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Fotofartuki Kitchen - bright and functional decor elements

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kitchen apron called a section of the wall between the mounted kitchen elements and worktop, height of about 60 cm. It performs several functions - to protect the wall from damage during cooking (fat drops, moisture, yards and TD), and also acts as a vivid part of the room decor. on the apron Kitchen draws attention in the first place, when there are guests - from its design and purity depends on the opinion of the lady of the house.


What is taken into account in the design of the working area

Apron Kitchen with photo printing or photo wallpapers will be a highlight of the interior, fulfilling its primary function - to protect the walls from contamination. The height of the zone, coated apron, It depends on the height of the regiments of the premises and the location of the furniture in it, and it varies on the average from 48 to 60 cm.

Kitchen apron make or along the entire working surface, or only in places, most exposed to cooking - over the stove and sink.

By this cuisine element put forward a number of requirements:

  1. heat resistance;
  2. Humidity resistance;
  3. Strength;
  4. Easy maintenance;
  5. Resistance to detergents;
  6. Durability;
  7. Beautiful appearance.

Because it is important to choose the right material for a kitchen apron, meets all these items. Even if the budget for the resettlement of the room is small, you can choose a modest suite of furniture and decoration of sex, Then a bright apron in the kitchen give an expensive look around the space.

What are the varieties fotofartukov

The most common kitchen aprons are made of tiles, stone, plastic, etc.. materials. But they fade against the background of bright and colorful fotofartukov, for the production of which is possible to use any image.

There are several varieties of materials for fotofartukov, have their pros and cons:

  • Mural;
  • carbonate glass;
  • strained glass.

Let us examine each of these in more detail.


Mural as a kitchen apron

Mural - inexpensive and simple form processing zone above the work surface. Make them of a material, which is not affected by temperature, moisture resistant and Detergents. This special paper, topped with a protective layer, guaranteeing durability apron.

It can produce to order, taking into account all the client's wishes. Put on an apron might like collage of family photos, as well as any other picture, eg, timber drawing, rivers, etc.. But it is better to choose a photo for the apron at high resolution kitchen, otherwise wallpapers will be received only vague and spoil the look of the room.

Wallpapers for the kitchen apron universal themes, they are easy to shorten and cut to all individual projections Headset, which greatly simplifies the installation of cover. And you can do everything with your hands - just need glue and flat wall.

The unusual design of the glass wall of the carbonate

Carbonate glass - alternative to tile or metal. The strength of the same material, a glass base gives the opportunity to draw their own hands personalized apron in the kitchen. Glass can withstand temperatures up to 120 degrees, It does not melt and is practically beating. For it is easy to care for - a smooth surface is cleaned without any problems.

Carbonate glass thin - 2 mm. To create fotofartuka steklopechat used on the inner side of the article. apron design for glass dishes have a standard (marine pictures, forest, landscapes and so on.), and there is an individual - a picture or photo of your choice. This panel is attached to the glue or liquid nails, because it is thin and not heavy.

Tempered glass - choice for luxury kitchen

This variant design of the kitchen apron the most expensive, but gives the room a special charm and presentable. The principle of drawing the image on tempered glass, as in the carbonate, the only difference in the thickness of the product - here it reaches 6 mm.

Fotofartuk kitchen
Carbonate glass - alternative to tile or metal

Apron for glass dishes - durable way to formalize the working space zone. Product Thickness protects the image from damage. Such glass even after the bounce is not smashed to pieces, and will hold a single layer.

As an option, order ordinary wallpapers on the apron for the kitchen, then placed on top of the coated hardened glass, acts as a protective layer. When the image is bored, glass removed, and beneath it are changing wallpapers.

Advantages of hardened glass:

  • Easy maintenance;
  • Resistance to moisture and temperature;
  • The absence of joints;
  • easy mounting;
  • Durability;
  • Originality.

Glass kitchen aprons on give a room originality, but it is important to follow, so that they fit into the overall interior, not acted ridiculous color spot. Apron design for the kitchen made of glass so varied, that everyone can find exactly your product. It attaches to the special hanging hooks.

Fotofartuk - individuality in all

Art fotofartuki at the peak of popularity. And no wonder, since nothing can make your kitchen a special way, like a painted apron.

The opportunity to choose their individual image or even a collage of family photos is attracting more people to the registration of the work area or photo wallpapers glass with photo printing. Correct panorama kitchen apron kitchen gives depth and the finished look.

Apron in the kitchen
It looks nice grass apron, but in the case of, If the walls in kitchen and a bright monochrome

Enter into the interior fotofartuk a variety of ways:

  1. Choose a neutral image, in one scheme with kitchen unit and walls.
  2. Contents area bright, as a separate element of the interior, attracts attention and improves mood.
  3. Set contrast apron, emphasizing other elements of the room.

Popular design ideas kitchen apron

product life time depends on the type of fotofartuka, because should carefully consider the pros and cons of each option. But equally important is the image itself, after looking at it will have at least 2-3 times a day.

The winning option will be a large image on the Mural, eg, flowers or fruits apron. Juicy picture improves mood and appetite.

It looks nice grass apron, but in the case of, If the walls in kitchen and a bright monochrome, then the green will bring freshness and vivacity of spirit.

Lovers of landscapes suitable drawing mountains or forests, sea ​​views, etc.. Beauty. The contemplation of these images gives inspiration for a whole day.

extraordinary personality, where the mood is changeable, recommend chameleon aprons for kitchen, changing the lighting and viewing angle.

For the overall urban style cuisine fits the image of a night city with a string of bright lights. If the room is small, this picture will make it even less. And if the kitchen in dark colors and its owner likes to drink coffee, grains image as it is impossible by the way will have to.


If you like to bring your personality to every room, Kitchen the best option would be to design fotofartuka.