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Photocopying for kitchen apron: beauty and practicality

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for registration apron in the kitchen above the work surface is most commonly used ceramic tile. This material is practical, durable, beautiful and ideal for use in conditions of high humidity and temperature changes, typical of the cuisine. Unfortunately, a few tens of years of use, this design option could lose its originality, although it continues to enjoy the same popularity.

Skinali for kitchen apron
Skinali does apron chic respectively cuisine

Lovers of unusual design and fresh market offers many interesting solutions for the design of a kitchen interior with modern technology. One such technology is the printing (applying a photographic image on different surfaces). To make the kitchen bright, exclusive appearance applicable printing on kitchen facades and photo printing on glass (tabernacle).

manufacturing technology skinali

The word "skinali" comes from the English skin (leather, coating, sheathing) It means glass elements with printed pattern, intended for home decoration.

For patterning is applied one of the types of large-format printing, UV printing. An image is formed by applying to the surface of the ink with a special composition and then polymerizing the paint layer exposed to ultraviolet rays. Such a method has advantages:

  • Ink Curing takes place immediately, with the result that the paint does not spread, and keeps drawing clear lines.
  • Used dyes meet environmental standards, harmless to humans and do not emit odors.
  • Photo on the glass is resistant to abrasion, moisture and fading in the sun.

The image can be completely different, a wish can make to order

There is another, cheaper way of manufacturing skinali. In this case, the adhesive tape is applied already printed pattern. Unfortunately, Use of the film has a number of disadvantages:

  • Eventually the adhesive layer dries, film begins to be disconnected.
  • High temperatures adversely affect the film, bubbles appear, drawing is deformed and the panel loses appeal.
  • Figure fade and become faded when exposed to UV rays.

Due to the use of poor-quality self-adhesive film to create skinali the kitchen of glass, many consumers distrust persists to this type of decor. Therefore, when choosing and buying it is necessary to ask the seller, which way it is applied to photo printing glass kitchen.

In addition to the application of photographic images are used, and other methods of decoration skinali. Some of them provide an opportunity to make skinali kitchen with his hands:

  1. stained glass patterns. For the manufacture of its own need to purchase a special contour paste and acrylic paint. create drawings for stained-glass windows at such means is not very difficult, but the work requires precision and accuracy.
  2. Picture oil paints. Paint on glass in oils rather difficult. At the first stage it is necessary to clean the glass and put the thumbnail images for skinali using mascara. After drying paint small elements, again waiting for drying paint and large objects.
  3. Paintings on glass gouache. Paint a picture with his own hands using gouache pretty simple. The paint does not spread, if an error is easily washed off with water, It is inexpensive and sold in the nearest office supply store. To prolong the life in gouache can add a little white glue, and after drying lacquer coat the surface pattern.

made skinali
Protect the top layer of varnish, since this element is the working space zone

Make unique design and capture the memorable moments from their own travel allows printing on the glass with his hands. Application photo on the film can be ordered in one of the many companies, then cut yourself at home and stick the film on the glass panel. You can order a glass and a photo print to the kitchen, However, this option would cost several times more expensive.

One of the main advantages of this type of design is unlimited choice of pattern options. Sky skinali kitchen allows you to visually expand the space, floral motifs complement the design of country-style, photos of night cities harmoniously fit into the interior, in the style of hi-tech. Besides, in the same style can be made for the kitchen apron, Finishing facades kitchen units, glass table and other furnishings.

Types of glass with photo printing

Skinali for the manufacture of various types of glass used, that affect the strength, heat resistance and price of the products:

  1. Ordinary glass thickness of 6-8 mm. An inexpensive option, requires careful handling.
  2. toughened, subjected to high temperature treatment, superior to conventional glass for resistance to shock loading in 5-10 time. Even if the glass is broken, it disintegrate into particles with blunt edges and will not cause damage to human. Besides, glass withstands high temperatures, resistant to scratches, and its service life is not less than 10 years old.
  3. triplex (laminated glass). Its characteristics are not inferior to tempered glass, but it is more expensive.

Skinali with photo printing
quality glass, choose the best, but the price to be commensurate

The surface may be smooth glass, matte or textured.

The maximum length of a glass panel reaches 3,2 m, but experts recommend limiting the length 2-2,5 m. Long glass more difficult to transport, make the kitchen easier and damage during installation.

mounting Features

entrust ustanovku tabernacle experts recommend, because the installation requires experience, the accuracy and the use of special holders (suckers) for fixing of glass. Assembling the prepared wall apron made within one to two hours and is performed by means of silicone or special fasteners. One advantage skinali installation requirements are low wall surfaces. Application of putty on the wall only in the case of large curvature or the presence of cracks or holes.


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