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LED lights for the kitchen: Secrets of choice and installation of the nuances of the tape

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The design of modern cuisine involves the installation of high-quality lighting. It is advantageous emphasizes interior space and allows you to perform homework without prejudice to the view. Conventional light bulbs do not always fit into the concept of comfortable and beautiful kitchen, therefore considered alternative sources. LED Strip - a vivid example of the organization of the main lighting or lighting in the kitchen. Let us examine, What is it, as the tape are set and whether there is an opportunity to connect LED strip with your hands. For convenience, assign LED tape reduction SOM.

LED lights for the kitchen
LED lights - a new direction in the style of the room

What is an LED strip and how it works

SOM is a major element LED. It passes through it an electric current and a semiconductor glows. SOM is supplied in reels 5 meters and vary in a number of parameters. Illumination by SOM creates a cozy atmosphere and an unusual, saves energy consumption.

Attention!!! LED lights in the kitchen connected via the auxiliary equipment - for it is not appropriate voltage 220V

LED lights

Additional equipment includes:

  1. Power Supply
  2. Dimmer
  3. Amplifier
  4. Assembly profile if necessary

Each of the devices and appliances special requirements.

How to choose a tape with LEDs

To make the right choice of LED strip, Observe the following parameters and features of semiconductors:

  • The density of elements - more LEDs are spaced apart from each other, the greater will be the dark spots on the illuminated surface. The table shows the brightness on the number of LEDs

LED Strip Light
LED strip is sold in any specialty store

Number of LEDs, pcs / m 30 60 120 240
glow normal bright very bright increased brightness
  • LED type - three-crystal suitable for general lighting, single chip - this LED strip lighting for kitchens.
  • Color rendering - stated in Kelvin. The lower figure corresponds warmer glow. for example, 2000 For comparable to a candle flame, 2600 K - Incandescent, 5000 By - fluorescent light.
  • Power - indicates the meter in watts. To illuminate one square meter dishes required 2 W, which corresponds to approximately 20 W conventional incandescent lamp. LED strip in the kitchen should provide illumination norm 150 luxury.
  • Moisture resistance - optimal for the kitchen is a SOM with IP65 marking.
  • Basis - usually goes adhesive, - if not used for mounting double sided tape.

lights in the kitchen

Knowing the device LED strip, Options luminescence elements, labeling features, space dimensions, selected lighting for kitchen.

Optional equipment for the LED lamp

Let us consider, that the need to have, if you are planning installation of LED strip in the kitchen with his hands.

LEDs for the kitchen
The light can be carried out in any kitchen nook

Power Supply

Typically, one power supply unit is designed to operate 5 meter tape. Depending on the selected SOM voltage - 12V or 24V. Power is taken on 20% more, than that required for the connected lighting. It draws attention to the type of cooling, power supply:

  1. Active - the fan continuously draws in air supply unit, equipment works without interruption. The noise and the size of the power supply are the disadvantages of this method of cooling
  2. Passive - the heat released into the environment, It comes quickly overheat, but involve small size power supply

Dimmer and power

Device, which regulates the kitchen lighting LED ribbon. It has a built-in potentiometer, which stores the last brightness value in memory. Dimmer controlled mechanically or runs the remote control.

Placed in the case, If the dimmer is unable to cope with the load, or use multiple power supplies.

mounting profile

Mounting profile for LED strip
Mounting profile for LED strip ideal, that the total of the kitchen to stay beautiful

Fastened slightly below the ceiling while the main lighting or organizations at the appropriate level with lighted. Preference is given to aluminum profile, which is equipped with a lens. You can use a plastic profile for LED strip, but then selected quality material, which is melted by the luminous diodes. profiles dimensions are chosen so, to be able to paste into a strip with LEDs.

Self-installation of LED lighting in the kitchen: in the working area, ceiling and other locations

In addition to the SOM and the additional equipment required Drill, Cordless, screws for fastening profile, stuslo to form corner joints Profile, degreaser. If the foundation is not self-adhesive strip, you will need to double sided tape.

Installation of LED strip in the kitchen with his hands in the following order:

  1. Installation of guard - the organization of sealed construction, which is additional equipment. If the dimmer is powered by the remote, it shall be made out. If necessary, use multiple power supplies, and for every additional 5 meter strip mounted amplifier. All connections are carried out in a parallel fashion;
  2. Marking - guideline is a ceiling with LED backlight, rather than the floor level;
  3. Preparation Profile - if there are no mounting holes, then they need to be drilled to fix the profile to the wall;
  4. Install Profile;
  5. Connecting the tape to the dimmer and power supply, inspection of the equipment prior to installation of LEDs in profile;
  6. Bonding SOM Profile.

The tape does not stick, Profile degrease the surface before fixing it on the LEDs

mounting profile
Mounting tape 6 steps

What else can you do with your hands

When you plan to install LED lighting with their own hands, it is not always possible to find the right materials or equipment. In this case, something that we have to do it yourself.

Profile for SDL

Produce profile for LED strip with your hands can be any of the aluminum profile, which has a pleasing appearance, or plastic cable channel. It is important to SOM approached width, plastic heating and withstood. From the cable channel cover is used.

Power Supply

To make a power supply for LED strip with your hands can be from the power supply to the 19 In laptop or monitor. It should lower the voltage to 12 AT. To do this, bought a switching regulator, while even the Chinese version, which differ democratic price, work without problems.

Power Supply
The power supply is necessarily necessary, Do not spill water on it

Lamp under the lockers in the apron zone

LED strip - the same components used for its manufacture, Power Supply, dimmer. Be solved only be an aesthetic issue with housing. It is possible to use cut from plastic preform, which is glued tape, or aluminum corner. And you can attach to the crossbar SOM, on which hung hangers in the closets. Ideal flat chrome profile. As an option - to make a double lamp of LED strip with your hands. To do this, connect to each other two pieces of the beam and parallel to stick two pieces of SOM.

Dining table and worktop with light

Here the decorative qualities of the SOM will be involved. Table going through the old table, not to fasten feet and use the existing countertop. Required thickness of the glass 8 mm in size the old table, wooden planks for the frame of a new countertop, metal strip by SOM, LED strip with low power - the table should have a pleasant lighting, but do not be a kitchen lighting source. To make a light table with his hands, You need to do the following:

illuminated table

  1. With the help of the skins make one side of the glass matt
  2. Of plates collect frame
  3. To paste the old countertop metal strips for installation of the SOM - the location depends on the imagination, but it can be done simply on the perimeter
  4. Wires from the SOM output sinks, there is attached a power supply and dimmer
  5. The frame is mounted on an old tabletop, covered with glass

It is important to well-worked glass sections, to be injured.


Summing up

LED lights in the kitchen ribbon is used to create the main, additional or decorative lighting. It is mounted in a special profile and installed on the ceiling or above the work surface is attached. Lighting parameters are selected individually, but it should be remembered, that the kitchen should not be in the twilight. Saving on electricity is irrelevant here, because LEDs consume 7-10 times less electricity, than incandescent bulbs.