried flowers, grandmother's embroidered paintings, abandoned chairs in closet, shelves and shelving units. Just a few simple techniques - and a fashion accessory ready!

Kitchen in the style of Provence
Original, not unlike any other style

Stages of creation of style Provence in the kitchen

The decor in the style of Provence begins with repair work and the choice of finishing materials. First, get rid of old wallpaper, tiles, flooring, if it is not in the spirit style, develop a design project premises. Kitchen - is the concentration of furniture, household appliances, crockery, accessories. Here food is prepared, however suffer from a surface temperature difference, humidity, intensively polluted. These factors are taken into account when selecting the type of finishing the ceiling, floor and wall.


The ceiling in the kitchen require frequent cleanings, even if the room is working hood. Best embodiment finish, meet the requirements of usability advocates suspended ceiling, but it does not fit into the idea of ​​Provence. If it is still used, you need to select a matte light fabric and eliminate the spotlights and LED backlighting.

The ceiling of wooden beams is ideal for Provence cuisine. If they seem too heavy, or for other reasons can not be used, alternative will dummies, made from PVC or plasterboard panels. This ceiling may be white or natural wood.

Country motives
Rustic motifs and ceiling of wooden beams

Decorative plaster is also used in the decoration of the ceiling. To cope with it and a layman, because the accuracy and clarity of its application does not require. Stained surface stucco ceiling stiff brush thus, to smears were negligent, chaotic, creating the effect of old invoices. gray suit, coffee, light green, yellow.


Affordable way to design the walls in the kitchen is a wallpapering. suitable paper, textured vinyl wallpaper and panels. All kitchen manner not impractical due to decorate wallpaper in food preparation zone. You can use a ceramic tile or stone. Modern glossy tile surfaces are not relevant to Provence. Better to choose the small size tiles, matte or imitating ancient mosaic.

you can do decorative plaster their own hands. For this purpose, the finishing putty. It is applied in small portions to a pre-rendered surface chaotic motions in two layers. Here we use a building tool, as an ironing board. With its help distribute filler on the surface, smooth and create roughness, mounds, bars and other irregularities. A day, when the layer dries fillings, its paint.

Interesting and original solutions
The kitchen - the heart of any home

Decor stucco is carried out in two stages.

  • Coating roller in the selected color.
  • Underline texture dry brush or sponge.

With the first stage all clear: roller accurately stained wall bottom up so, not to unpainted areas remain. Further traversed by dry paint brush or sponge, slightly moistened with paint, differs in tone from the main. The second decorative layer is applied to the protrusions, by putty. So a wall will appear more pixelated, textured and interesting. Decor Provence pure!


As a first floor coverings can be used Chart, tiles (granite) or simulate their materials. Colors are selected as much as possible the natural. A bar of light selected, OK, if you can find retro collection, these are the Italian designers. As basic colors for the tiles fit gray, beige, brown.

Paul Genuine board - the most commonly used coating for buildings in the style of Provence. Boards covered with clear or colored varnish, depending on kitchen design. It can be painted a light paint and the coating is artificially aged: remove some of the paint stiff float, then varnish entire surface.

Unobtrusive French elegance
The name of the style of Provence was in honor of the corner of the south of France

Doors and windows

The larger window openings, all the better. Provence recognizes only white wooden frame with characteristic wrought-iron handles. Doors - a separate element of the interior design. To recreate a new door panels in the style of a French country can out of old. with his own hands the door of wood can be arranged as follows::

  • get rid of the traces of old paint, which otluschilas and does not look aesthetically pleasing;
  • paint the door leaf and the jamb in a light color (white, beige, Gray);
  • after drying walk through the door with a stiff brush projections, tearing of the paint;
  • Apply the patina on the corners and projections.

Provence welcomes painted doors.

On the door leaf can be represented by maple leaves, lavender flowers, vinogradnuû vine.

The background is white or light green. Above pattern can be varnished. For simplicity, accuracy of work with pictures, you can use a stencil.


Furniture in the kitchen
Pick up furniture and complements the interior

Furniture in the style of Provence is also not new and strict design. It uses an old wooden or wrought-iron furniture. Wood can restore their own hands without professional tools. Стулья и кованые столы в стиле прованс самостоятельно сделать сложно, but ready to decorate the tree forged elements easily. Usually curved wrought-iron details adorn the corners of tables and legs.

Aging of furniture in the style of Provence with their arms includes the same steps, and that the design of the door. An additional step can be replaced armchairs upholstery, strengthening the legs of chairs and tables. Restoration of chairs with their hands comprising the steps of:

  • branch back of the carcass for further replacement filler and upholstery;
  • cleaning chairs from old paint and varnish with sandpaper;
  • coat primer, polish, recoating;
  • painting.

Paint the furniture in the style of Provence can be in white, Gray, lavender, light green color. To do this, use a water-based paint and small brush. cover in 2-3 layer. Each layer is slightly for fine tuning nazhdachkoy, to achieve the effect of aged. Seat, unless it can be decorated with soft painting. Such option is ideal cushion for a chair, made from flax, stuffed with foam rubber and supplemented ties for attaching to the legs.

cozy room
Distinctive interiors in the French style


Kitchen in the style of Provence should be supported by appropriate design and household appliances. This retro collection, stylized antique. If you buy this technique is difficult, we can restrict any other models, but the maximum way to build and hide behind the kitchen panels. microwaves, grill, Food processors, coffee machine - all this should not be evident.


Linen, cotton, sitec, Matting - these fabrics are richly decorated interiors of Provence. Of them make the pillows on the sofa with his hands, sew tablecloths and curtains, draw up panels for walls. Decorative pillows on the sofa his hands can be of different sizes. They are made by two-layer. First sew pillowcase, which was packed packing, eg, hypoallergenic balls hollofaybera. Further sew decorative pillowcase of the base fabric and decorate it. Pillow Decor with your hands is the flower appliques sewing, ryush, lace, cross stitch.


Embroidery motifs are landscapes of the province of Provence: lavender sprigs, Vinogradnaya Lausanne, birds in cages, spices. Fabric in Provence always has flowered pattern, from maple leaves, birds, bunch of grapes. With the use of such webs make a picture with his own hands. It is enough to determine the framing option - and the picture is ready.

Optional accessories

To create a true Provencal kitchen accessories needed. An important role here is on lighting - Chandelier, lamps and floor lamps. They need to create a single lighting system, working on the premises as a whole and individual areas in particular.

To make a lampshade for a lamp with your hands can be made of wire and hard tissue. To make the frame for the shade with their hands, need thick wire which are twisted two circles, the diameters of which differ by 2-3 cm. To connect the top and bottom of the lampshade also need wire. Will only obtyanut light received frame cloth, transmissive. Secure the fabric, you can use the glue gun or threads with a needle. Make lampshade thus possible for the lamp, Table lamp and even chandeliers.


As a decorative accessory for a dining table protrude wipes. Make napkin on the table with their own hands can be of thick cotton or linen. Along the perimeter of napkins decorated with wide braid or inlay. Characteristic décor considered embroidery embroidery or cross.


Kitchen with his hands in the style of Provence reality, and is not that difficult, as it seems. Restoration technology of furniture to non-professional level, available and easy, and an ideal decor rustic style does not require.