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5 the merits of the glass panels for kitchen: tabernacle— this chic

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This kitchen has a constant quality: It combines functionality and comfort. The first property will appreciate the focus of the hostess, and the second - the household and guests.

Apron Kitchen
Apron-style cuisine " antique fireplace

Working kitchen area involves the dirtiest work. Here hostess carefully tidying every day. Competent assistant in this difficult task becomes an apron for the kitchen. He will take the brunt in the form of fat droplets, soot and smoke from cooking stoves. on, what will be the Assistant, It depends on the speed and quality of work housewives.

Practical beauty of glass panels for kitchen

glass panels on the kitchen

A modern version of a practical apron - glass panels. The characteristics of the material prove the functionality of such a coating to the walls in the working area.

Glass panels on the wall as an apron is a beautiful name skinali. This word comes from the English "to sheathe". It captures the essence of the product. Skinali - a panel made of glass for wall. Facing not produce ordinary glass. In the drawing it is applied, than turn into a work of art. Designers using skinali turn the kitchen into a comfortable corner for the whole family.

glass panels on the kitchen

Advantages cladding glass:

  • Durability. In the production skinali use very durable glass. It can harden, then the strength increases in times.
  • Resistance to temperature extremes. For the production of thick glass used skinali, which keeps well blow warm. This is due to its structure. Side, subjected to heat, begin to expand. The remaining glass stratum remains cold. It will keep the enlargement process. Glass will remain intact. I tempered this characteristic increases 5 time.
  • Indifference moisture. Glass pushes away the water. Evaporation during cooking will not harm panels on glass.
  • easy care. glass panels The kitchen has increased immunity to aggressive environments. Since it is easy to wash off any dirt.
  • Plenty of room for creativity. On the glass can be applied to any image. Due to this property skinali beautifully fit into any design - from classic to hi-tech.

Panels in the kitchen
Original panels with lighting in the kitchen with beautiful furniture

Panels of glass on the kitchen - perfect registration of the working zone. Glass paintings on the walls underline the exclusivity of the interior.

Terms of care apron made of glass:

  • For cleaning you can use any household products, except abrasive.
  • Panels of glass can not be heated above 80 degrees. High temperatures damage the pattern and the glass itself. Keep, to hot materials do not touch the panel.
  • Apron glass can withstand temperature extremes, but to a reasonable limit. Do not wipe the surface of the article immediately after cooking. It is fraught with the appearance of cracks. The glass should cool down.

glass panels for kitchen

How do skinali to decorate the walls of the refectory

Skinali manufacturing process is to transfer the image on the glass. Apply raw or tempered glass. The thickness of the finished product ranges from 5 to 8 mm.

The image on the glass panel on a wall is transferred to the inner or outer side skinali. If the image is on the inner side, it was moved by means of film. Literally stuck on the wrong side. If the pattern on the outside, We are using direct printing method (UV printing).

If the image is saturated with light colors better to use glass clarified. This transparent glass without the inherent ordinary glass sheet greenish-blue tint. It will give all the shades of the image unchanged.

mirror panels in the kitchen

Technology glass manufacturing skinali to create a mural on the wall with his hands. In this case, the apron will fit exactly in kitchen design. As a result, you get the perfect interior and a reason for pride.

Select an image to a panel it depends on your imagination. It may even be family photos or pictures from the glass with their hands.

Price justified - rezulytat flawless

The algorithm for creating your own design skinali:

  1. Make the necessary measurements: height and length of the finished product.
  2. Prepare the wall using a level. The surface should be smooth, as a mirror.
  3. Order glass manufacturer. Checkout all the necessary holes - a socket, switches, etc..
  4. Determine the type of panels on the wall. If the desired image on the paper, paste the wall. If the panel is in the form of paintings on glass with their hands, execute plans.
  5. Set the glass surface of the apron.

Panels in the kitchen
Panels in the kitchen in the style of the evening city - it's great

Image of the outside of the fixed varnish. Otherwise, it will not sustain mechanical damage. Still, it's a working kitchen area with constant aggressive environment and apron should be cleaned periodically.

As a result, you get a kitchen masterpiece of its own production, that will delight you and your loved ones for a long time. If desired, this apron is easy to dismantle and to refresh the design of the kitchen beautiful new creation.

Methods for installing glass panels

Wall mounted glass panels in three ways:

  • Suspended,
  • passage,
  • framed.

Tabernacle kitchen

When the implement method uses hooks - almost imperceptible small plates curved shape. The fastening device is fastened to the wall, it is inserted into the panel.

The optimal distance between the hooks - one meter.

Instead, the lower row of fasteners used sealant. The apron is mounted directly on the countertop. Connecting seam is treated with an adhesive composition. The advantage of this method - when setting is made immediately seam sealing.

By passing fasteners in panels for walls drilled round holes. It is better to entrust this part of the work to professionals. Through them passes dowel. In order to avoid contact of the iron with glass panels wear special rubber grommets to protect.

Panels for kitchen
A breathtaking view of the glass panels in the kitchen with classic furniture

Mounting should not press down the panel to the wall. Creates tension in the wall will lead to its destruction.

Operating procedure:

  1. Mark on the wall space for clamps panels.
  2. drill holes.
  3. Insert plastic dowels elements.
  4. Wear protective pad on screw.
  5. Insert the screw hole in a panel.
  6. Attach the panels to the wall.
  7. fasten the screws.
  8. Wear decorative caps.

The edges of the panel is required to process the transparent sealant. This prevents moisture from entering under panno.Trety apron glass mounting method involves installing frame. For this purpose, metal profiles.


The principle of fixing:

  1. Apron on the perimeter of the metal profile set. One side is left free.
  2. Glass panel slides into the frame through the free side of the profile.
  3. A fourth side is closed profile frame

Professional masters do not recommend pasting a panel of glass on the wall. First of all, glue shines through the glass. Lost aesthetics apron. Secondly, can be spoiled panels - figure applied onto the inner surface of the panels. Thirdly, taped apron difficult to replace, If you bored with drawing.

birozovo blue glass panels in the kitchen

One of the advantages of a panel of glass to the kitchen - Installation is carried out after the installation of the headset. This ensures clarity of installation.


Regardless of, order you prefer, or installation professionals themselves, understanding of the process makes it possible in advance to represent the appearance of the apron. This is useful when you make a design room. Now that you know almost everything, about glass panels for kitchen. Well, and if there were questions, happy to answer in the comments!