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Driving and kitchen ventilation device in a private house

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During repair, the kitchen focuses on the beauty of design and decor, so the room was comfortable and cozy to spend time at lunch or dinner, but we forget about the functionality and ventilation - this is the moment, that should not be overlooked.

Ventilation of the kitchen facilities
Proper ventilation of the kitchen facilities will allow you to enjoy the fresh air

The main element of the room is a ventilation hood, setting you always feel the presence of fresh air there, which is constantly cooking. After all, here is fried, bake, brew, air is clean and can be difficult to breathe, Therefore, in such a room vent hood will be an excellent assistant, which will update the airflows, to remove the excess vapors mixed with fats and seasonings and create flow of pure oxygen.

kitchen Ventilation

Important! If the ventilation in a private home is missing or does not function, Unpleasant odors have nowhere to go, and they spread throughout the apartment building and are absorbed into clothing, things, furniture and other home accessories. It should prepare to, that your house will become a building with a constant unpleasant smell, output - the ventilation system.

The structure of the ventilation circuit and

Multi-storey building with apartments is a ready-mounted ventilation system, holes which you've probably seen in the kitchen, as well as the bathroom and toilet. During the construction of residential buildings is provided for building rules and regulations.

Scheme air exchange in the building panel
Scheme air exchange in an apartment building panel

It takes several years, and the ventilation system can become clogged or start to work badly and did not allow air. To do this, there are additional measures, that must be taken into account.

Options for checking performance of the ventilation system in high-rise apartment building:

  1. Take any piece of medium size and attach to the holes. When the paper sticks to the bars, it means, that the ventilation device is working fine - miss fresh air and pulls the poor, If the paper is not stuck, then packed with the system and requires immediate cleaning. Cause clogging can be branches, dust, from the leaves of the tree, and even small birds, that having flown, We got lost and could not get out.
  2. Take a match and light the one next to the vent. In the case of good traction you'll know, that a system of full order, If the flame remains fixed on one and the same place, so, indent should be clean, and it shall continue to function properly.

Council: clean the ventilation can be independently, if there are special skills, and you have already done, if there is no experience, contact a qualified technician.

Scheme hoods and channels pritochki
For optimum air exchange building must be equipped with hood and pritochkoy

Those people, which can clean the ventilation system, There is a special set of tools and accessories. As for the cost, the price for the service can not be called cheap, So, both companies, who are engaged, recruit only highly qualified staff. should know, that the need for ventilation system, so prepare it in advance.

Some of the nuances of ventilation systems

kitchen ventilation air flows in a private house

Ventilation for the kitchen in the apartment is a necessary element in the construction of buildings, this also applies to private homes. But the air flow out into the street, it is necessary that he did in the midst of the pipe. Such a process is called cyclicity circuit or system.

Many residents of an apartment building window set of metal instead of wood. Yes, These products are good and practical, They have great physical and technical and operational characteristics, but there are a lot of problems, that occur after installation:

  • The wet room, couple have nowhere to go;
  • Not only supplied with oxygen;
  • The air is accumulated carbon dioxide and radon;
  • The emergence of habitat for mold, fungi and microbes;
  • unpleasant smell.

extractor hood
Installing the kitchen hood will solve the problem of lack of fresh air

All these figures are bad for human health, destroying its protective barrier and create condition for the occurrence of various diseases. You can often ventilate the room, but that the heat in the room will be less, but you can catch a cold, and sick with acute respiratory illness.

How to solve a problem

In order to solve this problem we offer to get acquainted with such options:

  1. Installation of plastic windows with micro ventilation system or ventilation. So fresh air will flow into the room is not pulling out of the house all the heat.
  2. Manufacturers have such devices such as exhaust fans, centrifugal, which perfectly ventilated buildings, promote air circulation, exchange, to heating and cooling even air. In some models, meets the cleaning function and ionization. But there is a small disadvantage - such ventilation in the kitchen in a private home is admissible, but the apartment is no.

Ceiling type hood
Ceiling type venting system

Council: for private homes suitable supply and exhaust ventilation, which provides inflow of clean and fresh air flows, as well as the elimination of harmful and unpleasant odor. To work and future renovations need circuit ventilation, so do not forget to take care of her.

