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Location paintings in the interior of the kitchen: specialist advice

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The philosophical doctrine of Feng Shui at the present time is very popular among interior designs. The harmonious combination of elements such as water, the fire, air and land and attracts attention.

Paintings in the kitchen
Location paintings in the kitchen

Pictures for the interior, placed on such teachings, able to bring happiness into the house, joy, wealth, health and wellness. The meaning of the teaching - it is harmony and unity with nature, So to your desires fulfilled, the correct location of the paintings in the house of a very important point. Let us know, as a picture for the kitchen of feng shui to place.

Place the correct picture according to the philosophical teachings of Feng Shui

Eastern sages say, that modular pattern for kitchen should be positioned according to each side of the world. Particular attention should be paid to every detail, correctly choose accessories and decor items and arrange them in the right feng shui area. Only in this way you will achieve the effect in order to attract wealth, harmony in the house, wealth and prosperity.

Paintings with inscriptions symbolize the portal, through which the house pass positive energy Qi.

Each owner individually selected picture, which is a good feeling and positive emotions. When you select a wrong picture, which causes a negative feeling, the owners of it not get anything good. Rely on intuition, and you pick up the, what do you need.

Orange on the wall
Orange on the wall reminds the sun

With pictures on the walls, watch carefully, that each was responsible for its own area of ​​light:

  • The tree has a preferred location to the east, It symbolizes spring. The figures in green and olive tones.
  • In fire - south direction, summer. here red, pink, orange and other similar shades.
  • At the direction of the central land, theme of the autumn equinox. Among colors - yellow with brown, derivatives and their shades.
  • At the direction of the metal to the west, autumn theme with metallic and gray shades.
  • Near the water towards North, winter. Here, a large color palette - black, blue, blue, purple and similar hues.

East - a symbol of family relationships

In the eastern part of the family often gathers at the dining table, talking, shares the joys and experiences, so the feng shui home is in that part of such pictures, which represent love, understanding and friendly relations.

Choosing a pattern for the kitchen, guided by that, which is not in the family - love, understanding, passion, trust and other features.

Paintings of kitchen appliances
Paintings of kitchen appliances complement the stylish design

Council: it is not necessary to weigh the aggressive and dynamic picture, let it be a picture of peace and tranquility. Say "yes" picture with river and lilies, pond or small lake surrounded by a birch grove, these figures create a sense of calmness and promote relaxation. Discard the tumultuous waterfalls, volcanoes and other drawings, that will set you on the aggression and state vzbudorazhat.

Figure depict love using:

  • pigeons;
  • geese;
  • swans;
  • Utočki-mandarinki;
  • Exotic fruit pomegranate.

Myrtle Flower tree - the color for the well-being of Feng Shui, that will bring to the house of happiness and love.

South-east direction - a symbol of good luck and prosperity

In this direction, the picture are arranged according to the teachings of Feng Shui to attract money. Each figure in this area aims at increasing wealth and prosperity. In this regard, an important role is played not only the storyline, but the color scheme. Feng Shui for money includes all shades of yellow and brown, which must be in the picture.

Council: poveste picture, which shows a flowering tree. As symbols of good luck and wealth are in the Japanese philosophy:

Red kitchen
Location and photos of panels on red kitchen

  • twisted sink;
  • oranges;
  • image coins;
  • chrysanthemums.

Wealth area of ​​Feng Shui has a certain plant, which symbolizes wealth and profit, so plant a money tree or citrus - orange or tangerine.

Southern direction - a symbol of achievement and self-actualization

In this zone, set the hob, So, she is responsible for the fire, and it is a symbol. If there are reasons, that interfere with this arrangement - not a problem, in this area hang drawing fire in a bright red or bright-yellow.

Council: put flowering plants Geranium or poinsettia in red color or derivatives, This will complement the fire zone, and the image in the picture - a huge bright sun, sunrise.

South-west - the symbol of the relationship

Pictures for the kitchen in this area focused on love and mutual understanding between two people. To normalize the normal relations between the two is better to hang a picture of a pair of images of Feng Shui for luck and wealth.

Council: in such a zone hang paintings of:

  • herons;
  • flowering plum;
  • goldfish;
  • Phoenix;
  • Umbrellas or canopies.

Filled with wine glass
Beautiful modular pattern with a glass of wine

These stylish patterns for the interior not only retain your affection, but also give peace of mind, dimensions and will save from the bad eye.

Western direction - the descendants of the symbol, unrealized aspirations

In the western area of ​​the picture in the kitchen has to be with the image of those desires, which aims to fulfill the owner. So, this zone winter, West, then preferably weigh pattern in gray, steel and white shades, which is combined between a palette.

It will fit well:

  • picture house;
  • trees;
  • Horses;
  • Helena.

Council: in this zone put Mirante or Lemon tree, that carries a thirst for knowledge and aspirations.

Northbound - a symbol of career and travel

In such a zone, which aims to promote the career ladder and prosperity, hang pictures on the modular kitchen, it can be a picture of spring - a symbol of prosperity and aspirations, or drawing of the earth - a symbol of wealth and fertility. Element northbound - Water and metal. Therefore, to portray the picture should be water, rapid or waterfall, which means movement. Try to make a picture frame with his hands. To do this you will need:

Fruit on canvas
Juicy fruit on canvas

  • Glue;
  • 4 lath;
  • nails;
  • Saw;
  • Paint spray or.

Take the plank, which can be purchased at any hardware store, file off them so, so that they fit the size of the picture, knock or glue in the part, gradually adding one, let dry. Paint it in a metallic color by using paint or spray. Then insert a picture, plot which is responsible for a particular zone.

Council: in this zone put Pelargonium plant, which blooms magnificently and contributes to the prosperity. Or you can draw a picture of these colors.

It puts the technique according to the principle of feng shui

To achieve the correct energy is not enough to make a modular painting with their hands and hang it in the zone according to the philosophical teachings. Proper placement of appliances plays an important role.


  1. Clean and repair the instrument, this condition, which contributes to wealth and prosperity.
  2. Do not place the cooking surface parallel to the front door.
  3. Do not place the plate in parallel toilet, abundance and richness leaves with water.
  4. Do not place the stove near the window.
  5. Under the hob it is not recommended to have water pipes and sewage systems, So, as it contributes to the leakage of money from home.
  6. Do not place the stove in the corner of the room.

Council: if it turns out, that you put the plate in a non recommended site, help three-dimensional picture with his own hands, which are drawn on the philosophy of feng shui to attract money.

We arrange the furniture according to Feng Shui

According to Eastern philosophy to achieve the desired benefits is necessary in addition to the above points to place the correct pieces of furniture in the room.

To comfort and riches never left your home, Follow these rules:

  • Eliminate all drafts;
  • If kitchen area is located in the center of the building, Balance its position with the help of pictures;
  • The energy of life and kindness moves freely, when the room a lot of light and heat, so do not close access to natural light and hang over lamps;
  • The two-storey house does not have a kitchen a bathroom and a toilet;
  • Apply for ventilation door decorated according to the teachings of Eastern philosophy;
  • It is not recommended to put in the kitchen hatches, door, windows and other openings;
  • Kitchen do with 4 corners and walls, not allowed round, oval or polygonal shape.

Feng Shui - is not fiction, a centuries-old observation of the wise, and the believers in this people, but such teachings may well exist. Believes the landlord in it or not - his own right, but if according to the beliefs hang paintings, supply household appliances and furniture, the
it will not only impressive and stylish, but also contribute to the positive energy and good aura.