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sizes variety of kitchen units: where are the standard data

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Every housewife wants, to its own kitchen stayed clean and pleasing to the eye, because it is her face and the pride. guests, who had been in the room, assess not only the taste of the prepared dishes, but the overall impression of the situation. A process accompanied by any kitchen spray juicy products or oil. Even modern cleaning products are not able to deduce stains on the wallpaper, so there is room areas, who need special coating - opposing pollution.

Kitchen set
Standard size kitchen, and what is the standard ?

Such a device has already invented a long time ago. The name "apron for the kitchen" is associated with the subject of housewives clothes. Even a century ago, the woman did not go to the kitchen without a corresponding object, because there was no cleaning agents, able to wash out stains.


Nowadays apron kitchen- an essential detail of the interior. It has two functions - protection and design. On the first we wrote above, and are second in the, that he picked up the order so, that it was combined and complemented the entire interior. Popular design solution - this is a neutral apron Illuminated, which does not switch the attention, bright or wall covering in the working zone, becoming a focus. In some cases, it is not just "tile on the wall", and a work of art in the form of pictures and even relief sculptures. Let's find out, What is the optimal height kitchen apron, width and length.

standard options

Standard provides a standard the size of the apron for the kitchen. There is such a size wall panel, because height kitchen tables with a working surface, too, in most cases, the standard. The distance between the top and bottom face of suspended cabinets - at least 45 centimeters.

Standards recommend universal parameters 50-60 centimeters, otherwise the operation of the kitchen will not be comfortable and safe. This distance - it is the width of the apron - allows you to conveniently prepare meals and do not bump his head on the panel mounted cabinets. It is also a safe height above the hob. The width of the kitchen fartukav guests - only an approximate figure.

Standard kitchen
Whatever standards are not, each has its own size in the apartment

Determine the size of the apron for your kitchen

There are standard settings, but you saw, they vary. And with an apron need to determine exactly to the millimeter, that there was no joint home furnishings and appliances.

Here the question arises: See how much should be? The width and height affect the number of tiles, you have to use during repair work. The dimensions of the apron for the kitchen- is its width and length (the last parameter depends on what territory it protects).Calculate a tile, you can post the exact measurements.

The dimensions of the tiles is also standard, rarely get to the unusual items. Usually they are for design projects, or made to order. If your interior is no such ideas, is guided by the standard sizes, proposed in the shop. There is a commodity of all sizes.

kitchen Green

Calculate the number of tiles will help Sales. Although you yourself without complex mechanical processes follow this. Multiply the height and length of the apron, You will learn that the surface area, which established the panel. Just count the tile area, then divide the envelope on the envelope ceramic apron. The resulting number - the number of tiles.

Standard size apron
The dimensions of the working zone, We must meet purity requirements

The height from the floor

So what size should be a kitchen apron in your kitchen? We begin measurements. The first figures, to be found, the height from the floor. That is, you measure the distance between the floor covering and the lower face of the protective panel. It has not been established, therefore guided to the surface countertops, and subtract a few centimeters.

Sex is not always smooth, so you need to measure the height (let's, 85 cm - the standard dimensions of kitchen cabinets) with a frequency 50 centimeters, and leave the point. So you identify any malfunctioning and will focus on the lowest mark. If You table height standard, the height of the apron in the kitchen tiles will 83-84 cm.

size kitchen units


you feel, that the size of the wall panels and determine the third-grader, but in this case have their own little secrets. must be considered, that number together with kitchen furniture and built equipment. The washing machine has a height 90 cm, and a gas plita- 85 cm. In this way, It should focus on the lowest surface. Because doing coasters cabinets or plate - not an aesthetic option.

The easiest way to do before starting a schematic plan on paper, and then turn ideas - geometric simplicity allows to calculate the required size without problems.

