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How to equip a kitchen area 12 sq.m

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In today's world without interior designers is impossible to repair and decorate the room. Before starting the decoration and design of the room and the owners decide Specialist, where to put it, how to change the appearance of the premises.

Design kitchen 12m2
Before venturing repair in the kitchen, We encourage you to think carefully about every detail, so as not to overload the space

kitchen renovation 12 square meters contented responsible job, because, that the room of this size is enough space, and all you need to properly anticipate and consider the placement of furniture and decor elements.

Beginning of work

kitchen renovations 12 square meters

Appearance of the room is able to tell a lot about the owners of the house, so the interior of the kitchen, plan well, that it reflects your personality, creating comfort and space for all family members.

The first step is to vote as the cost will be design food 12 sq.m, and already then run to the store and buy the necessary materials.

style cuisine 12 sq.m

Surely you know, how you would like to see the kitchen style. Among the main interior styles, preference is given:

Small kitchen in classical style
Fig.1 for kitchen design in a classic style using natural furniture made of solid wood, heavy curtains, ornate chandeliers

  1. classical. The variety of colors and patterns, Natural furniture from solid wood, heavy curtains, ornate chandeliers and other styling items. To create the interior of the kitchen 12 square meters in a classic style, and will need a long time and a lot of costs, because the equipment is required to appropriately fit with silk embroidered tablecloths and napkins.
  2. minimalism. In this style create interior easier, So, as the color gamut is narrowed, as the pieces of furniture and other elements of decoration. Among preferably dark shades, bright and pastel. Arrange the furniture is not much, but it must be with clear geometric lines.
  3. High-tech. The room is modern and new technologies, the combination of the texture design with an imitation of natural kitchens 12 square meters
  4. Retro. In this direction the place are vintage items, antique, that are lying around in the attic. The main thing - it will include your imagination, and give new life to old things - old trunks and furniture polishing and lacquering, cuckoo clocks cleaned and repaired.
  5. eastern. Fans of the eastern theme decorate House of Feng Shui, arranges appropriate furniture, plants, in the form of dragons decor, Buddha and other. If your kitchen 12 m, try not to go too far with this, because it looks too cluttered.

When choosing the style of your kitchen, do not chase fashion, make a comfortable room, so you are rested body and showers. Do not change yourself for a guest, because they do not come often, and you live here.

Council: to make the kitchen in this style, make the floor with an imitation of natural stone or concrete, Lay the tiles on the wall like a brick, The doors are made of glass. This kitchen design project suitable for the chosen style.

Color and light in the kitchen

When you pass plan kitchen 12 m, important not to make the space less, and do not overload the furniture and household appliances. To avoid this, must be:

Design a small kitchen
Figure 2. In the course of kitchen design does not use a lot of dark, so the room was not like the cellar

  • Choose the right color - do not use a lot of dark, so the room was not like the cellar, and light, so it did not look like a hospital ward. Although light color visually enhances the space, but it is better not to go too far;
  • Lots of bright colors, and also reduce the space, should pay attention to light peach and sandy hues;
  • Saturated color make using accents. Not all versions of classic cuisine will look advantageous, so do not overdo it, or consult with the designer.
  • If the room is well lit, its volume increase. Try to hang the lights in the kitchen, or think about the built-in ceiling or furniture LED bulbs.

design kitchens 12 sq.m

Council: Design kitchen walls do not do too bright and colorful, so as not to overwork the hostess look, who spends a long time in the kitchen. It does not mean, they must be absent, simply place them with care and without fanaticism.

Expansion and zoning

To equip the kitchen 12 square meters, first it is necessary to expand visually divided into zones. With this help:

  • Play with texture. Combining decorative plaster tiles, which resembles a stone, you can get the perfect interior;
  • Divide the room into the area for lunch and the workplace. In the dining area, you can select one primary color, and in the work area, or on the island - other, over them, and you can hang different glossy suspended ceiling with a corresponding light;

Separation of cuisine for dining and working area
Figure 3. Divide the kitchen to the dining and working area

  • Experiment with the floor surface. Clearance by means of various laminate boards or tiles with a boundary therebetween.

Council: if you plan kitchen turned out to the two zones, make two tiered ceiling above the working area and the Mount the LED light bulb in it, so it is best to be seen what, what are you cooking. For better lighting attach additional lamps for the kitchen.

The use of textiles

kitchen area design 12 square meters will not work without the proper selection of fabrics, which will be a little be combined with each other, and matched to the interior decor elements.

To ideas for the kitchen 12 sq.m were original, Provide the same textiles for windows and table, translucent curtains or drapes are perfectly combined with a light cloth napkins and serving.

Textiles for windows and table
Figure 4. To ideas for the kitchen 12 sq.m were original, Provide the same textiles for windows and table

The design of the narrow kitchen 12 sq.m make original. If one and a small window, no need to close the blackout curtains, leave more access to light and hang translucent tulle.

As for curtains, it depends on the style of the room:

  • For classical cuisine style wooden pick;
  • The minimalist style fit white or monochrome;
  • The high-tech suit with a metal-plated;
  • To select a retro curtains with elements of forging.

If you want to occupy the curtains of the wall, then calculate, how far they are from the cooking surfaces, if they are near a window, it is better idea to leave those curtains.

12 sq.m

Design kitchens 12 square meters decorate covers on chairs or stools, if there is a sofa or couch, Take care about the pads in conjunction with textiles premises. the main thing, that there was harmony between the patterns and texture.

Rational use of space

Kitchen with a small area is difficult to use efficiently, but if this kitchen design 12 sq.m, it is easier. It should take into account all the details right, After all, when finished repair, it will be difficult to change the location and design.

Built-in appliances in a small kitchen
Figure 5 choosing and ordering the kitchen, carefully consider, what appliances will be integrated into it

Council: selecting or ordering kitchen, carefully consider, what appliances will be integrated into it. It concerns a microwave oven, oven, gas cookers, hood. refrigerator, washing machine and dishwasher also leave room.

To furnish the kitchen 12 meter correctly and efficiently, refer to such rules:

  1. Furniture choose a functional - kitchen with cupboards, shelves, hidden hooks; a sofa or seating area with extra bed and a cell for storing necessary things and domestic appliances.
  2. Pay attention to the capacity of furniture, let it be a large closet with shelves and drawers functional, than two or three unnecessary cabinet without the required storage space.
  3. Table and chairs. Honeycomb with glass top looks weightless and stylish, and metal chairs its complement. But you need to choose furniture in style and in terms of practicality and durability.

 Design a small kitchen 12 sq.m

setting kitchens 12 meters should be no unnecessary elements and furniture, not to occupy and without that missing area. If possible, place one on top of another household appliances - it will save your space.

Council: choose a refrigerator with two doors not, and the long he is drawn out up unit.

Kitchen design is different, execute it in such a, what your heart desires, not difficult, but at the same time efficiently use space, and properly arrange the furniture to household appliances.


We hope, that the kitchen project 12 square meters will be for you a comfortable and functional, adding you and your family a positive emotion, and the desire to create exquisite culinary delights.