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Design coincident kitchen with living room: creative ideas to translate the project into reality

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Each apartment rooms are considered the most important kitchen and living room. This is not surprising. In the living room we spend our free time, We communicate with family, a rest from everyday worries, and the kitchen is cooking for us a place. But often people have a desire to combine these two spaces into one.

Kitchen-living room
Open plan - a stylish and modern

modern living room design ideas have long mean combined space. Many designers are advised owners of apartments or houses to combine these two areas with the aim of increasing the space and amenities. But is it, and how easy to live in these conditions, try to understand.

Pros and cons of bathroom spaces

united kitchen with living room It has its advantages:

  • Such a design of the apartment or house allows visually enlarge the area. It is indispensable for small apartments.
  • When combined space is easier to communicate with other people in the household. Although this aspect can be attributed to negative. Optionally relax, a person will not be such a possibility because of the noise operating household appliances, installed in the kitchen.

Design kitchen coincident with the audience

Large bathroom area allows for celebrations, host. This is a great place for parties and companies. Combined space saves time when cleaning and table setting. cooking food, woman watching children play in the living room, communicating with people in the household and have fun. But even with such an abundance of benefits, Joint kitchen - living room also has shortcomings.


  • Due to the lack of partitions in the form of walls, in the living room from the kitchen, hear the sounds of running household appliances.
  • Even heavy duty extractor fan in the kitchen will not be able to rid the household of cooking odors. When combined space, all as nice, and not so "flavors" are spread throughout the room.
  • On such kitchens require increased control over the cleanliness. Light negligence in food preparation, unwashed dishes and dirty floor, visible at once. Therefore, these "flaws" is necessary to eliminate immediately, but it is not everyone's strength after a hard day.

bright kitchen
By combining the living room and the kitchen, you will create extra space

All household error, like working refrigerator or the smell of fried eggs, eliminates high-end appliances. agree, Is the sound of the microwave can fight off the desire to create in your home a designer piece of art, as a combined kitchen and living room. Of course not. To household "shortcomings" have become important advantages in the design of the home to consider the basics of correct separation zones, in other words, the zoning of the space and then wafting sounds or smells will not spoil the rest in the living room.

Ideas for kitchen combined (dining room) and living in a private house: overall design and modern interior

Design coincident kitchen with living room

It is worth remembering, that prior to combining the two spaces need to be sure to take a resolution in the city administration. Owners of electric stoves is not concerned. but the, one house with a gas cooker without permission can not do. If desired, combine the kitchen with living room preview house plan, it turns out, whether the carrier wall, separating these two rooms.

If yes - you're in luck. When not carrying a wall - from planned will have to give up.

Play an important role and a fireplace in the living room interior. When available space is more difficult to plan, since the fireplace serves the "heart" of the room and is an integral part of the interior.

Combine the two spaces can be on - differently, anywhere. But in each of the premises of the coincident space plays a role. Purpose united rooms in various residential premises:

Beautiful kitchen with living room
The design of the apartment makes it comfortable and cozy

  1. Studio - a small apartment with kitchen united. kitchen-living room design involves minimalism due to a small area. In these apartments are not housed many things, are placed only necessary for life items. It is impossible to make and install the fireplace with his hands because of the lack of a chimney. If desired, the set will be mounted electric fireplace, as others in the apartments is not allowed according to the fire safety standards.
  2. Private houses. In such areas there is an opportunity to "clear up" fantasy. In private homes can be a living room with natural stone fireplace, big windows, abundance of light transmissive, spacious kitchen. In large private houses there is no need to increase the space. The main task of combining living room and kitchen - practicality and convenience. A large area of ​​the interior of a living room with fireplace successfully combined with modern kitchen look amazing and fascinating.
  3. Small apartments with two or three rooms. This plan living room is not large, and due to the alignment with the kitchen space becomes larger. This layout is convenient when there are other rooms in the apartment, intended for recreation. Combined for increasing the visual space can be set as object separation tank in the interior.

coincident kitchen with living room

Methods of zoning space 15,16,17,18,20,25 and 30 sq.m

Combined space involves translating into reality, even the most daring design decisions. In such spaces are fireplaces in the living room interior with their own hands, it is possible to install aquariums in the interior of the apartment and create incredible lighting several lamps one or different colors.

white living
Proper zoning kitchen and living room in a white color

But it is important to place all household goods and things correctly, divide the space into zones required. Otherwise, coincident space is not practical and convenient.

