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Combining the kitchen and living room - great for those, who owns a small apartment. Due to such a solution can not only expand the space visually, but also get modern and original interior. Kitchen-living room 18 sq.m - Is it not enough? Let's deal.

Combined kitchen and living room 18 squares
Open plan takes place in a small apartment

Plan kitchen-living room

To get started is to decide on the, what would be the design of a kitchen-living room 18 quarter. m. Without this plan will not work properly, because each has characteristics chosen style, evident in every element of decor, furniture, colors, etc.. d.

When the question of style design resolved, you can proceed to the next step - planning. Designers recommend sketching out your ideas on paper, and to use special 3D-programammi, which allow you to create a computer model of the future kitchen-living room.

People, specializing in kitchens, connected with the living, give some practical advice, which will be needed during the layout of the room.

  1. It should be good to think, how to visually distinguish between two rooms. To put this partition optionally. It is better to take advantage of the installation of multi-level floors, ceiling, provide different lighting, lay floor coverings of different materials, and so on. d.
  2. Pick up the items, that really will be useful on the farm. It is not necessary to give preference to cumbersome decorative furniture - better to buy the most compact elements. As on today, the market offers a lot of options on the different taste and suitable price category.
  3. Purchase only built-in appliances, because the "sticking" elements will not look at a single background.
  4. To determine the order, what to choose living room design 18 squares, should make a couple of sketches on paper. This will help determine the order, where to put this or that subject decor.

Kitchen-living room
This combination expands the space

Remember: in such a small-sized room is worth considering every centimeter of space wisely. Therefore repair the living room and kitchen without using thumbnails, drawings and models are not recommended to.

We determine the patterns and colors

To arrange harmoniously living room and kitchen, not necessarily stick to the same colors - better to stay on a few colors. In this case, and a living room, and the kitchen will look original and unusual. The same solution will visually separate the two zones without installing partitions.

It is worth noting, that matched shades should be in harmony with each other.

If you want to get the interior living room in a modern style, the designers are advised to focus on bright colors (beige, pearl, cream, lactic, peach). Wallpaper and paint the walls in the living room is not necessary to pick up in dark colors, especially in the working area. This choice may affect the general condition of tenants, because dark colors distract from work and annoying. The same applies to too bright patterns, that interfere with focus on the thoughts and work.

Making a living in a modern style, and involves the use of contrasting colors. For example, One wall can be painted in bright colors, and the rest done in bright colors.

Dining area is not recommended to allocate bright colors and patterns. This color scheme is constantly distracting and annoying. recreation area should bear in purple and lilac shades. As known, these colors can calm and relax.

Anyway, all colors should be combined with each other and in harmony, even if you plan to make the interior of the living room in bright colors, and cuisine - in the dark and bright.

If you plan to purchase furniture for the living room in a modern style, the shades of the same should be chosen wisely. It is better to stay at the pale colors (blue, beige, pale pink, faintly- green and so on. d.).

The color scheme of the kitchen-living room
Do not forget that now the kitchen and lounge - a unit and should be, everything to be sustained in the same style

Magnification area

living room design in a modern style (with the adjoining kitchen) - long and complex process. First of all, difficulties associated with the, that the area is small enough for the orgy of designer fantasies.

To visually enlarge the room area 18 sq.m., you should use the following guidelines.

  1. Discard the door, connecting the kitchen and living room. This visually reduce the size of the room. In this situation, selected glass wall or even left wide doorway in the form of an arch. Such variant - perfect, especially for those, who wish to get a modern and trendy kitchen design 18 quarter. m. (with the adjoining living room).
  2. Professionals recommend not to arrange furniture along the walls. This solution reduces the visual area of ​​the premises. It is better to move the furniture away from the walls on 12 cm. It is proven, that this step increases the visual space.

Another great solution, which allows to visually enlarge the square footage and divide the two zones, - a carpet on the floor in the living room.

Designers are advised to pick up the carpet in the kitchen of the same shade, as furniture or any decorative items. Fit it into the interior, and will help cushion the same color. It is worth saying, that in the interior of the living room carpet will look original and modern.

Do not forget about the glass surfaces. It can be a mirror, racking, shelves and tables. This will add the interior of lightness and visually increase the square footage.

Expanded space by using mirrors
Panels with a mirror and a reflective coating visually enhance premise

Which style to choose for the kitchen, with the adjoining living room?

Fortunately, on interior design today in a modern style based on the use of a plurality of unusual ideas, which are suitable for rooms of any size. This ethnic group, and Provence, and Britain, and high-tech, and classics. Some of them we take a closer look.

Interior design in the style of Provence

living room interior in the style of Provence - the perfect solution, especially, if you - a connoisseur of beautiful scenery and only truly natural.

In this style the most important thing - to find the right color scheme. so, Provence involves selection of shades and tones:

  • beige and white shades;
  • light green and light blue tone;
  • pink and turquoise shades;
  • lemon and terracotta pastels;
  • pale purple and soft shade of orange.

Realism Provencal style give decor elements, that mimic subjects, sun-bleached.

experts recommend:

  • use beige or white color as the base;
  • decorate the wall in the living room, as well as furniture neyarkimi floral ornaments;
  • add to the design is a bit of purple and light green hues;
  • pick up objects from wood texture dark and light shades.

Check out the ceiling in the living room is recommended with natural materials, make it look natural and realistic. As used floor covering laminate and parquet, that mimic tree. The same applies to furniture. In this case, the selected white furniture rough finish. Sofa should be covered with a cape, made of lace with a large number of pads.

blinds, cape, tablecloths, carpets are selected from natural fibers (cotton, sitca, flax) neyarkimi and decorated with floral ornaments.

Kitchen-living room in the style of Provence
Natural elements in the style of Provence beautifully combined in one room

Designed in the style of britain

The stylish interior of the living room - it's interior, decorated in the British spirit. This is the choice for people, who prefer the delicacy, gentility and rigor.

All the room is recommended to register in brown, dark red, mustard and blue shades. These colors visually create an atmosphere of wealth and aristocratism.

Walls decorated with paintings and photos. A good idea to install a mirror above the sofa in the living room. This will add charm and visually enlarge a small space.

Furniture and decor chosen with stripes, cell, and also with flower, floral and heraldic motifs. Everything should look solidly, reliably and richly.

It is not recommended to use in the style of Britain many wooden elements. It is not advisable to install in the kitchen and stainless steel items. It is better to replace them with ceramic or stone.

It is worth noting, Britain style provides for carpets. Also, do not be amiss to decorate the ceiling in the living room chandelier road, formed from crystal.

The interior of the kitchen-living room in the style of ethnic group

Creating an ethnic image, it is impossible to stop on one color. Everything depends on the culture and characteristics of a specific country, which sympathizes with landlord.

If you give preference to the African focus, in this case the used hot sun shades (yellow, Orange, the black, russet, tyerrakotovyi). Suitable for such a style is to purchase accessories, resembling the skin of animals, carelessly carved wooden figurines, etc.. d.

If you are staying on the eastern style, there should prevail reds. The furniture is made without corners and any upholstery. Everything must be maintained and harmony.


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