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What types except PVC aprons are: advice and selection recommendations

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Kitchen apron - a central element of the kitchen facilities. The working surface of the kitchen is constantly exposed to the negative effects of steam, moisture and high temperature. On the apron fall of water droplets and splashes of hot oil, therefore finishing material should be adapted to such harsh operating conditions. Below is an overview of popular materials.

Aprons Kitchen
Choice apron for the kitchen requires a special approach

A variety of finishes working zone

Designers are advised not to skimp on the spectacular design of the kitchen apron. If funds are limited, better to buy a simple set, paste over the walls neutral wallpaper or paint light paint, but decorate the apron qualitative and expressive material. It will be the focus areas and revitalize the entire interior.

Modern kitchen apron has an important decorative function. His draw up in different colors depending on personal taste preferences. Types aprons for kitchen:

  • Neutral. If the owners think, that apron - a functional part, to which it is not necessary to attract attention, then finishes to choose a neutral color materials. Then the area around the perimeter of the work surface merges with the rest of the walls and kitchen furniture and becomes imperceptible detail design, which modestly carries out its functions.
  • contrasty. This apron become a bright accent in the kitchen room. Its use is justified, if the kitchen looks plain and boring. Decorating materials in 3-4 shades darker or lighter situation quicken dilute interior.

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We use only proven materials in the design of

  • Bright. Not all housewives dare to issue kitchen apron in bright colors. The first reason - the fear to experiment with vibrant colors, the second - a requirement of the ideal order on the table. The fact, that on a bright background, even the slightest disorder struck by and spoil the impression. Saturated color kitchen apron should be repeated on textiles.

Stylish apron for the kitchen can be original decoration of the room. But in this case, walls and furniture in soft colors decorate, and in the design of the zone above the tabletop give vent to imagination. Large-scale panels of mosaic, tabernacle, printing on MDF - so look unusual for the kitchen aprons.

Advantages and disadvantages of coating materials for apron

To finish the zone above the tabletop is not suitable porous materials. The apron should be as smooth and even, preferably without joints and seams. logically, that the question arises during repair: from which it is better to make an apron in the kitchen, or what can be replaced by an apron in the kitchen.


Apron of tile
Apron for the kitchen - a protective strip on the wall above the stove and sink

Place an apron in the kitchen can be tiled. Pottery allows you to create a practical and durable coating. Such a finish is considered to be the most popular, housewives like her:

  1. Thermal shock resistance;
  2. ease of cleaning;
  3. resistance to aggressive detergent components;
  4. aesthetics, attractive appearance;
  5. variety of colors, shapes and textures;
  6. democratic value of.

glazed tiles in Unlike ceramic with a porous surface it has a high moisture resistance. buying tile, you need to pay attention to the quality: inexpensive tiles of poor quality raw material becomes coated with fine mesh cracks and scuffed. Over time, the color can also fade. Tile for kitchen on an apron of quality material is used for at least two decades, if used in the manufacturing process of double firing technology - 60-70 years old.

Making an apron in the kitchen tiles - a complicated and messy. First we need to prepare the surface walls: clean the old coating, align, poshtukaturyt, pogruntovat. Dismantle the tiles too difficult, and do not work without dust.

Glass patterned
Decoration in the form of fruit arranged on glass

ceramics downside is, that when laying the tiles is between seam. This complicates the process of cleaning and washing, because of the seamless surface is much easier to care. Seams sealed with waterproof grout, that is not washed away with the wet cleaning and creates unfavorable conditions for the appearance of mold and mildew. That the seams are not contaminated, them neatly coated varnish layer.

apron option for kitchen tiles - photo tiles. It has the same advantages, as usual. The disadvantage is to draw attention to the high cost of care and fastidiousness. If the photo tiles often wash aggressive means, scratched the surface.


Effectively looks trim apron mosaic. This is a wonderful decoration for the kitchen. The material may be different: pieces of glass, metal plate, Smalto, ceramic tiles of small size. Mosaic tile has an interesting feature to visually expand the space, so is the best fit for the walls in small kitchens. Mosaic is expensive, but the result exceeds all expectations. In addition, the mosaic can decorate the curved wall, niche, arches and deepening.

Stylish look mosaic

Mosaic has excellent performance properties:

  • long service life;
  • Thermal shock resistance;
  • strength;
  • decorative.

Among the shortcomings - not hygienic seams (it is important, since they formed much more, than when laying tiles). Inexpensive grout cherez1-2 year darken, It absorbs grease and dirt particles, and bright apron will look scruffy and dirty. Therefore it is better to use a high-quality epoxy grout.

Create a mosaic panel - work is not easy, that the power of professional artists with artistic taste. But sales have presets (mesh with glued pieces of tile). They are easier to install: the back surface of the dial is glued to the wall, grid clean, and the resulting decorative seams overwritten or standard trowel.

