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Kitchen must have in a special cozy and warm atmosphere. After all, this is the place, where the housewife spends so much time for cooking, and the family is not only going, to have dinner or lunch, but also to share their impressions of the day.

Photo panel turns the kitchen into the room design
Photo panel turns the kitchen into the room design

Firstly, the kitchen practical requirements imposed. It is logical and reasonable. But we need to think about the comfort of the hostess while working in the kitchen, and of comfort for the family members for lunch or dinner.

Create unique interior, add individual traits and pretty features, bring creative thinking every family member will help photo panels on the kitchen wall.

What it is?

Photopanel Kitchen

What is it - the photo panels? Speaking dry technical language, photo panel - a fabric with printed image. In fact, it's an amazing opportunity to make the interior of the apartment's own original ideas. Under this little word hidden wallpaper, tile, glass pieces of furniture, etc., that is all, on that can be applied to the image. With the help of a photo panel is easy to transform the kitchen into the city at night or blooming garden.

What can be photo panel?

Photo panels on the walls do not necessarily have a paper or fabric base. The main difference between this element of decor Photo Wall Mural - the basis for the panels can be almost any material: tile, glass, mirror. This feature made it possible to decorate the walls with the help of photo panels, floors and ceilings in any room. Panels in the kitchen over the dining table will be a bright part of the kitchen interior. The work area will protect the wall from contamination.

Photopanel with fruit

kitchen Features

At the use of photo panels as a decorative room decorations must take into account its specific features. In the room, living room or bedroom is fine painting on fabric base. The best option for the kitchen - a photo panel of glass or tile. This is due to the peculiarities of premises.

  • excess moisture: continuous use of water for dishwashing or products, evaporation when cooking - all this affects the level of humidity of the kitchen. Ordinary wallpapers not withstand such a load.
  • temperature conditions: air temperature in the kitchen is not constant. During cooking it increases. Fluctuations can be very noticeable, If cooking for a large family, use oven, dishwasher and other equipment. Even excellent ventilation system does not guarantee a constant temperature.Photopanel Kitchen tiles
  • Expressed zoning premises: the difference between the dining area and working very palpable. The working area is particularly contaminated area - a wall surface of the cooking plate. This is not to avoid fat splashes, sleuth, soot and other troubles, accompanying the cooking process.

Variants in the interior

Options photo panel performance for varied cuisine. as a basis for panels act tile, glass, mirror or plexiglas.

Tile. Classic apron tile has high practicality. Reliable testing this stuff for years, because they trimmed the walls of most kitchens. Modern technologies allow to expand the decorative possibilities of tiles. Still lifes and flowers, views of nature or the city streets, inflicted on the tiles, revive the kitchen design and raise the hostess mood while cooking dinner.

downtime Photopanel Kitchen

Glass. Ordinary glass coated with a picture will enliven any interior. If you use a photo panel to the apron of the working area in the kitchen, it will be possible to combine exceptional design and high practicality. Glass is easily washed from the most stubborn dirt. Panels will serve faithfully for many years.

Mirror. Photo panels to the base of the mirror will create a unique design and visually expand the space. Figure is applied to the top of the mirror. Usually this ornaments of flowers or abstract ethnic ornaments.

photo on the tile

Plexiglas on the kitchen apron - a popular and inexpensive option of making raisins in a kitchen interior. Figure is applied to the inner surface of cover, which prolongs the service life. Kitchen apron Plexiglas rather fragile - afraid of scratches. But easily bends and is used for decorating rough surfaces. This material allows the owner personally produce panels on the wall. If you have a penchant for artistic creativity, the gouache paintings on the inner side of the Plexiglas decorate the work area.

Photopanel for Simple Kitchen

Glass photo panels in the working area of ​​the kitchen: Lane and other options

Photo panels of glass is perfect for the kitchen working apron area. The practicality of the material is not inferior to the classical tiles. And when you consider, that the weak point of the tiles - connecting joints, accumulate over time pollution, the whole glass photo panel exceeds its functionality.

Preparation method

Panels may be whole or divided into its constituent parts. It depends on the size of the apron. Figure is applied to the inner side panels. Abrasion or fade it will not get any. There is a technology, When a paper drawing is inserted between two panes, and then surface treated at a high temperature. Glass is not afraid of photo panels abrasive cleaners. Contaminants are removed from the surface easily.

krasyvoe Photopanel

Methods for mounting on the wall

To mount the photo panel glass used three ways.

  1. The adhesive mixture. In itself simple method. Implemented in three phases: wall preparation, adhesive application, installation. To prepare the wall, you need to clear it from the old coating and primed. The wall must be perfectly flat! Then, on the perimeter of the apron at regular intervals apply adhesive. Glue can be acrylic on special transparent adhesive sealants or silicone. The final stage - tightly pressed to the wall panels. Glue the glass is very useful when using special suction cups with handles. Not all kinds of glass photo panels in the kitchen, you can use adhesive mixtures. First of all, adhesive may be visible from the outside. Secondly, it can ruin the image, applied to the inner side panels.skinali Kitchen
  2. Frame profile. Along the perimeter of the installation frame mounted photo panel zone of steel, chrome or aluminum profile. Glass is inserted into the profile grooves of the top or side. Then, the cover strip is set. It turns out reliably and accurately. At the wireframe fixture plays an important role of measurement accuracy. Wrong a few millimeters and the panel snaps into place. This method of attachment is completely frees the imagination. You can easily make a mural of photographs with his own hands. Pictures pasted on the prepared surface (leveled and primed), and from above by means of profiles set clear glass. This kitchen apron easily change, if I bored.
  3. decorative fastening. Fasteners are screws with circular, oval or square metal plugs. The algorithm is simple. First you need to mark a place on the wall, which will be drilled. Then drill holes, insert a plug, put on a glass panel, secure anchor.

photo panels of glass dishes
Photo panels for glass kitchen looks great

Council: The use of silicone sealants to avoid contact glass panels with screws. This prevents the occurrence of accidental cracking and chipping during assembly.


If you have provided this method of fixation at the stage of ordering panels manufacturer, the, probably, get a product with holes for mounting. If no holes, will have to make their own hands. In this case, you will need a drill on the tile. It is imperative to drill on a level surface, placing panels wrong side up. A little trick: periodically wet drill and operate at low speed. This secret will prevent heating and destruction of glass.