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Secrets of the choice of corner oriel: what to look for and how to order

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kitchen oriel first task sets interesting hosts for the Development, and then it does not release from the "embrace". Bright and spacious room becomes your favorite place in the apartment, if installed Kitchen Area to order - ready to buy furniture for the oriel area is almost impossible. On what to look for when ordering the couch or corner and how to navigate the sea of ​​kitchen furniture? Ligth kitchen corners - look at them in more detail.

Compensation bow corner
Compensation bow corner - it's just a certain form

Types and arrangement of kitchen bay windows

male, or projecting beyond the plane of the glazed part of the house, It is round, a multifaceted, rectangular, triangular. Kitchen with bay window - is an additional area and the light. In this room can not create an interesting design, if you choose the appropriate furniture. Since the bay is not being built with standard dimensions, the production of food to order on the individual sizes becomes the only way out for the hosts.

Compensation bow sofa Kitchen

Everything for oriel area fit the following options:

  • Installing the couch, which repeats the contours of the glazed protrusion
  • Installing the corner or a set of furniture, made in the same style - sofa, ottomans, chairs, stools, table

Compensation bow acquiring a sofa in the kitchen, to focus on quality - the furniture will stand for a long time, because the bay is not going anywhere, and any alterations it has touched.

How to choose a sofa

That the product fit into the interior of the kitchen and served for a long time, the choice of drawing attention to the following characteristics:

  1. Configuration - bed consists of a semi-circular or straight sections, giving a rounded or polyhedral shape of the finished product.
    Bright Compensation bow corner
    Compensation bow bright sleeping area - a great sitting area overlooking the street
  2. Dimensions - Dimensions bay removed before the order to determine the width, depths, angle of rotation of the product. Back height is adjusted so, not to interfere with the penetration of light.
  3. Functionality - thought over internal device: storage compartments, the location of the boxes or ordered Compensation bow sofa to the kitchen with a sleeping place
  4. Design - match the selected style cuisine.
  5. Upholstery - Textiles, leather or leather are selected taking into account the specifics of the kitchen facilities. High humidity and cooking require the selection of materials resistant to contamination, which are easy to clean.
  6. Filler - oriel sofas for kitchen durable and comfortable, if the filler acts as polyurethane foam.
  7. Frame - used for the manufacture of wood array, MDF, DSP. Selection is determined by the desired value of the materials and environmental friendliness.
  8. Accessories - possibility to order decorative pillows on the sofa, chairs and ottoman upholstered with identical.

Compensation bow sofa

When choosing colors give preference to pastel or saturated colors, but not dark - white, light gray or beige colors fit into any kitchen

What can the manufacturer

If the kitchen is made to order on the individual sizes, the manufacturer to realize all your dreams. When this model is made, which are in constant demand. They best meet the needs of customers. It became a classic of Palermo sofas, Underground, Area Mercury.

General information on models: P44T and other

Compensation bow area in kitchen design
Chic design with a bay window in the kitchen give a bunch of emotions not only sad winter evenings

Dining Corners for kitchen or sofas, which are made to order, provide an opportunity to choose upholstery in accordance with the design of the kitchen. Products are assembled with ergonomically, Therefore, even when using custom-sized bay window furniture is comfortable. Manufacturers are not confined to the manufacture of individual items - always possible to order the corner in the same style. Sofas under the bay window in the kitchen complemented chairs, puffs or banquettes.

Individual style is created pillows of various shapes. The envelope, A drop, Muscat - cushions, which are attached to the roof rail, They have an attractive appearance and comfortable outlines.

sofa area in the oriel

Palermo - folding option

This Compensation bow sofa with roll-out beds in the folded position like a regular - it does not take extra space. If the leather upholstery to choose, the product will not absorb odors or moisture. Sofa Palermo is easy to keep clean, a roomy box storage allows you to maintain order in the kitchen. The frame is made of particle board, the filler is polyurethane foam. A feature of the model are the roof rails, which extend over the top of the backrest. These are fixed cushions identical upholstery.

Metro - functional classics

sofa Metro
Metro is ideal for filling the projection area

Metro Sofa in the kitchen are made from size 80 cm. Model sleeper will provide an opportunity to receive visitors without fear, that they have nowhere to put the night. Box model will remove cookware. About a hundred different categories of upholstery materials - textiles or ekokozha - will allow to pick up the furniture to match the interior. Availability of railings on the back makes it possible to order pillows of different shapes. Size or angle bay model Metro is not an obstacle - its design is suitable for any niche.

Mercury corner

It contains two, three or four sections, which are connected to corner elements. Upholstered back corner does not require the presence of additional cushions. If necessary, you can sew a pillow on the sofa with his hands, to create a single ensemble of kitchen. product price depends on the number of sections and upholstery. For skeleton model Mercury selected sanded plywood, the filler is polyurethane foam.

sofa under the bay window geometry

What you can do: how to make the balance

To give a corner personality and functionality to help stool made with their own hands and stitched pillow. The material can be different from the sofa upholstery material, but should match the style of the room. Kitchen corner with cushions made of cloth, which is combined with curtains or brings a touch of contrast, will decorate the kitchen and the pride of the mistress.


When you take up the room arrangement oriel, thoroughly think through the design of the kitchen. The possibilities of modern furniture production allow to make sofas or corners of any size and shape. If you doubt, that can accurately remove the bay sizes, then call a specialist at home. Alter wrongly ordered furniture is impossible.