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Photo printing on a kitchen apron: the secrets of the material selection and design

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Sheet panels have replaced the tile in the kitchen apron recently, but immediately gained immense popularity due to the absence of problems in operation and the possibility of creating near the work surface is not just functional protection, but the decorative element. This is facilitated by printing the apron for the kitchen.

Photo printing on a kitchen apron
Drawing on the apron can pick up any book or specialist

Apron design options, decorated photo printing

Kitchen apron is needed to protect the wall in place of the cooking water splash, grease and other compounds, who quickly make brand new fresh wallpaper untidy. Choosing modern technology, namely, printing on kitchen apron, you can immediately get a double result. The main thing - to make the right choice, stopping at the most appropriate cost and properties of materials. When this issue is resolved, It remains only swipe the image gallery, proposed a specific manufacturer (look for the appropriate option and can be independently, Using captured landscapes and other paintings as pictures for the kitchen apron).

Photo printing on a kitchen apron

tempered glass panel

It is about skinali Kitchen, made of frosted, tinted, fully transparent or colored glass. The thickness is determined depending on the apron area in direct proportion. Of course, glass kitchen apron It is not cheap, but the overall appearance is worth it.

Such an embodiment of the wall decoration cooking zone requires careful implementation of measurements and accurately perform technological recesses in the production room conditions. It must be done before the date, like glass subjected to tempering. decorate kitchen aprons Glass There are two ways - by using the blasting pattern or photographic printing, applied to the back side of the panel and protected by white paint. The most popular is a photo printing, when it is necessary to stick to the glass the final image.

tempered glass panel
tempered glass panel is coated reliable working zone

The result is a wall decoration with the following characteristics:

  • Preparation of an ideally smooth surface without clogged with dirt and dust then;
  • Ability to purification by means of wet wipes for glass or prolonged without laborious work;
  • No need for constant rubbing surface due to masking of divorces and drops on background picture.

Glass aprons in the kitchen with photoprint are also characterized by high durability, therefore accidental contact with the pan or other heavy object would not entail the destruction of the element.

drawing on the kitchen apron

plastic protection

Aprons Kitchen plastic - this is the most affordable and easy arrangement of working space. Often these items are made to order at the same time with top, special, the choice of monochrome panels. Kitchen apron made of plastic with photo printing cost a bit more expensive, but also look spectacular, therefore the overpayment is justified.

Among these positive moments, which enables the use of plastic elements:

  1. Kitchen apron PVC panels can be installed with backlight from the back side, further illuminating the area and create a romantic atmosphere hassle.
  2. The possibility of self-installation due to easy cutting and processing ends.
  3. Plastic aprons for kitchen with photo printing have a smooth, seamless surface, easy to clean.
  4. Immune food acids, any fat, household chemicals.
  5. ease of design.
  6. Quick change if you wish to update the situation at low cost.

Photo printing on the apron
Figure bring personality to the room

true, We must take into account a number of negative factors, which is characterized by an apron in the kitchen of plastic. It is the possibility of deformation of the surface at close proximity to the gas burner. Therefore considered apron made of plastic for kitchen stoves is only when presence of an electric or induction type. Also, We can provide a combination of materials, placing an area near a glass burners, and the rest - plastic. Nuance becomes negative and scratch susceptibility PVC material.

A surface with minimal noticeable scratches and scuffs can be when it is decorated in colorful shades with fine detail.

Another solution of the plastic decoration of the walls is a job board for the kitchen made of MDF with photo printing. A feature is the application of the image onto the substrate via the plotter, subsequent polymerization of the paint as a result of exposure to ultraviolet radiation and the coating polymer resins. After this treatment the MDF kitchen apron with photoprint acquire an important characteristic for plastics - Abrasion resistance.

flowers on the kitchen apron

Features of fixing the original decorative apron: skinali other options

Wiring method depends on the material, so you need to consider the following recommendations.

If you select a photo printing on glass kitchen, installation is performed after mounting of furniture one of the following methods::

  1. If enough flat wall using dowels. For this purpose, the glass beforehand provide special openings, after which the assembly is closed decorative caps. kitchen apron can be fixed in such a situation of glass with photo printing at a small distance from the wall.
  2. If the wall is flat, apply glue, With decorative glass against a wall.

bright photo printing
Bright picture always cheers up

When the installation is over, closed joint countertop and apron skirting, mounted sockets.


Plastic aprons for the kitchen can be easily installed without the aid of professionals. When smooth the walls, you can use liquid nails, which easily will keep a light panel. In situations, when there is uneven walls, first with the help of wooden planks perform crate, then adhered to the assembled structure of the apron kitchen plastic photoprint or fixed element by staples and staple gun. Then, in the place of fastening set, plastic moldings and beadings.

MDF panels

Kitchen apron made of plastic with photo printing, representing MDF, are set as follows:

beautiful printing on a kitchen apron

  • Pre buy fasteners (a couple of pieces on the panel meter) and mounting the film, which amount is doubled as compared with the length of the working space. Also need kitchen plinth and rail to finish after installation;
  • Mounted kitchen aprons from MDF with photo printing starts with the preparation of the wall, removing old finishing materials, thorough drying in order to avoid the development of a panel mold. It is desirable to treat the surface and the mounting rails special antiseptic solution;
  • Collecting wooden frame, depart from the hanging lockers are not less 10 cm and kept the distance between the horizontal elements of the maximum 45 cm. using a level, check marking horizontality;
  • Cut into slats to length, attach them to the wall by means of dowels, providing for the entry of fasteners into the wall for at least 5 cm. Thereafter, using screws (you need to buy items, having decorating spetsnakladki, repeating panel color or contrasting effectively with them) proceed to mount the apron.

By selecting the appropriate option kitchen apron design with modern decorative materials, unable to make the kitchen is not just a place for cooking, and this seating area, where you want to spend as much time, a cooking process ceases to be annoying chore. Besides, plastic and glass panels considerably facilitate cleaning, which is important for each family, daily engaged in household chores.