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plan kitchen 15 quarter. m: 5 the most important parts

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It's just wonderful, that your home is equipped with a kitchen in the 15 sq.! This place is a favorite for family vacation. proper plan kitchen 15 quarter. m will help distribute the space comfortable and combine storage products, cooking and sitting area.

Orange kitchen
This style of cuisine lends a special charm, softness, cosiness

When planning a cramped space, all of their creative ideas direct owners to create maximum comfort on the minimum area. design food 15 m It opens possibilities for the design of a wide variety of styles. The drawback there is one: inappropriate placement of furniture and other essentials will cause the hostess fatigue and irritation. What here pleasure, if the leg will be from running in circles.

plan kitchen 15 quarter

When planning repairs and design kitchens 15 m., pay attention to important details.

  • Kitchen triangle mandatory attribute of the kitchen. Refrigerator - sink, stove - it corners. Hand - route, which have to overcome when cooking repeatedly. Ergonomic is the distance between the basic objects of up to six meters. 270 See - this is the most.
  • Working areas - not least,. Between the triangle corners a free surface for the cooking, and regularly used items close at hand.
  • The occupy working angle? In many embodiments, it offers a modern design in the corner equipped with a sink. This is a great option for tight spaces. This location is not very convenient: spray from washing contaminate the surrounding walls and furniture. Space 15 square meters allows to take a corner pencil case or a corner reception. When not in the corner put small appliances, or pleasant things for decoration, flowers in a vase, for example.plan kitchen 15 quarter
  • Accessories and crockery, required directly in the cooking process are located close at hand, in the near to the plate shelves. dishes, napkins, towels for the food can be placed in a place, wherein dining area equipped. Kitchen interier 15 m can not afford a separate dining area, even with a soft corner and TV.
  • A dishwasher near the sink: so it is easier to connect the necessary communications.

Turquoise kitchen
Turquoise kitchen creates a sense of comfort

Insertion: the heavier the object, the lower the storage location; more often attribute is used, the closer to the work area.

We begin renovation of the kitchen 15 sq.m: square and other layout with refrigerator and without

design kitchens 15 m, like any other, It begins with repair facilities. repairs, in turn, begin with the approval of the work plan. who claims? Family Council, of course! Style, which subsequently take shape kitchen design 15 sq., It focused on the needs of all members, highlighting older people and the needs of children. The sequence of restoration stages is approximately:

plan kitchen 15 quarter

  1. Measurements and determination of the degree of distress.
  2. making scheme of arrangement of furniture and equipment 15 m.
  3. The liberation of the room and sweep the walls, ceiling and floor.
  4. inspection, and needs reworking of communication systems.
  5. Changing the doors and windows.
  6. Finishing the ceiling and walls.
  7. Working with the floor.
  8. Placement of furniture and equipment.
  9. Small things - decoration accessories to secure the style.

interesting layout cuisine

The most important features:

  • The exact calculation of the kitchen space 15 m. is required for functional use of every square centimeter. This can help in special computer programs.
  • Measurements and calculations are necessary not only for the proper placement, but also for budgeting.
  • Replacement and transfer of gas supply systems require the mandatory consent of certain services.

Council: experts say, that the sum obtained after calculation of all the planned costs must be multiplied by 20%. This will be a strategic reserve for contingencies during the repair costs. And they will definitely!

Beautiful room
The design of this kitchen makes it a welcoming and nice atmosphere


kitchen environment puts special demands on the materials for the ceiling. They must withstand temperature extremes, humidity, kitchen evaporation. Ceiling in the kitchen should wash and clean. Meet these requirements drywall ceiling, laminate, plastic lining. wooden ceilings, which is made in the kitchen chalet-style or country, treated with special impregnations.

wall design

Traditional materials for kitchen walls - tiles or washable wallpaper. design kitchens 15 m, which provides for the division of space into zones work and dining, may somewhat change this approach. part of the kitchen, which serves as the dining room you can successfully identify a finish walls conventional wallpaper, and easily washable material to keep the working area.

design kitchens 15 quarter

Interesting: Washable wallpaper pastel, yellow, light beige tones with a small figure last much longer than their counterparts with a bright and large colorings.


Rules zonal clearance space and operate in the selection of materials for the floor. With the help of different types of flooring area of ​​the kitchen and dining room are separated visually. Regarding the choice of the type of coating, It is generally one - convenience, hygiene in the working triangle. In the dining room - with no restrictions. Sex selection pattern for the kitchen 15 m has no restrictions.

Beautiful kitchen
This kitchen cooking process is enjoyable and comfortable

Choosing furniture for the kitchen and kitchen-living room: where to put the sofa

Furniture for kitchen 15 m. in addition to the mandatory enclosures harmoniously accommodate more soft and comfortable corner couch or at the dining area, the bar, built-in appliances. Naturally, exterior design of furniture is kept in the same style, which has been selected for design.


Location furniture sets conforms to the shape space and comfort in terms of ergonomics rules.

  • The linear arrangement of all primary elements along one long wall irrationally: long-distance running tedious.
  • The most suitable for this area, will be L-shaped and U-shaped arrangement of kitchen units.
  • For a fairly large kitchen island appropriate placement of the bar with a working surface.
  • Bar table successfully divides the kitchen on the territory of different uses.

the original plan kitchen 15 quarter

The design can be very strict and concise!

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