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Mural in the kitchen: Caribs in the apartment

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The modern design is expressed not only in functionality, but also in the individual design and special beauty. The decor of the modern apartment used a variety of materials, but what is remarkable - very few choices can compete with decorative photo wallpapers, complementary kitchen.

beautiful kitchen
Mural on the wall - not only change the style of the kitchen, but also emotions

It is understood, that the drawings on the Mural require special design, and the best style for the combination such wallpaper - minimalism or hi-tech.

wall, decorated with photo wallpapers, good load space, so consider, that in the interior of a food should be at least eye-catching elements, bright colors and fanciful solutions.


Photos on the walls - not only change the style of the kitchen, but also emotions, connected with the stay in this room. Any image must fit in with the general tone of the kitchen, and materials for wallpaper and color should not be evident, but should succinctly merge with the "feelings", they transmit.

Mural: what are the materials?

What is a Mural the rock in the interior of your kitchen? Primarily, this figure. how to understand, Did he survive the harsh climate of the Russian cuisine? To understand this, let's look at materials for photo wallpapers and types of drawings.

How to choose wallpaper
Such an image on the Mural combined with the general tone of the kitchen

At the heart of interlining: modern accommodation option at the table

Like the classical wallpaper, Mural are printed on the paper raw material. But the requirements of buyers and grow together with them change production technology. High demand for large wallpapers and led to a change in the material: raw materials became interlining. What is the charm of this material, compared to typical paper embodiments:

  1. The image will be smooth: part Wallpaper adjusted easily
  2. No "blisters" because of the glue, no stains
  3. You can paste any adhesive and are not afraid, that figure will float

The quality is worth the increased price, but given, that pokleit Mural on the wall of this material is not difficult, and you can pay extra for a savings of time and nerves. Yes, and wallpapers have become the quintessence of design, so save them - just blasphemy.

Mural in the kitchen

Paper with additional layers: expand the space wallpaper

If you for any reason not satisfied with the Mural on the wall of the nonwoven, then look at the market of paper products. This market segment is the widest, so find beautiful wallpapers on the wall in this case would be much easier.

What are the advantages of dense paper products compared to their counterparts? This wallpaper impregnated with water-repellent agents, that just must be in the kitchen, but wash them except the sponge does not recommended.

We allow ourselves to digress: how to understand, that you choose water-resistant wallpaper? On such products should be marked with the three wavy lines. On price tags, they also present.

Classic design of wallpaper on the wall

The classic version
classical scenery, when you use concise, expand the visual space of the kitchen

it happens, that sometimes it's easier to walk the beaten track. so, you decided, that the Mural on the wall of your kitchen will be of plain paper. In such a case must be treated with special substances, preventing wetting a paper. there is, where carousing: sold as liquid sprays, paints and even waxes. Advantages of this approach:

  1. cheaper, tk. itself "chemistry" is not expensive,
  2. transparent liquid,
  3. No streaks and traces,
  4. does not smell.

classic wallpapers

Dimensions photowall Kitchen

Different wallpapers present not only the material and pattern, but also the size. In order not to miscalculate with dimensions (Images), let's turn our attention to the following aspects:

  • your kitchen style - minimalism, all colors - not bright. In this case, you can choose the Mural on the wall, they add a sense of the boundaries of space and bring comfort to the room. If the basic tone - white, the 3D picture on the wall will spice up the whole style of the "space" component
  • standard dimensions for a small kitchen - dangerous decision. mistakenly seem, that whole landscapes move apart walls, but in fact the opposite happens - great items even compress space. For small kitchens need to add any effects in doses, so little Mural on the wall - a picture is not the whole area - a logical choice in this case,
  • The kitchen can be a great, but densely cluttered. In this case, too, it is not necessary to resort to landscape wallpaper. Here, succinctly fit into the style of the room narrow vertical wallpapers, which seemed to emerge the ceiling. Thus space and become visually above, and the light be added. Of course, if you do not use dark colors, it is strongly recommended not.


What image best fit into the interior

Not a difficult question, If you have decided on a common kitchen design. In the shops you will find all the plot: fruit macro, urban city landscape, wallpapers nature which seems so real ... Everyone will be able to pick up something unique and suitable to him. Let's take a closer look at several options images.

bright kitchen
Natural landscapes complement the wonderful views

Landscape composition in the design of the working wall

any views, when you use concise, expand the visual space of the kitchen:

  • Cityscapes well fit into the hi-tech kitchen
  • Natural landscapes complement the country style

Important, so that the image on the wallpaper of these were high-quality and consistent with the law of composition in pictures: the amount should be felt, shadows and perspective. Dimensions photowall in each case are selected individually.

Narrative painting design

Pictures photo wallpaper on the wall with complex compositions can become at some point a problem for the kitchen owners. These wallpapers saturate the room, squeezing his, so that such a decision is admissible only in large and well-lit kitchens.

Scene Mural in the kitchen

Complex views are based on two pillars: pictures of city and nature. The first of these, we do not recommend, because we have enough of the city and outside. Sometimes it is better to choose the usual vertical wallpapers with a light spring landscape. by the way, special attention should be paid to the size of the image, Mural because an angle require image transition line perpendicular space, and kinked in two birch will look ridiculous.

Think in a tranquil setting: Whether you need an abstraction or you choose a uniform landscape. Or stay at the macro images?

Harmony in 3D images

You should not choose bright colors and wallpaper. Prefer equilibrium plots, without unnecessary "splashes" of color. One element of balance in the other picture. If in the picture there is a mountain, flatten their sharpness mountain river. Fluency in the picture - a cozy kitchen design.

beautiful wallpapers in the kitchen

Small kitchen: except that pick colors

Let us give just a few tips:

    1. Use macro photography or painting Saturate the element of water - it helps to calm and restore after a hard day. Why not?
    2. No images of people - unless you enjoy reside in among the crowd prying eyes?
    3. Naturalness pervades these wallpapers. Nature on the wall - the harmony of the kitchen, although with all the plot potaskannosti. That nature is not enough in the big cities, so let's add it to our kitchen
    4. strangely, but macrophotography photo wallpaper with the image of fruit add liveliness space. Such a style preference, young. A plus is designer, that these wallpapers do not overload the space

so, we hope, These uncomplicated tips will help you to choose the image, which harmoniously complement the design. Choose Mural on the wall of the kitchen on your taste and you will be happy.