Interior living space the kitchen under the laws of zoning includes such areas:

  1. zone, designed for relaxing and hanging out.
  2. Work zone.
  3. Dinner Zone.

Designers offer some good and convenient options, able to meet the needs of each of the zones.

Methods of zoning space:

  • Separation by color. design kitchens with a living area involves the use of two or more colors. Kitchen painted in bright colors, and a sitting area in pastel. Common combinations of colors: white and brown, red and white, sand and green. The privilege belongs to the black-and-white. Interior design of living room with kitchen, formed in such colors, at the same time soothing and sets to work.
  • Separation of light. This option is popular zoning, when there are modern fireplaces in the interior of the living room. Muted light in the fireplace makes the holiday more comfortable zone, bright and saturated light in the kitchen helps tune. In addition, you need brighter lighting in the work area for cooking, cleaning vegetables, etc.. The living room with fireplace design organically fit into lamps and floor lamps. And the kitchen is better to install wall lamp.

light green room
Bright colors will give the kitchen a pleasant lightness and good mood

  • Decorating the walls. Design a small kitchen, living room means finishing two rooms of different materials. for example: obkladyvaetsya kitchen tile or tiles, and recreation area is pasted over with wallpaper. If there is a fireplace and a TV in the living room, it is best to paint the walls in solid colors. So it will not be differentiated space, especially if little space.
  • finishing the floor. Share kitchen interior can be connected to the living room and using different floor finishes. Popular variations: linoleum and laminate, ceramic tile and parquet. A space divided and coated. The kitchen is laid tiles, and in the living room carpet.
  • floor level. This refers to the different floor levels in the kitchen and recreation area. The connecting element are steps. Slightly elevated kitchen looks great from the recreation area, especially when the living room with fireplace and TV. When preparing food, households will be easier to communicate and watch TV or enjoy a fire in the with living room
  • finishing the ceiling. A good solution for large rooms. The kitchen ceiling is decorated with panels, and the ceiling in the living room is done with mounted boxes. living room with fireplace kitchen design with this way of zoning leads to the chimney in the original style without harming the interior.
  • septate. The furniture serves as a partition, low walls and racks, screens or curtains. The partition of such items is not visually reduce the space, but will give the interior originality. Often share space bar counters, shelves or sofas.

As the partitions are often used and vertical blinds, the so-called "time door". they are closed when necessary, and when it is not needed - there are open areas, without prejudice to the apartment or house.

amazing food
The kitchen and living room in the same style, create amazing beauty

Popular partitions - it aquariums. Built-in aquarium colorful fish creates an atmosphere of ease and comfort.

  • textile items. This decision was the division of space entails the loss of light, It is therefore used only in well-lighted areas.
  • shaped aperture. In appearance reminds of the demolished wall, made in the form of an arch or box. With patterned openings originally built lamps look, when enabled create light effect separation zones.

An interesting variant zoning - this separation mirror space, which is installed on the ceiling in one of the rooms. Mirror surface visually increases the size of the apartment or house. But its drawback is in the care - Mirror, located on the ceiling difficult to wash. In addition, psychologists do not recommend this method for separating the space above the seating area.

Design coincident living


Combined kitchen and living area - this is an interesting design decision, able to solve many domestic problems. Combined space looks beautiful and naturally, It gives the room comfort and practicality at the same time. When combining these two rooms is to decide, Do you need to probe.


If the furniture is expected from one material, the joint space is better to draw in the same style.