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Kitchen Design with or without living: how to turn on 11 squares

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Kitchen - a workshop on cooking. There is also food and consume. How, kitchen design combine working and dining area? how get the kitchen living room 11 sq.m? As an abundance of equipment and kitchen utensils to make friends with the convenience and functionality? And it does not forget about the main thing - safety? About ideas for the kitchen 11 square meters, read this article.

kitchen 11 sq.m
Think over the design of your kitchen to detail and everything is beautiful

Features kitchen design

The layout of the room is firm rule of the triangle: refrigerator - sink - stove. to be precise, the: Product storage zone - product processing zone - the cooking zone. Triangle that ideally an equilateral, and each side has a length 1,5-2 m. Cook in this environment works with the least expenditure of energy. But if the triangle in the kitchen project 11 square meters does not work (because of the single-row layout) - nothing wrong, the main thing - do not alienate the sink and the stove more, than 90 centimeters.

Create more power points, than necessary. Be sure to have a new kitchen appliance, but quickly and gently pull the wiring under it will not work: It needs to open facing materials. Extension cords and adapters in the kitchen - a temporary measure. Not only because of aesthetic considerations, but also for safety reasons.

Do not place the built-in electrical appliances close to the oven and stove. The necessary clearance - from 15 cm. Modern oven though strong and does not heat up, it's bad for closely located equipment. The minimum clearance without loss of functionality provide cargo space - narrow drawer with one or more tiers of, which is convenient to store the oblong containers and objects.

Water pipes are located in the corner of the kitchen facilities. For this reason, the elements, interacting with the water supply - sink, Dishwasher, washing machine - set here, in the corner. Otherwise, long drain hose is clogged and leaking. It is recommended to increase the tube. This will require the help of experts.

Sink in the corner of the kitchen
Too many when planning the kitchen sink is put into a corner - it is very practical

making kitchen renovations 11 sq.m, hide the wires in the wall boxes or in the wall Grooves. The goal - maximum wire insulation not only from mechanical influences, but also against excessive humidity. For the same reason it is not recommended to install electrical outlets and closer 20 cm from the sink. The room is recommended to use a moisture-proof outlet and do not use adapters and extenders.

Remember, that the cooker hood is not a substitute for natural ventilation room, at the junction with the ventilation shaft should not overlap more 50 % available under the ceiling opening. Otherwise zavedet mold and the habit of breathing stale air.

Choose a water-resistant countertop from and refractory materials. Do not use chipboard sheets as a material for countertops. They contain glue, which allocates the kitchen conditions hazardous substances.

exhaust duct does not always fit in kitchen interier 11 sq.m. This is relevant for the narrow kitchen design. Distance from the vent plate may be more than one meter, and the hose can be bent several times. Therefore, if the kitchen furniture or plasterboard to hide it does not work, help hood with carbon filter, you will not need to connect the.

Some apartments of the walls of the kitchen box bulges ventilation shaft. If it is near the door, then it is easy to turn into a zoning element. To do this, put a small table near the bar or, turn the basis for projection false-The Fire or grasp the worktop. If the box is not sticks, and it takes an angle, then with the help of furniture, custom made, it must be carefully go around or cover.

Kitchen with airshaft
Ventilation shaft should be part of the interior sat, then the total picture, and design in general will be ideal

Variants of the interior arrangement

Depending on the shape of the room, and the ratio of the working and dining areas offer four types of plan kitchen 11 sq.m:

  • Single-row
  • angular
  • On the peninsula
  • U-shaped

Single-row layout is suitable for rectangular kitchen design 11 sq.m. The working area is built along one wall, a dining table depending on the configuration or put in the butt, or to the wall opposite the kitchen units. Angular layout is universal, but is suitable for a square room.

If the length of one side of the corner of kitchen units "bend" on 90 degrees, then the center of the room will be "peninsula" - a series of cupboards with worktop, narrow dining table or bar. In this way, in kitchen design 11 meters Peninsula is a dining area, which divides the space into functional zones.

U-shaped layout - for a square variant of the kitchen. Along three walls located equipment, furniture and work surfaces, and put in the center of the table for the meal or the bar.

U-shaped kitchen layout
Plnirovka kitchen facilities - this is just a figment of your imagination

Kitchen-living room

If the interior of the kitchen 11 square meters would be desirable to create a spacious dining room, why not entrust the function of the adjacent living room? just remember, even a partial demolition of the wall - this is a serious redevelopment and therefore requires the written consent of the utilities.

The purpose of combining the kitchen and living room in the wrong, to lubricate their functional difference, but on the contrary, strengthen. To do this, pay attention to zoning. Here's how to do it:

  1. Raise or vice versa bury the kitchen floor with respect to the living room. In the first case it is convenient to hide the kitchen communications, and in the second case it is easier to control the purity of the living room. Take care, that in an area with a raised floor remained comfortable for your ceiling height.
  2. Use different in texture, drawing or floor covering material.
  3. Divide the space bar. It is possible to build from scratch, but you can use preserved part of the wall.
  4. Create a new space in the middle of the island of the kitchen shelves with top from the kitchen area and table with seating from the living room.
  5. Leave part of the wall for visual differentiation.
  6. Separate the living room from the kitchen columns or arches.
  7. Use light and movable partitions (or curtains).
  8. Add long aquarium.

kitchen - Living split bar
Bar counter excellent "island" in the design of the room

In the design of a living room kitchen 11 sq m not an urgent need to expand the visual space (provided, of course, what 11 square kilometers - this is the kitchen part of the room, rather than the whole thing). However, to play with illusory volumes can be. The general rules are as follows: minimalist interiors and bright colors give the space, and furniture with decoration, an abundance of accessories and dark tones space barely conceal.

Mood difference on the kitchen side and living materials is achieved at the expense of the contrast. The kitchen is made of metal and plastic feel it is not so, living room-like, full of wood and fabric.

There is also a light control. Artificial lighting at night is able to strengthen or weaken the contrary differences of various areas of space.

Adjust light intensity and spectrum lamps, Use LED Strip, spot lighting.

so, what can we say about the design brief food 11 squares? When designing the repulsive features of the kitchen room (location of water pipes, gas riser, ventilation ducts, especially electrical wiring and electrical compatibility).

Relate the distance and size of items in the kitchen with their dimensions.

Choose the layout of furniture, based on the shape of the room and the desired balance of working and dining areas.


Combining the kitchen with living room, Carefully consider zoning. Here's a he kitchen design 11 quarter. m.