Design options apron on the kitchen mosaic lots of. Color variations are diverse mosaic to infinity: juicy and rich colors give the interior dynamism and vitality, soft play of the same color - elegance and tenderness.

A rock

Apron made of stone
We use in the design of artificial and natural stone

Options for the kitchen aprons of natural stone - it's durable and prestige. Designers are advised to register apron stone only, if the working surface is also a stone. For registration area on the worktop used such rocks:

  1. Marble looks rich and elegant. However, under conditions of constant humidity due to the moisture of the porous structure easily penetrates. Carefully polished surface reduces the possibility of penetration of steam and water.
  2. Granite is different shades of diversity, strength, frost resistance and hardness.
  3. Basalt in terms of decoration behind the above materials. But the structure, strength and performance, he is ahead of them.

In the market of building materials can be found two-layer tiles called litokeramika. Such a decoration has excellent waterproofing properties. The bottom layer is made of ceramics, upper - of marble. Litokeramiku in appearance indistinguishable from natural marble.

wood materials

The use of wood-based materials in the design of the kitchen apron - a fashionable innovation. The timber group are:


  • MDF - inexpensive and easy to install slabs, are resistant to mildew, moisture and a couple. If necessary, the material is easily replaced by a new. Of the advantages - quick mounting brackets, thus it is necessary not to seek the ideal smoothness walls. Plus a smooth, flat surface is, that all cleaning is a regular wipe with a soft sponge. MDF panels for the apron in the kitchen have the minuses - a dubious environmental and fire hazard, so they are not recommended to install near open flames. Compared to the other is a cheap apron for the kitchen. Apron Kitchen pvc panels - also an economy option.
  • Laminate - a synthetic material based on wood. Modern aprons for kitchen laminate are easy to mount and decorative (imitation of different wood). Of the minuses - a low level of water resistance.


  • Solid wood - a natural material, Established in home comfort and warmth. To finish the work area using the splines of the polished panels, which are mounted on screws or glue. To improve the performance of their staff thoroughly impregnated with oil and paint (lacquered). Each year the wooden floor again treated with special oils to avoid cracks of. Wooden kitchen apron with a protective varnish - a natural design, simplicity and environmental friendliness. Of the minuses - fast contamination disposition, susceptibility to moisture and heat.


The metal in the interior of the kitchen - not a new idea. For decoration in the style of hi-tech and techno are often used sheets of stainless steel polished. Previously, metal trimmed kitchen wall in catering, since such a material has considerable advantages:

  1. high strength;
  2. hygienic;
  3. long-life;
  4. heat resistance.


The metal plate with a mirror surface require frequent cleaning, as even the slightest touch of your fingertips, water droplets or fat leave visible traces. Therefore it is better to use a metal with a matte or structured surface. When mounting the steel plate is first fastened to the plywood using liquid nails, and then attached to the wall.

When you create an interior with metal apron remember the appropriate environment - chrome fittings equipment, mirrors and crystal.


Decorating kitchen apron tempered glass has significant advantages, but not cheap. Glass apron for the kitchen - it:

  • easy care;
  • resistance to chemical cleaning agents;
  • excellent water resistance;
  • fire and fire;
  • impact resistance, scratches and other mechanical influences.

Sharp fluctuations in temperature of the glass is also uneasy. For designers, this material provides a space for imagination and experimentation. Look beautiful embossed patterns on glass, by sandblasting method. Modern equipment allows to be applied to the glass or print any image. Design for the kitchen aprons are expensive and not affordable for ordinary consumers


Among the shortcomings - a decorative coating will often wash, it is not like the majority of housewives. But the smooth, seamless panel is much easier to wash, than panels of mosaic or pattern of tiles. The surface of a daily wipe with a damp cloth, additionally using a special glass cleaner.

Installing glass apron is made only after the complete installation of kitchen units. The installation process takes no more than 2 hours. Tempered glass is mounted on special clips with gaskets made of silicone - the design should hang freely, otherwise it will quickly fail. The glass surface of the large size is difficult to repair, so the small kitchen sheets are used more often, which replace if necessary.

In terms of security tempered glass remains high. When you bounce it just poured out on non-sharp pieces of large size, so they can not be hurt.

mirror panel


Mirror panel - an interesting option of finishing the kitchen apron. With it visually enhance space and room geometry correcting flaws. The kitchen is bright and spacious. But this finish is more minuses, than pluses:

  • difficulty in maintaining cleanliness (daily cleaning);
  • the requirement of the ideal order on the table and the lack of railings with small kitchen utensils (all this, reflected in a mirror, creates confusion and chaos effect);
  • uncomfortable working in the kitchen (constant monitoring of his reflection).

Options for finishing the kitchen apron lot: the list includes and PVC panels for kitchen, and samoklejushchajasja plenka kitchen, 3d apron and kitchen, and furniture for the kitchen apron and other design types. Therefore, the choice for the owners. Finish the apron in the kitchen - an entertaining process, the main thing - to choose the right material.