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Murals on the wall in the interior of the kitchen— it is beautiful: art and practicality

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Not a secret, in the kitchen, we spend a lot of time, so the interior, style and materials for repair of the room are selected and planned carefully. Modern shops offer a variety of design options for the walls. Among them, the wallpaper, plastic, tile, wooden panels, but to really give an original look mural on the wall in the interior of any style. Murals for the kitchen - what are they? On this and will talk in today's article.

Murals for the kitchen
Murals can choose any style and it is very convenient

How to use the frescoes in the interior

Designers often use murals for kitchen decoration, but art element may be used with a practical point of view:

  • room to visually appear higher, the ceiling is applied painted bright colors with reflective effect;
  • decorative plaster in the interior can be used as a boundary between the working and dining area;
  • small kitchen with window paint landscapes, to add a sense of spaciousness.
  • mural on a rigid foundation to hide imperfections and defects of the walls.


Finishing material murals adds several advantages to the original paintings and the natural mind:

  1. murals do not fade and do not fade with time:
  2. long service life;
  3. the opportunity to represent three-dimensional picture;
  4. resistance to moisture and temperature extremes (except for the cheapest models);
  5. to fulfill individual orders on the transfer of the image from a picture or photograph.

Fresco kitchen
Zack's drawing you can either, true craftsmen do their work

It forms the basis for modern murals

There are several methods, how to draw on the wall. The main difference - a way, which the image is applied to the wall. Appearance and practicality of modern murals too, it depends on the basics of drawing.


Mural obtained with a special plaster, which is applied on a paper basis. Next master dorisovyvaet small elements and effects, which give the figure "Live" view.

The painting on the walls is resistant to damage and temperature changes, therefore suitable for kitchen surfaces, including work areas. Besides, easy to install.

The mural on the wall for the kitchen of the fleece - is the best option in the ratio of appearance and price.

On a rigid base

These murals on the wall in the interior of the kitchen put on special tight foundation. Size and pattern owner selects, but usually as a bright saturated element.

Painted walls in the kitchen is mounted separate thick web or a pattern. The mural on a rigid foundation is performed easily, than the application of decorative plaster, but independent execution may look easier and cheaper.

Murals on a rigid foundation
Murals on a rigid foundation is much easier to "drawn" - it's quick and convenient

flexible plaster

The most popular version of the frescoes - is applying textured plaster on the walls and ceilings of premises. The process design is based on the plastic mixture and the mounting mesh. Figure comes from the dyes, which are made of natural materials.

If an ordinary paint creates a pattern on the surface, the textured plaster applied is necessary as the basis of the desired relief and texture, and then tinted to the desired color.

Apply textured plaster with your hands is very difficult. Such work requires a skilled professional with experience and special tools.

Texture plaster to hide errors and irregularities of the walls. Maintenance includes cleaning and cleaning, since any contamination removed with a damp cloth without any damage. Thanks to the practicality and attractiveness Mural frescoes in the interior suitable for kitchens.


Drawing on canvas - an elite mural in the kitchen. It is not produced in large quantities for sale in stores, and performed on order owners. Manufacturing - a laborious process, which goes even months.

Murals Holcim
Work on canvas is in fact the real picture, a lot of time and money will be spent on this work, but ensure your individuality

To create a painting on canvas will need the following: cotton canvas, lime powder, dyes, sand and adhesives.

Initially, the selected image is forced sostarivayut, and then carefully transferred to a prepared canvas. Such work requires experience and professionalism, so do a mural on the wall with his hands hard.

To attach the wall canvas ordinary glue, as wallpaper, but top coated with a protective layer. Nevertheless, the mural remains fragile damage, so it should be placed away from the working area.


This fresco on the wall is cheap, easily glued to the wall, but it looks modest, after drawing quality is compared with the canvas or plaster. However Adhesive yspolzuetsya for colored, lined with wallpaper or plaster walls. The film thickness of a small, so you need to carefully prepare the wall, to eliminate all sorts of irregularities and defects.

A variety of good images, where the customer can order an individual option on request. The technology is based on digital print pattern, that does not look like a handmade art. Use selfadhesive not desirable near the working surface or plate.

Drawing can expand the space is beautiful

How to choose the style of the frescoes to the kitchen

The frescoes in the interior of the kitchen turns an ordinary room into a unique and cozy nook. And drawing technology allows the insertion and miniature paintings on the width of the wall, but when choosing a painting, consider the following selection rules:

  • decorative painting should be visually increase the size of the kitchen;
  • for small rooms do not use the size of a wall panel, better to choose a small image as a decorative insert;
  • painting selected in accordance with the style of the room.

So wallpapers and murals on the wall in the interior of the kitchen looked harmoniously, We look at some of the styles decorated rooms and the images that are suitable for painting.


Classic style popular for kitchens. At the heart of the role played by smooth shapes of furniture, stucco, high-quality and expensive materials, so murals and wallpapers in the interior only complement the style of the room.

Wall painting in the interior is performed in the style of the Renaissance, mosaic, ancient motifs, paintings by Italian and French artists.

If you choose the type of drawing, the textured plaster corresponds to the classical style of the kitchen and other rooms.

The original fresco
Each style of its approach and drawing

Hi-tech and minimalism

Current styles include clear, tough line, rich dark tones, so painting the walls in the kitchen bright and performed with the use of computer graphics. complex mechanisms suitable for drawing, abstraction, Mosaic images or three-dimensional geometric figures.

Suitable art or self-adhesive plaster, if the budget does not allow unnecessary costs.

Country and Provence

These two styles are most naturally from the warmth and comfort of a home atmosphere, so often used for modern kitchens.

Use landscapes or architecture, to complement the interpretation of the figure style of the room.


Ethnic style reflects the atmosphere of other countries and peoples in their home.

The mural in the kitchen in ethnic style
The mural in the kitchen in the ethnic style is natural to be part of the overall design concept

Interior room is obtained an unusually bright and attractive thanks to the laths or drawings, therefore murals complement ethnic style in any direction. So, decorate the kitchen:

  1. Oriental style includes Japanese and Chinese elements in the interior. Suitable for painting landscapes, cherry blossoms, cranes, bamboo or peonies.
  2. African style supports savannah landscapes, images of animals and local life in bright colors.
  3. The Egyptian style is often used for kitchen. It creates a warm atmosphere of the room because of the sand colors, and attracts attention with its distinctive ornamentation, eg, Working for the walls. For drawings suitable pyramid, hieroglyphs, ancient drawings, statues and gold inserts on the basis of sand.

Wall mounting

Wall painting in the interior with their own hands will transform a room and make it unique and unrepeatable, but such work is best left to professionals, as well as the installation of murals on the wall. The procedure itself is simple, but you need to pay attention to the seams docking, so as not to spoil the general view.

so, To fix the murals and wallpapers on the wall, follow these steps:

  • to prepare the wall (meaning clear, leveled and primed);
  • make a mural on the wall, To mark the location of the desired height and mow at any angle;
  • stick the mural on the wall (adhesive is selected according to the kind of drawing, so check with the customer);
  • wipe glue residue from the wall roller.

note, so that during installation in the room was not draft, otherwise mural prikleitsя unreliable.