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How to choose the right apron for the color of the kitchen

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Kitchen apron of decorative glass panels called unusual word - skinali.

Aprons Kitchen
The material is often used tempered glass, on which the image is applied by printing

Tempered glass - durable material. But even if, for unforeseen reasons, it suddenly broken (it is unlikely), the fragments no one hurt, since they are non-acute and large. Due to special treatment it easily suffers abrupt temperature variations, It is easy to care for. Hygiene and environmental friendliness at the height. Glass panels are indifferent to the couple, condensate, splashes of hot oil, drip fat droplets vody.Eto rugged and beautiful at the same time protection for the surface of the wall above the worktop, which is subject to adverse effects of external factors.

Apron glass and printing options

Glass decorative panels are much more expensive ceramic tile, but in the future the high cost pays for itself in the first year of use. Such apron on kitchen differs durability, strength and originality. With the latest printing technology, when applied to glass image brightness and resistance is guaranteed for a long time. If you save and order a glass, in which the image on a kitchen apron applied to the film, then after a short time fade pattern, burn out, and near the hob do go bubbles.

glass apron It may be made in these embodiments:

  • Clear or frosted glass, without images and colors.

transparent apron
Transparent apron invisible and dissolves in the room

The main purpose - to protect against dirt wall, wallpapered or painted. Frosted glass looks more expensive and does not glare. Clear glass is not necessarily boring and smooth. In trade there is a structural panel surface or inscriptions, made using screen printing or laser treatment.

  • Glass with UV-printing (skinali Kitchen). This type of finish is popular for several let.Kartinki apron of glass is applied to the "wrong side" panels. over time, the image does not lose color, as the UV ink does not fade, resistant to high temperaturam.Vazhno skinali to choose the right color for the kitchen.
  • colored glass. This is a winning choice for those, who are afraid to experiment with bright pictures aprons for kitchen. Plain panel looks stylish, but do not draw undue attention. Such a strong and durable apron, as the panel is painted by special technology, and then passes the heat treatment process.
  • Panel patterned on the film. It is a budget option. In the "underside" of glass paste film with patterns. But since it frowns and fade over time. Near the cooking surface damage and defects will appear, since the film, although protected by glass, It can not withstand high temperatures.
  • triplex. Apron Kitchen with laminated glass pattern - a reliable and long lasting. Between the two glass panels "baked" Figure. If it does not bounce splits, and a mesh covered with cracks. Buy it rarely, as the triplex is worth more than the other options.
  • Mirror.

Mirrored apron in the kitchen
In the small kitchen will help to increase the space

  • the, who is not willing to continuously monitor their work in reflection, suitable matte mirror panels with laser engraving.

Many companies offer printing on the apron and manufacture of glass panels. Glass for the apron has a thickness of 0,6 to 0,8 cm. the, who decided to install the glass panel in the kitchen, drawing catalog will help determine the choice of pattern. The catalog contains a lot of pictures for printing on the apron cuisine to suit all tastes. you can select the appropriate option as a color for each room, and on the interior style. If the pot images for aprons in the kitchen there was no pattern, design which fully meets the requirements of the customer, the company offers the opportunity to develop a personal project. Then the client will receive a unique kitchen apron.

For, to focus on skinali, in the same set, and backlight. There are two options: on or within the perimeter of the skirt. Most often used LED Strip white. Color ribbon gives the opportunity to change the lighting shade directly dependent on the health and mood.

Uhod pavilions
Many people mistakenly think, that for skinali hard to take care of and given as arguments to the fact, that the smooth surface is too noticeable fingerprints

Drops of water and dirt particles. But in reality on pollution glass apron can be seen as, as well as on all your favorite glossy ceramic plitke.Lyuboy apron, even from Moroccan tiles in the kitchen must be frequently cleaned and washed. But skinali has a significant advantage - it is much easier to wash, because it is much easier to care for a smooth seamless surface, than ceramic tiles with countless stitches, in which constantly accumulates dirt and germs.

In choosing the material for the apron designers recommend to look at the discolored glass (Optyvayt). The fact, ordinary glass appears transparent, but on a white background image for skinali be clearly seen slightly greenish tint. Therefore, if the figures for the kitchen color, in bright and rich colors (landscape, still life, view), then you can do the usual glass. If the apron background light, you should choose discolored Optiwhite. true, he stands on 25-30% expensive. Also seen, because of the greater transparency Optivayta image seems bright and clear.

Select picture

Figures for the apron of the selected window to the kitchen, taking into account the following points:

Skinali Kitchen
interior style

  1. wall color and garnish;
  2. total floor area.

It is important to pick up the apron color cuisine, lest he clashed with the surrounding objects and furniture, combined with the background color spaces. The proportions and dimensions of pictures in the kitchen apron should be in harmony with the interior, not "outweighing" in the general impression.

If the kitchen is small, should look at the landscape and the panorama of the city: a three-dimensional image will give a room perspective, will increase the space visually push the boundaries.

classic skinali white with a large picture on the tile look good in rooms, that may not fit the image of fruit boast razmerami.Syuda, vegetables, cups with drinks, natyurmortov.Bolshie dishes require different solutions: in this case you should choose images of exotic flowers, urban motifs and stylized graphic pictures, made in black and white.

Selection of kitchen apron in color depends on the color of kitchen furniture and tones of the walls. For the kitchen facilities, Decorated in soft pastel colors, image of coffee cups are ideal, or a view of the ocean coast.

Black and white set requires a more vibrant and eye-catching graphics
Black and white set requires a more vibrant and eye-catching graphics

Select an image can be directly Manufacturer. Usually, directory has categories and subcategories, so finding pictures for the kitchen aprons on a particular topic is not difficult. There are also sorting images by color or keywords. So the problems do not have to make a selection.

If the client is not found in the catalog of suitable images, he has the opportunity to give their version of. Often asked to print photos from the family archives. feasible. But the photos must be of high quality and have a higher resolution. Then the designers begin to process photos, printers and putting the finished photo on the glass panel.

You can also find unique pictures for an apron in the kitchen online. There are many websites with thousands of professional photos. Therefore it is possible to test such variant.

the main thing, not jump to pattern choice for glass apron, otherwise, then it's too late. glass apron is not cheap, set it for a long time, so the picture should be the, not to tired after the first week after the panel installation. Kitchen with bright images on the apron looks colorful and catchy, so the main thing - do not overdo it with a riot of colors.


Many of the company before buying skinali offer the opportunity to view the interior of the computer visualization of the selected pattern. This greatly facilitates the selection, as it helps to see reality, It looks like a particular image in the interior specific cuisine. Figure apron for the kitchen is fashionable and stylish. Now you can enjoy the color of the walls in the kitchen.