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Apron Glass Kitchen: pros and cons

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Skinali or so-called apron Glass dishes - is one of the best options for finishing the walls above the work surface Headset. A special feature of this product is its unique decorative effect. In addition, there are advantages in terms of maintenance and operation. However, some details may confuse a potential buyer. And to make the right choice, consider all the details of the product in more detail.

Apron of flowers
This apron is easy to clean and is not afraid of high temperature at a plate

market offer: materials

Today, a great number of firms and furniture stores offer glass aprons its customers. Competition and technological development forced to invent new versions.

Apron made of glass

Most often on the market can meet such proposals:

  1. hardiness Kitchen glass. This popular form, as it is durable, thanks to the special manufacturing technology - hardening. It does not scratch, resists impact point, School, chemical inertness.
  2. Plexiglas. It is produced synthetically, representing an acrylic solidified weight. Not beating and not crack, but quickly covered with scratches. Another drawback - yellowness polymeric material, which eventually enhanced. Plexiglas can not be placed near the cooking surface, as it may melt.
  3. triplex. This composite material, consisting of two sheets of tempered glass and polymeric interlayer therebetween. on film, fastening sheets, a drawing or a photo.
  4. Optyvayt. This special glass for an apron in the kitchen, perfectly transparent and without shades, typical of conventional models. Due to this enhanced transmission pattern color and clarity.

Required condition: glass apron Kitchen must be shock-resistant and safe. Thickness skinali standard is 6-8 mm. if damaged glass panels to reduce the risk of injury should undergo a special treatment. Roasted samples fall apart into small beads, without sharp corners. Triplex does not give splinters, all the particles remain on the film, forming a web of cracks.

apple apron
On this front apron surface remains smooth and firm

Dimensions are selected individually. The panel may be solid or consist of several sheets.

Versions, manufacturing and design

Variants in terms of color and design even more accessible. Select the appropriate sample can be from a number of ready-made designs or create unique skinali. Making designer selects on the basis of the wishes of the buyer or the client.

The available versions:

  • Colorless glass kitchen apron. A simple and affordable option. Skinali used, as a protective shield against splashes and heat for the primary coating walls: tile, Wallpaper, paint, etc..
  • Painted tempered glass. On the kitchen apron apply stimalit. This special paint, which is soldered to the base material under heat. It is applied to the back surface skinali. Basically made monochrome models.Apron Glass Kitchen
  • film design. On the reverse side of the glass is glued vinyl film with a pattern or solid color background. The final result and durability of the product affects the quality of vinyl.
  • Photo printing on glass. The image can be selected from catalog or to order a unique pattern. Application pictures for the kitchen apron by means of UV printing. Available 3D picture.
  • triplex. film is used here, but it is not rolled on the back side, and literally fused to the inner layer, that minimizes the risk of delamination and its damage.
  • Mirror. nonstandard, but the original version. Used as a usual smooth model, and samples with bulk blasting pattern or texture.

Appearance apron with flowers beyond praise

When making modern interiors are the most popular images of fruits and berries, colors, coffee, exotic landscapes. One of the leading positions - kitchen apron "Night City".

Installation of the apron for the kitchen made of glass with photo printing

produce Kitchen Apron - this is only half the battle. So that he took his place in the interior and the maximum reveal its advantages, you must take care of its quality installation.

mounting process can take several hours. It is associated with many risks:

  • damage facades and countertops;
  • chipping;
  • holes jagged edges;
  • the appearance of cracks;
  • damage to the decorative layer;
  • mechanical rubbing;
  • rough location;
  • violation mounting strength.

Beautiful kitchen
This popular form, characterized by strength and beauty

To minimize such risks, kitchen aprons of the glass should be installed by qualified personnel. Independently carry out such work is almost impossible.

There are two ways of installation skinali: for special fasteners and adhesive. The best option - to use attachment system. It allows fix the glass on the apron the kitchen of any weight and size. Additionally, unevenness of the base is compensated, since the material is at a certain distance from the wall.

