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Recommendations and advice on kitchen equipment in the house with the layout of P 44

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Kitchens in homes P Series 44 are of such dimensions - 8 and 10 quarter. m. But because of the box with tubes for ventilation, visual space becomes smaller for the placement of furniture and equipment. Reconstruct the box itself is not recommended, So, you damage the whole system and disrupt the exchange of air in the pipes, You get a ticket and pay from the family budget a tidy sum of money. To avoid this, We offer you design kitchen in the house P 44 with the layout and dimensions.

series of kitchen design etc. 44 with duct
series of kitchen design etc. 44 with ducts for ventilated areas - do not worry

Serious task - plan studio with dimensions P44T, Area where the kitchen is 8 sq.m., then you need to find a place, where will the refrigerator, and will not interfere with other equipment and furniture.

The apartment house with an area P 44t 10 m, kitchen area more convenient, So, as a place for a refrigerator is not to be sought - put it at the door. On the rest of the space make the set of linear or angular type.

Place the furniture in the kitchen layout to P 44

There are several options for placement of furniture in the house P 44, To take first the option of a one-room apartment 8 quarter. m.

First Embodiment - P44 angular layout type refrigerator locate near ventilation duct. This option allows you to place the cabinets and shelves on two walls, furniture, small appliances: blender, teapot, meat grinder, juicer, multivarka. The angular type you get more extra space on worktops, where the working surface for the cooking and cutting products. You get:

  1. Fridge, which stands next to the box with the left side of the door;
  2. Corner sink with sink - width 100 cm;
  3. Next to a straight wall built in washing machine or dishwasher;
  4. Cabinet and countertop;
  5. hob;
  6. steam cabinets: for microwaves and the working surface;
  7. Dining table next to the window.

kitchen p44
The ventilation duct of the column, oriel window - everything is beautiful

Council: if you are satisfied, that the refrigerator stands in a little box and pushed to the center of the kitchen, This layout is suitable, If you are not satisfied, pick up the next option.

In a second embodiment kitchen design etc. 44 duct provided for placing the refrigerator in the corner next to the window. This option requires the leave 10-12 cm from the wall, so you're good to open the door, without touching the curtains. On the box and secure the TV microwave oven using special brackets. Cabinets and appliances, leave in a corner layout options.

The third option - it is the arrangement of furniture next to the wall in a row, Only here should not sink in the corner, and right. This is a good plan apartments with sizes P44T, so get more space due to the decrease in cabinets and shelves mounted on the headset.

Council: Hang shelves and drawers on the wall opposite, It is well above the table and on either side of him.

Setting up your kitchen in an apartment 2 and 3 rooms

apartments, where the layout of the house n 44, are squaring 10 meters more convenient, it is easier to place all, you need for a comfortable stay and cooking.

kitchen n 44
Comfortable and functional version of the kitchen facilities can always be done, if you want


  • If you made a corner kitchen, design n 44budet functional with full deliberation. On the headset is not set wide countertop, Mortise sink set on a diagonal with one wing, or two, as you wish. Between the ventilation duct and a place for the sink, you do not put a full bedside table with drawers, so set the drawer for bottles. In the remaining space, set the cooking surface and two bedside tables, the width of each section 60 cm.

Council: Put a small round or oval table near the window, or the middle of the room - it is convenient and does not interfere with or who.

  • Buy a sink with one wing in the right direction. Ventilation duct between the sink and put the dishwasher, buy a, so wide it was 45 cm, no more - it is built model, that will fit under the plan one-bedroom apartments with sizes P44T. The rest of the circuit do not change anything.

The kitchen in the house P 44

If you make the kitchen design with ventilation ducts etc. 44, note the presence in the room Ecker, with which you can zoom in on the quadrature 3 m. The room will be even more convenient and reminds square plan. At the same time you take out box on corridor area, and you'll need a ventilation duct in the kitchen circuit n 44.

kitchen n 44 with duct
The presence of the box should be regarded as an additional facility for design

If the layout of such two-bedroom apartments P44T, put a table diagonal if possible in the carousel rotated, so it will be more convenient for the hostess, fridge, place behind the door, and sink in his place. So you get a wide surface of the working area.

Next to a wall with corner table set dishwasher, nightstand, hob and another nightstand, at the end of the wall oven. For many hosts this two-bedroom apartments plan P44T most comfortable and roomy.

Council: on the other side of the wall corner sofa set, square or rectangular table and a few chairs.

Tips to help in the regeneration

If you do repairs in the house P44T plan with dimensions of their own hands, You will need important expert advice:

  • Large ventilation duct, which is in every house with this plan, creates master and maintenance team has many serious problems. So, there is little space for the working surface, there is no one wants a niche in the corner;
  • You can not put equipment with standard dimensions, and you have to buy a built-in, wherein the width is 45 see instead 60 cm. Keep this in mind when planning, so you do not go to the store and do not change to a different model;
  • This kitchen etc. 44 It will look bad with massive chairs and a table, they are too big and take up the missing space in the room, closing the passage to the art;

Design kitchens p 44
Table - Tubman was attached to the box - the perfect solution

Council: in this case, buy a table and chairs, which are expanded, fold it after dinner and lean on one of the free walls or hide the pantry. This table can also be done by hand.

  • If the kitchen with ventilation ducts etc. 44, the regeneration of the carefully chosen furniture and appliances. If the oven is rarely used, buy a, which is built into the countertop with hob. Too much - buy a separate oven, which needs a lot of space on the countertop.

Council: an excellent option for small kitchens is microwave and cooking functions with multivarka, grilling and baking possibilities, so you save space, money and a missing space.

  • If the height of ceilings P44T allows you to set a maximum use of the entire space, do it with complete confidence. On the upper shelves of cupboards, place those items and glassware, that you use rarely, and below - those, that must constantly be on hand hostess;
  • Before starting the repair think, where equipment and furniture will stand, Suddenly you need to transfer power outlet or sewer pipes. Doubt about, that do it yourself - in advance for the help to the people, who understands this.

We hope, Our article will help you to equip the kitchen in house plan P 44, arrange comfortable furniture and equipment, which is functionally accommodate everything you need and will enjoy during dinner.