Standard kitchen
Do not forget to plan your furniture arrangement in the scheme, and then make a deal

It is better, to sign up for the tile in kitchen and household appliances, otherwise not formed aesthetic empty strip. Of course, In case of wrong calculation can be added to the baseboard, but it is not always appropriate, especially in the area of ​​electrical appliances.

so, size apron for the kitchen of the number of individual plitki-. It depends on the following factors:

  1. The ceiling height in the room.
  2. The height of the working table top.
  3. The design of the hood and the availability of outlets.
  4. The height of the hob.
  5. plate type: electric or gas.
  6. Parameters mounted pedestals.

many factors, but they should be taken into consideration, otherwise the width of the apron in the kitchen not calculated correctly, and after the repair will be inaccuracies in the installation of furniture.

Installing the apron under the hood

It is this area is considered to be problematic for many. If the standard height of the kitchen apron 85 cm, the drawing near

Apron under the hood
The exhaust must capture all plate space

The width of the skirt in this zone depends on the:

  • type hood, because the dome type mounted without additional mounted kitchen. In this case, to place the apron upper edge furniture, drawing and even to the ceiling;
  • pull-type mounted in a wall cabinet, so the height of the panel 70-75 centimeters.

Tiles will go on 1 see under the hood and 3-4 cm on each side. If that does not honor, the next technology will be a blank space, which privernet attention and adversely affect the overall impression of the interior.

kitchen standard sizes

The most commonly used materials

When selecting a kitchen apron is an important aspect of the material, from which it is. Because of its quality depends on the durability and safety of operation of the subject.

Material kitchen apron is obliged to meet the specific requirements and have the following characteristics:

  • resistance to hot oil splashes from the operation plate;
  • humidity;
  • exposure to steam, which does not take the hood
  • strong resistance to washing solutions;
  • high resistance to mechanical damage
  • thickness;
  • attractive appearance.

Apron on the kitchen tiles
The apron should be easy to clean, It has been stored in the work area

The choice of material depends on the surface characteristics and the above. Very popular ceramic tile and granite, MFD, metal sheets, wooden panels and glass. They comply with the essential requirements and are especially in demand among consumers.

teachers fact, that the larger the tile, the faster it is easier to install and to calculate the amount.

Ceramic tile and granite

kitchen with tiled floor

Naipopulyarneyshy, option. And it is not for nothing, because consumers appreciate this material because of its properties. The main thing - the standard size products and variety of dimensions. The surface of this material is sufficient high level of thermal- and moisture resistance. He is not afraid of strong mechanical impact and chemical reaction with veschestvami.Vysota apron for kitchen tiles is adjusted for each case individually.

Its advantages include a wide selection of sizes and textures. In operation it is durable. Ceramic tile and granite are its drawbacks, they are associated with the installation of the apron: time-consuming process, expensive materials for grouting gaps.


Apron from MDF
MDF in all good

Simple and suitable option for the kitchen. He fits into the popular interiors, it is chosen for the decoration of country houses. MDF is in harmony with top and fronts bollards, therefore it creates a holistic color interior. It is characterized by a high level of confrontation shock and mechanical friction. It is easy to assemble and disassemble, can not vygranivat wall, using expensive materials.

Among the shortcomings select: high flammability, is not opposed and swells during the moisture under the protective film, so life in this material is the smallest.

kitchen mdf


The material selected for the interiors futuristic, when "interesting" surfaces are the main design idea. The main advantage - under glass popular place wallpapers, images and pages from a cookbook. UV printing enables to apply the desired pattern on the back side. This service requires an extra payment, but makes the interior a unique: Apron ceases fashionable accent in the design.

The glass surface has no seams. Behind it easily maintained by the means for cleaning windows. Glass can not be exposed to steam and moisture. This panel is easily mounted on dowels. But it bought individually, solid surface and should be sized, costed to the last millimeter. The cost of the apron will be high, and operation durability - an average.


When calculating the height of the apron, consider the main nuances, which we have described in this article. By following simple rules, count the tiles and install it on the walls will be easy. There are standard dimensions, but every interior requires repeated calculations. How big should be the height from the floor depends on the furniture, chosen for the interior.

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