Food cooking process shall entail not only the occurrence of odor, but also the release of harmful smoke and other substances. Furniture, lining garnish, wallpaper - it suffers from grease and soot, so, the kitchen is better to buy the exhaust duct fan, that perfectly cope with the task assigned to him.

Natural ventilation of the kitchen in a private house

To build your own private house you must spend huge list of works, This gives rise to various problems, which prevent the creation of comfort and relaxation. Arrange for installation of ventilation is one of the most important cases in the construction and repair, it stands on one of the first places and needs immediate attention. As I mentioned above, perfect solution will supply and exhaust fan. So, what's his background?

Scheme ventilation
Scheme ventilation flow passage

Look at the photos. This scheme ventilation flow passage, where you can see how the air enters from the outside and from the inside out. he can not get inside the building and out of the, therefore it is necessary to take care of special equipment, through which air mass will move in a circular mode, and ventilate the building.

Such a system may be called volatile. It has its downsides, So, it requires additional energy costs and cash, the price of such sets high.

But this forced ventilation is justified in order, that with the help of living in the house is incredibly comfortable, but the owner does not think about, how to ventilate the area and what to do with a bad smell from the bathroom and kitchen. Note the presence of special filters and, which are able to purify the air coming from the street, and koloriferov, heated it in the cold period of time.

The important point is, what axial exhaust fan It directs the cleaned and warmed air streams to any room in the dwelling, but before, how to install air heat exchanger, you need to make a circuit of the entire system, and after that installation and connection work of pipes and shafts in one piece.

such installations, usually, located in the attic, It's a good news, because it does not require allocating space within the building, which is always at a premium. Besides, located in the attic system, It does not need additional extensions.

Council: to install ventilation with his hands went well and without major cash outlay and time, invite a person help, who understands this business. Let it will not do it himself, but it will help you and give good advice.

natural ventilation It does not eliminate the odors, Therefore, in the kitchen it is necessary to install the hood. Supply and exhaust ventilation in the kitchen silent, It does not vibrate, and served no more than once a year, and then for the prevention of.

Such equipment automatic, they have options to set the desired room temperature, as well as the humidity in all rooms. For small deviations of the work within the system immediately switches to the, which has been installed and programmed.

Supply and exhaust fans for drawing are:

  • With a special heater. This includes water or electric heater kolorifer.
  • With the recovery system. the air, which comes into the building, immediately warms the, that goes. Such a system is considered ideal because, that do not need additional devices, Heat transfer and energy.

Hoods for the kitchen, taulet, additional building, bath: installation

To remove odors from cooking should be set for the fan kitchen hood.

cooker hood

First, consider the versions of these devices:

  • Hanging or flat. The most common and often buy option. Mounting is carried out between the wall cabinets and gas stoves;
  • insular. It's an option for the kitchen, where there is a detached island. Suspend from the ceiling and the work is done;

  • Wall. Such a device is mounted on a wall next to a gas hob. different design option, possible individual order;
  • Embeddable. Such non-standard equipment for ventilation and fixed special fixtures and tools, set in the countertop or hanging cabinets. Perfect for any interior and does not take up too much space.

Ventilation in a private home in the kitchen

Council: before, how to buy the hood, look around the kitchen, appreciate its size and location of home appliances and furniture. Thereafter buy such a device, which is suitable for the kitchen room and convenient to use.

proper installation of hoods for the kitchen

We must not forget, that is required to install an optional fan hoods for the kitchen. Also set the ventilation diffusers. Such devices exhaust air and fit perfectly for your home decor. So that they blend with the color gamut, select the, which is suitable for wallpaper or ceiling. Luckily, manufacturers offer a wide range of accessories and fixtures, that dazzled.

The fan on the hood for the kitchen is worth buying, after making its measurements.


At the end add, what ventilation works in that case, if not packed mine and installed in a room Air exchange. If these conditions are met, the guarantee, that the ventilation functions - 100% and you do not need the services of skilled craftsmen.