To create invisible seams and masking installation locations using the hinged fastening system. It is a miniature hooks latch, in which the inserted panel. In the presence of additional devices need no.

apron beautiful glass kitchen

Another option - passing fasteners. It is suitable only for glass nonhardened. In the corners of the sheet to punch, in which are inserted screws, skinali connecting to the wall. To mask their fasteners closed decorative caps, but in any case, their location will be visible.

If the wall is perfectly smooth, you can save money and use liquid nails. In this case, you need to use colored glass to the kitchen apron, wherein the decorative material will not collapse under the influence of aggressive adhesive components. The panel should not be too large and heavy, otherwise liquid nails will not keep it. Apply glue better dot contour and uniformly in the middle part of the sheet. On setting and complete drying of you may need more than a day. All this time, the glass must be maintained to prevent the discharge of its, displacement or falling.

color kitchen
Glass Apron impact resistant and safe

Prices of refractory material skinali

On the price it is difficult to give an exact answer. It is influenced by dozens of factors. Most skinali made to order, The final amount will depend on such parameters:

  • type of glass. The cheapest is the apron of Plexiglas in the kitchen, but keep in mind a short period of its aesthetic appeal and operational constraints. It is much cheaper to buy a more expensive tempered glass apron. Kitchen is the perfect option, after he successfully withstand the mechanical and thermal load. Separately, it takes into account the transparency of the material. Optivayt worth a third more, than the usual green-blue patterns.
  • material Thickness. Every millimeter increases the total amount. It is impossible to over-save and take skinali thinner 5 mm.
  • design. Selecting from the directory will be cheaper individual project. Monophonic background also costs less, The more complex color pattern. The most budget option - transparent panel.Apron of glass in the kitchen
  • patterning. Kata film covering the most affordable. Thermal staining or applying ultraviolet photo on the glass on the kitchen apron occupy the first position on costs. Triplex is in the middle price range.
  • mounting type. Setting the glue - the cheapest, but least reliable option. Feedthrough attachment - an intermediate option in both directions. The ideal solution - brickwork, but it can cost a decent percentage of the cost themselves skinali.
  • dimensions. Calculation is taken mainly in square meters. It takes into account not only the glass, but also the material, used for application processing and the cost of this process.
  • urgency of the order. The shorter terms of order execution, the higher the price of the product. It makes sense to pre-book cover, to have time left.

Kitchen in the forest
Kitchen apron with kitchen space increases, creating the illusion of depth

If you have a limited budget, possibly, apron in the kitchen of glass - not a good idea. It is better to use alternative coatings, you buy a cheap low-quality goods.

Of course, It can be made of Plexiglas with your own hands. To do this, cut the size of the panel open wall area above the work table top with access under the hood. The edges need to sand. On the back side optionally glued oracal or conventional adhesive film. It is important to remove all the creases and air bubbles. This does not last for as long, like roasted skinali UV printing, but it may be a temporary alternative to expensive goods.


Pros and cons of tempered glass with images, drawings and transparent variants

According to the results, you can highlight the advantages and disadvantages, which have a glass kitchen aprons.

Advantages of products:

  1. decorative;
  2. the integrity of the surface, the absence of numerous joints;
  3. withstand temperatures of more than 120 degrees;
  4. impermeability;
  5. create a protective screen for the splash wall;
  6. durability;
  7. do not interact with the household cleaning;
  8. resistance to mechanical abrasion;
  9. easy care.

yellow kitchen
Apron for glass dishes - this is one of the best options for wall decoration

Only high-quality red-hot glass in the kitchen aprons boast the presence of all the claimed advantages.

the disadvantage tabernacle:

  • under rough handling and a strong impact can break point;
  • on a glossy surface there are traces from fingers, water splashes and grease;
  • the complexity of the self-assembly;
  • high-quality material is quite expensive;
  • may fade with time.

Choosing an apron made of glass, compare characteristics of affordable materials to other coverage options. In general skinali they are ideal for the modern interior design.

Apron glass kitchen - fashionable, stylishly, beautiful.