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Features kitchen design 14 sq.m with sofa: the original decision

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Many people believe, that solve the problem with a small bathroom can only be by means of light-colored walls and furniture. But it is not so. There are other tricks, Designers who use in their work.

Диван на кухне
Particular attention should be paid to the material lining the sofa. The best thing, if it's leather or leatherette, ie. it is easier and faster to clean

planning Forms

Today the popularity of a sofa or seating area in the interior of a small kitchen. It's an option for the organization of the dining area. If you think, that for the kitchen 14 m is a bad idea - wrong. The room is small size can arrange convenient, cozy and functional. While, when kitchen design is developed, It takes into account such parameters, as:

  • Ceiling height, width and length of the room.
  • The presence of the ventilation system.
  • Location windows and doors in the room.

before, you buy headsets, technique, kitchen group, sofa, should carefully consider, calculate every detail. Home role in this matter assigned layout. There are several types of planning, which allow for putting furniture and equipment. Because of the time they spend in the kitchen hostess, it is important for them, to the room was cozy and functional. therefore, it is important to plan the placement of the working and dining area. They should be at a comfortable distance from each other. A small area of ​​the room, which it is planned to place the sofa, must be used rationally.

Мягкая мебель на кухне
Upholstered furniture is able to create a special atmosphere of comfort in your kitchen

The following types of planning:

  1. Homogeneous.
  2. distichous.
  3. L-shaped.
  4. U-shaped.
  5. insular.

Uniform appearance suggests, that the kitchen is placed along one wall, On the other hand there is a place, to put a dining table and a compact sofa. The second type is designed for, to save the workspace. With this arrangement the sink and stove placed on one side of the room, and refrigerator - on the other.

Furniture and is spread along three walls. But the U-shaped layout should take into account the location of the door, to have a place, where to put sofa. Island type involves a special ledge, which is an additional working surface, or which acts as a dining area.

Схема планировки
Scheme plan kitchen

Variants of arrangement of a small kitchen

Every housewife wants, to the monastery was and functional, and at the same time beautiful and comfortable. But when the size of the room does not allow to turn fantasy, one has to resort to tricks: visually expand the space with the help of color and lighting, glossy surfaces; delicate and easy to use textiles.

Linear homogeneous layout

The classic one is the homogeneous linear layout cuisine 14 sq.m. This type is suitable for rooms of any size. Uniform layout makes it possible to place a working area along one wall, and the other remains free, where there is room for, to organize the dining area with a small sofa or a small area. It should be emphasized, that this option is suitable for rooms, having a rectangular shape.

Kitchen design with a sofa cozy, convenient and more comfortable. We can not say, that is the standard solution, as upholstered furniture for the kitchen is not so easy to choose. When buying furniture are repelled by the room size, roominess. A sofa in the kitchen is an additional berth, alternative chairs or their complement.

If there is no need to organize the kitchen berth, you can stop at the corner, which has several roomy drawers, in which you can store utensils.

Диван на кухне
Kitchen layout linear

This is the best option, which fit into the design of the kitchen 14 sq.m. Sofa sold complete with a table and stools. Expensive and beautiful options, and at the same time stylish, Do not overload the interior, a stool or ottoman. With it not only saves Useful area, but also create an original and elegant interior with sofa.

Two-row linear layout

For kitchen, having a square shape seen embodiment layout dvuhrjadnoj. Kitchen design with corner sofa involves the installation of the headset on either side of the room, and she placed a dining along the end wall, near the window. This arrangement allows the furniture to make a wider workspace.

kitchen 14 q / m. a sofa looks at such a regulated effectively. Furniture for a room to make and customized. true, the cost of this module will be a bit more expensive, than the cost of the finished, but it will pay off presentable appearance, which will highlight the interior.

Цвет дивана для кухни
An important factor for upholstered furniture in the kitchen is also a color - it should organically fit into the atmosphere of the room

How to choose a sofa

It has long been the kitchen - this place for cooking and eating, and resting place, where family members can in a cozy atmosphere with a cup of tea to watch TV, read the paper or a book. therefore, sofa should look good, as well as being convenient and practical. There are a few tips, How to choose the kitchen upholstered furniture. It is necessary to pay attention to the material. Better to prefer furniture made of natural wood. Covering or cover should be made of a washable fabric.

As for the color, you should choose a darker shade of the main color scheme. The sofa can serve as a bright interior accent. For a small room, if the number of members of the family permits, better to choose a double bed or a corner. It will not clutter up the space and fit well into the interior.


Adhering to the above tips, easy to handle design and create a warm and friendly atmosphere, allows you to collect as much as possible with the whole family or group of friends for dinner or a cup of tea. Still have questions about kitchen design 14 sq.m with sofa? Ask them down!