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We do lighting for furniture: instruction for all

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Kitchen - this is the room, in which every day we do something: preparing food, lunch and dinner, We are working at his laptop, etc.. Accordingly, there must be illuminated in such a, in which will be comfortable to perform each task, what you want. This solution requires a certain time for, to prepare the correct option component of the light, because if you do not consider a plan to make good the light did not work - it is not done at random.

Illumination for furniture
Illumination for furniture blue color is perfect in the kitchen

Lights for the kitchen

In the suit make the lighting of working areas as an additional lighting - over the table and over the place, which carried cooking. those people, which rise before dawn this option is likely to appeal: awake glare include painful, but the soft lighting over the table and a kettle for coffee include nice. Previously, the lighting for the kitchen is expensive and not everyone could afford such an improvement. So basically used furniture with built-in lighting purchased wealthy people. Today is the lamp of this type do not purchase expensive and affordable for everyone. often it does not even require installation of LED strip in the kitchen - built-in lighting and furniture offered is completed with this in advance.

light headset in the kitchen

The best lighting for kitchens: lamp on batteries, led, sensor system and other options

Lighting for furniture in particular is actually performed a vital role in a person's life. It is not necessary to use the backlight only to highlight the elements of the interior, will approach this decision and to illuminate work areas premises, without the use of the main lamp.

Often it also happens, that lights under cabinets for the kitchen to get a stick wand. For example, the kitchen is not equipped with a door and turn on the lights is just to wake the household. And try to understand the world without breakfast - it does not matter, due to the ambient gloom vision becomes tense and tired eyes you in the morning. And many a day ahead and start with this morning do not want to. So it turns out, that the lights in the closet solve many problems at once: It delivers the vision of excess tension and help to emphasize the elegance of the interior.

Start looking at options for installation with the choice of suitable materials and the preparation of the cabinet to alterations. For the convenience of connecting to the kitchen and the installation process is divided into stages, that is easier to digest.

LED lights
LED lights on the edge stoleschnitsy ideal for drawers

Choosing the right tools

First usvoyte, that the backlight for the kitchen cabinets under random is not done, Here we need at least minimal knowledge of electrical engineering. The tool we need a:

  • Soldering. This unit is the most important in the work with lamps, using it to connect the cable and turn the LEDs, without it, not get yourself to do anything. Therefore, get to work will not work without a soldering iron, buy this device in advance. teacher, that without soldering solder and rosin will not do much, so buy in advance and these elements;
  • Scissors for cutting wires;
  • Insulating tape or end sleeves. If you decide to use the old-fashioned duct tape, then give preference to the black version, as it is less visible in the kitchen furniture;
  • Drill and screwdriver. If mounted lights with their own hands, these power tools will help in dismantling and assembling furniture;
  • Normal or electric jigsaw useful for making holes under the lights in the tree.

Kitchen cabinets under the backlight

By the way, If a soldering iron is new to you, in electrical goods stores offers replacement: connectors. With the help of these tape diode connected quickly, although this type of connection LED Strip Light 220V does not accept, here it is better to use a soldering iron.

Now we define the suitable materials:

  • Primarily purchased LED strip for the kitchen. The length of each advance vymeryat. Then tell the store how much you need;
  • A suitable cable and switch for LED strip in the kitchen. Yet again, If you do not understand and do not plan to start, then buying tape at the store ask the seller to help you in the selection of accessories;
  • Sold separately and the power supply to 12 volt. With it, the LED luminance adjustment is carried out and the transfer belt 220 Volta 12.

Exquisite lighting design in the kitchen

When these materials are purchased start installation. Do not forget to check out when buying integrity LED strip, if it is torn, The backlight LEDs will illuminate under the cabinets are not fully.

Mount the tape and cord: LED lights with their own hands or by IKEA

It begins with the installation of the tape, that you are looking for where a plus, and where the minus. Different manufacturers they are from different sides. Still do not forget to explore the space allocated for the segments, they are indicated by a dotted line on the tape - there are contacts, through which turned out to make LED lighting with their own hands. Cut your own, you can use the stationery scissors.

Illumination for furniture in the kitchen

Connect the tape on such algorithm:

  1. Illumination under cupboards cut the wires and contacts are cleared per centimeter. The main thing is not to damage the wires;
  2. Turn on the soldering iron and wait, until it warms up;
  3. When you memorize the color of solder to solder the cable to the positive, and what to minus, so you do not confuse. In the soldering process do not forget the rosin, it will be stronger than the solder;

To determine, that the soldering iron is ready for use to touch the hot end tin - it must touch one melt. Plinth with LED backlighting and its implementation requires perseverance and tolerance. When working with a soldering iron, try not to make any unnecessary movements, so as not to catch anything extra and do not accidentally break.

When finished with the wires take into the hands of the power supply and the same soldering iron to connect the cables, not forgetting the plus and minus. Insulate connecting cables and test, the tape was sealed along the entire length. Then plug in - if there is a, you have completed the task correctly.

Wall cabinets with lighting
Wall cabinets with lighting over stoleschnitsey very useful for cooking food

Cooking cabinet to work

Now it's time to decide where the light from the LED strip will establish its rukamimy. The first and easiest way - the film adheres to the cabinet from the bottom and shines direction countertops. Alternative - in the closet prepared recess or slot, in which the LED strip is mounted. In this case, no protective strips are not needed. The nuance of this decision is, that perform under the deepening diodes independently and at home is problematic. Here come the complex electric tool with attachments for the cutter. If you know how to use this, then no problems, but for beginners it is a daunting task will be.

beautiful lights for the kitchen

When installing note, that one side of diode-adhesive tapes and any other additional fasteners are not required it. Glue it uses unusual, so you can fix the belt even on a bare wall or plastic. Only here at the wallpaper better not to try to glue, paper-based does not hold. Power Supply, to remove the hide out of sight in a closet or under do it near a power outlet recess. Note, in which case it must be a free access.



By the end of this article you learned about the compilation of the information diode tapes and know, how to use them. Now you can make your own additional lighting in the kitchen and at the workplace. How visible, during installation nothing complicated and celebrate you get yourself.