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Why use the drawings on the walls of the kitchen designers

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Do you consider yourself a bright personality, and do not like plain and boring interiors? Kitchen will be brighter and more original, if you will inflict drawings on the wall. So you will emphasize your individuality and create a wonderful atmosphere, which will charge you with positive energy at breakfast and help you relax at dinner. Kitchen interior decorate in different stylizations and today there are many ways to make it unusual. In this article you will learn fashion trends drawings, methods of applying them and fresh ideas, that will make a unique kitchen decor.

paintings on the facades and walls
To create a unique atmosphere in the kitchen are increasingly using drawings on walls and walls

drawings, expired in the kitchen

By selecting a photo on the wall for the kitchen need to consider the main function of this room - here take food. We choose the image, which favorably affect the appetite. This will use the fiery colors: red, orange and yellow. Add the room to help illustrate the taste:

  • juicy fruit, bright colors;
  • Exquisite drinks in a luxurious wine glasses;
  • Fresh flower bouquets and fabulous scenery summer garden;

Add kitchen comfort and warmth, use rural landscapes. old houses, smiling villagers, Street and animals will make the room comfortable and cute. A trendy abstract pattern on the wall will make the originality of the interior. Surreal and animalistic paintings will add mystery and uniqueness. Making dining area may consist of a strict geometrical figures, the original plant, cute baby animals, funny plant or your own photos. Some people at the time of the choice are designer services, others create their own interior and embody their own ideas to life. Do not forget, that the interior of the kitchen should match the overall style of the room. Apply drawings on the walls of the kitchen can be a variety of ways, tell them.

stylistic decision
Drawings on the walls of the kitchen should not be stand out from the general stylistic interior solutions

Drawings on a cliche

One method is the application of stencil for kitchen. With their hands to make them is not difficult. Use thick cardboard or plastic, it will withstand repeated use and is easier to clean off the paint.

Council! Do not apply in such a way too small elements and details, otherwise the picture will flow.

Stencils for kitchen wall have their advantages and disadvantages. The former include:

  1. Huge selection of appropriate colors, a variety of shades and colors;
  2. There are all sorts of matting paste, Raw Materials for applying graphics on a glass surface for the bulk material and images;
  3. Stencil painting is applied to the mirror, brick, Concrete, MDF panel and so on;
  4. Such images are held for a long time and do not change the appearance of the primary;
  5. Drawing for the stencil on the wall may be of any degree of complexity.

The disadvantages of using silk screen technique include:

  1. The duration of the application and the complexity classes;
  2. You need time to clean the stencils for drawing on the wall of paint.

So, their own hands refresh cladding, thus making the interior a fashionable and original. Stencils for printing on the walls are suitable for people with good self-control and perseverance, to make a beautiful painting will have to work hard.

stencil drawing
Apply a pattern on the kitchen wall with a stencil can be their own hands


The easiest way to make drawings on the wall of the kitchen with his hands - use stickers. They are made of self-adhesive film. Image cut out and applied to the surface. There are many topics, Vinyl wall stickers for kitchen, designed specifically for decor, perfectly fit into any an interior styling. The advantages of this technique include:

  1. No odors and dirt, during use;
  2. Fast application;
  3. Cheap cost and availability of stickers;
  4. ease of application;
  5. Simplicity of maintenance, modern labels are resistant to moisture and well-kept.

The disadvantages include:

  1. Lack of opportunity to show imagination;
  2. Limitations of use on uneven surfaces.

Council! Combine a few stickers and create an exclusive image for the kitchen. Glue the image on the furniture and brother-in-law - so the interior will be complete and will gain completed the form.

Buy decorating stickers in special shops or discharged from design magazines. A large variety gives the opportunity to choose, so besides the standard labels with a cup of coffee and buns, you can find something special and make the kitchen truly unique.

