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Glass apron for the kitchen with light: Secrets of design and installation

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Apron Kitchen It represents a suitable protective panel on the wall, which is located in a hot and humid area.

Finish this area has long practiced sustainable materials. Initially used tiles or paint is resistant to moisture.

Kitchen with an apron
Bright kitchen apron accentuate your individuality

Recently, the popular cuisine with glass aprons. Before purchasing construction should learn, what are the benefits of this product and how to pick up a stylish design? To make the installation correctly, you should choose high-quality material.

Advantages of glass construction

Kitchen unit with a glass insert favorably with alternative products.

Glass is resistant to moisture, practicality and a lot of other advantages.

The two distinct advantages of the material:

  • easy cleaning and hygiene. Tempered glass - is a dense material with a non-porous structure. Dirt does not penetrate the surface and can be easily removed. In contrast to the tiles on the surface no seams, where fat clogs;
  • Installation is almost dry. You do not need to free up space and pre-alignment of the walls;
  • glass panels the kitchen quickly mounted;
  • glass is characterized by decorative, it is applied any pattern. The design is performed in embodiments or panels Poster with photo printing.

Kitchen with a colorful apron
Choose any pattern apron to your taste

cons products

Glass panels on the apron for the kitchen have certain disadvantages. Tempered glass is difficult drill, so after installation you can not hang the additional elements. All necessary holes are cut in advance.

These designs quickly spread, and are not unique products. Besides, material has no variations stacking or selecting forms, like a mosaic or tile.

How to Choose an apron?

Glass on the kitchen wall size is selected from 7 to 9 mm. In the kitchen, use of the product hardened. This glass is several times stronger than the standard.

Apron resistant to heat and is therefore located near the cooktop.

Choose a quality product to follow these guidelines:

  1. For kitchen apron chosen tempered glass. It is characterized by resistance to heat and durability. Ordinary glass or plexiglass are easier to damage.
  2. When choosing the design should take into account the style, wherein the formed kitchen. The glass wall of the working kitchen suitable for the interior in the style of minimalism, loft or high-tech. For classical cuisine recommended frosted glass.
  3. It should take into account the proportions of the room when choosing a pattern. Horizontally placed ornaments expand space, a vertical pull upwards.
  4. By purchasing glass the kitchen to working wall, you need to choose the right color, which would be combined with the overall palette of colors in the kitchen.
  5. By deepening the socket is done in advance, after installing them can not be done.
  6. Selected products, glass backlit. Thus glossy surface is not suitable to cover the spotlights. Apply and linear LED light sources, that evenly distribute light. Matt structures reflect less light rays.
  7. panel installation may be left in the end, since this process does not pollute the space.

Glass apron Illuminated
Glass apron with light - a very interesting solution for your kitchen


Apron suitable for small and narrow kitchen. The design reflects the surface and creates a visual space. Glossy objects make the room more light and transmit light.

Image with the scenery, sea-themed or city views provide perspective and volume.

The following variation of the glass products:

  1. Colorless model considered invisible. Protect the wall with wallpaper or paint on the fatty splashes. Glass is selected transparent or translucent. Look panel with a textured surface, or processed by screen printing.
  2. Skinali for the kitchen - a panel, decorated with photo printing. The image placed on the back side with a special technology with the use of UV - ink. You can make skinali backlit own hands.
  3. Used monochrome and color apron. The inner panel is applied to a certain paint, and then heat treatment is carried.
  4. Application of vinyl considered affordable for this. Thus it is possible to glue pattern on glass. The film is rolled on the surface inside the glass.
  5. Laminated glass called triplex. The design consists of two glass layers, between which is placed an image.
  6. Constructions with mirror surfaces, to expand the space.

A variety of options with drawings provides the imagination. Can choose kitchen apron with orchids photo, which represented. There are options with landscapes and urban motifs. Besides skinali orchid, there with daisies, roses and tulips.

How to install glass apron with his hands?

Glass can be fixed to the wall by fasteners and sealing method to silicone. Performed seal the joints between the countertop and the panel. For fixing holes need special. Selected fasteners into 2 cm.

Mounting via fasteners can align curve wall.

Glass apron with fastenings
Apron glass better secured using fasteners ( in the form of chrome caps)

Preparatory work

Before installation, you need to make sure, that the work surface is not released element.

You should check, to panel sizes to match the size of the openings.

Hole size runs a little more of the fastening element. When the openings are arranged symmetrically.

Before installation, do not need to dub the wall, but for angular elements verified vertical surface.

For surface 1 square meter will require at least two pairs of fasteners.

If there are electrical outlets and switches, with their top cover removed. Glasses are promoted to size the thickness of glass panels.

Decorative lighting

As a decorative member used special lights. LED ribbon should be fixed to the glass around the perimeter. This design illuminates the surface element and illuminates the working surface.

Such a method of lighting saves electricity. In this case, the tape may be white or colored.

LED strip on the glass apron
LED strip is combined with a futuristic interior

Installing apron

panel installation is carried out after arrangement of sanitary equipment, furniture and electrical connection sockets.

The panel is applied to the wall, and made holes layout. Then drilled holes the size of dowels, Realized that are hammered into recess. Since the protective film is removed apron, and it is pressed against the wall surface.

Each element is strung onto the fastening element. Screws to prevent contact with the glass, dampers inserted silicone.

panels mounted on top of the decorative caps, which provide fixation.

down fixed sockets and switches.

Glass can be glued with a special adhesive.


right care

The glass panels are easy care. Wash primer from the glass by using warm water and brushes.

The apron is cleaned with a soft cloth, and plain water. Special tools are recommended for cleaning glass surfaces.

You can not use cleaners with abrasive.

Glass apron provides an opportunity to create an original and functional interior.

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