Stickers for the kitchen walls
Stickers for the kitchen walls- the fastest and easiest way to decorate

Design services

If you do not have time to deal with decor, but you want to get the original interior of the kitchen, you will help professional designers. They take into account the room lighting and selected image, which is beneficial impact on it - visually increase the space or add a room of comfort and warmth. Designers prompt appropriate wall decor in the kitchen at the table in the "apron" area. Decorators will appreciate the condition of the walls, deterioration of surface and pick up an image capable of hide the shortcomings. They will give you thumbnails of pictures on the wall, after you select, specialists make high-quality painting. Professionally recreate the drawing will not be able everyone, Order designer, you will be assured of getting a result,. Художественная роспись стен в интерьере стоит недёшево, However, this option will save you time and effort.

Draw your own hands

If you set, create an interior wall in the kitchen with his hands, and have drawing skills, be patient, put off all these things and get to the creative process. the image source can be stored in your head, found on the internet or design magazines. Get inspired things around you and choose the image according to the interior room. Consider her size, own ability and desire. sketching, thoroughly clean the surface of the wall and carefully transfer the image, first in pencil. Thereafter Color your image in bright colors and enjoy your own creation.

Council! Do painting the walls in the kitchen with his hands better quality paints, they do not need to drain and lubricated. Do not skimp on their acquisition, otherwise you just mess up the wall and take the time.

Painted on the wall made together with loved ones for a long time will remind you of pleasant moments. Involve the event of her husband or children, create a true picture of the family, and get a lot of positive emotions.

Three-dimensional images of plaster or plaster

Three-dimensional images of plaster or plaster
Do not try on their own to carry out work on the modeling of the walls without special training- it is not easy

Another way to apply pattern on stenu- volumetric plaster or gypsum. For this:

  • Pre-clean the surface of the wall;
  • Choose figure;
  • sketch;
  • Gently apply the plaster or primer;
  • Cover acrylic paste.

Make small details palette knife, and apply the main part, Using painting spatulas, different sizes. At the end of the brush walk and flatten the image surface. To create a picture of the plaster on the wall above fit plastic or cardboard stencils.

Council! Volumetric plaster figures will help to hide the roughness and other defects in the surface of the wall.

Dimensional picture does not necessarily have to have a relief. You can reach a depth and realism, by competent Game of Shadows. So you get the picture in 3D visualization.

Panels patterned

Glass pane with a pattern
Glass panels on which a pattern is easily assembled and sanitized

Facilitate the creation of the original interior can be, using the panel to the kitchen with a picture. To solve the problem - a bright and unusual design the interior of the kitchen, fit:

  • Laminated wall panels MDF;
  • Colorful organic glass with patterns;
  • processed drywall, choose material, having resistance to moisture.

This finish most practical for kitchen design, it is easy to wipe with a damp cloth and remove grease. This is a valuable factor for the room, which is conducted cooking.

There are variants of carved panels, they fit perfectly in the interior with oriental stylization. Openwork panel looks elegant, its installation is not difficult, and the cost is reasonable.

Council! choosing panel, give preference to lighter tones, they expand the space and give the interior softness and comfort.

Decorative 3D panel - is a novelty in the design environment. they are durable, equipped with heat- and soundproofing, resistant to fire and look impressive. Instant setup and ease of use played an important role in the promotion of modern 3D panels, their installation is possible on concrete, wood or brick surface.


Not so long ago were popular wallpapers, they were used in the bedroom, living room, hallway and the kitchen. Demand for them has decreased, But do not completely abandon this design. They deal with the problem of space zoning and enliven the interior.

It is interesting! Panoramic wallpapers are able to significantly expand the area of ​​the room.

Bright picture on the wall in the kitchen is best to put on a neutral background, minimize accessories. During photowall choice, consider the colors of furniture and kitchen units.


Drawings on the walls in the apartment are able to change the mood of the room, focus on individual subjects and create an extraordinary atmosphere. Do not be afraid to experiment! Implement their boldest ideas and ideas. You definitely get to prove themselves in the design paths and surprise loved ones with their talent and skill. Drawings on the kitchen wall to attract the attention of visitors and will be the subject of your pride.