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3 Fitting secretion mirror apron in the kitchen

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Progressive exteriors stand out not only functional solution, but also an unusual layouts to solve, including daily, everyday tasks. properly, it can be better and brighter working kitchen area there, where the food is cooked, clean vegetables, cut and processed meat? Every woman wants to look at this process from all sides. In this case an alternative solution will be, glue the mirror to the wall in the kitchen area. Mirrored apron for the kitchen, this is the most convenient solution in design, since all the advantages in terms of aesthetics adds one more plus, increasing the visual space. Mirrored wall will decorate any kitchen, especially if it is of small size.

Mirror Kitchen Apron
Mirrored kitchen apron is able to visually expand the space

Kitchen apron modernity: New releases and trends at the right price

kitchen apron, regardless, its actual purpose, It has long been turned into a full-fledged component of the exterior. He will bring a fresh attitude, provide accents or vice versa smooth out the shortcomings of the building.

mirror apron in the kitchen

Interesting, and what are their views are relevant at the moment?

  • mosaic aprons. Tiny pieces and large enough component parts, neatly laid out in the image and rather careless decoration wall, colorful riot of colors or monochrome serious design, and especially looks good room, if it is applied in the interior mirror mosaic. The customer has several options are either clay or stone material , but most likely, all elect has long been a favorite with designers and customers glass option. entertainment world, egozlivye specular iridescence, holiday colors - all this attracts the eye. Exactly mosaic glass, currently enjoys great popularity. Mosaic mirror with your hands, this is the litmus test, which boasts all the apartments the owner. Especially to glue the mirror to the wall, You do not need to go to a special master, you can do it yourself.

Mosaic in the interior
A popular solution for decoration is a mosaic

Mirror mosaic own hands is applied very quickly and without any difficulty. Not even speaking about, it is very interesting. And if you connect a little imagination, you can even build themselves mirrored panels on the wall. Just a fantasy world for flight. You can make a mirror with your hands anything. mirror Kitchen tiles available to each customer, This material can be found in any hardware store. The price of this product will depend on the quality and size. And also do not forget about one more very important fact, fastened to the wall mirror need a special glue. It is best to glue the mirror on the Buda liquid nails.

apron in the kitchen of mirrors

  • Interior fashion capricious and unpredictable at the same time. Holistic apron- This follow-up after her pet mosaic. It rovnenkie decorative mirrors in the interior, holistic plane, and a single interface can not find her! These aprons have all chances to be executed from the catchy and democratic plastics, MDF or glass it can be mirrored panel to wall decoration.

Squares lined with mosaic
Interesting design consisting of squares with the reflection effect

Modern technologies allow to completely do on such a surface of any pattern or design, for this purpose, a special mirror glass paint. This one-piece glass apron involves him catchy contrast with small pieces of mosaic apron.

  • And finally a hero of our times - a mirror in the kitchen apron. He was seen in the exterior only a couple of years ago,, although at the moment it is a lot of enthusiasm, at the same time not only on the part of artists, but also lovers of Chinese culture. in the kitchen mirror feng shui carries him into the life of the owner of luxury and wealth augmenting. Uncommon consumers regularly stop their own choices specifically on this method of design. However, there are some nuances and rules of how to glue the mirror. This difficult material on Feng Shui it is necessary to lay out vertically, otherwise the energy will circulate wrong and all his positive qualities just leveled. Mirror feng shui, very whimsical decor, which calls for a very careful attention and awe.

Mirrored apron in the form of brickwork
Mirror frame desktop formed as brickwork

What is the feature of the tiles, mosaic mirror as a material for decoration

The main specificity of mirror tiles over other materials for finishing is contained in its ornamental value. Mirror plane makes it possible to visually expand the space and transform dark house into a bright environment.

Almost all believe, that due to their fragility mirror tiles has the ability to wear and does not possess all the necessary qualities. But modern quality tiles from the mirror is done exclusively on GOST, regarding this, its strength is not inferior to the stability of clay tiles. In addition to all this,, it has good quality stability during temperature changes, moisture and chemical exposure.

style kitchen mirror apron

AND, in fact the most important and enjoyable, on the tile of the mirror can be much less likely to scratch, than to any other material.

Aside from the usual tile mirror has acquired a special reputation in the mirror tiles with facet. The specificity of this product is, that the actual production in the period from the side of the bevel on the mirror chamfer later tile appears in a special way, thin and gorgeous.

An interesting form of mirrors
An interesting form of mirrors allows both to blur the image

This type of tile can be put on the same plane of the wall or ceiling, as an integral web, or use it in conjunction with other materials.

This type of tile has only one drawback - it's complexity in the packing material. It is best, if the installation of the tiles will always be carried out only by specialists, because it must be pre-cut right and certainly prepare the plane for work. During the deposition is necessary to look, so that the seams between the tiles were already, because if there are wide joints is reached rovnenko and holistic plane. Also, subsequently applying the tile must be left to dry for three to five days, then rubbing seams.

nice apron from the mirror in the kitchen

types of mirrors

those mirrors, which are used for a kitchen apron, divided into several types:

  • colorless. To the colorless species include silver apron. When this technique is applied to the glass manufacturing solution of silver, then it is covered with a copper layer, and a paint solution consisting of two layers.

Skinali patterned
Skinali with a pattern printed on the reflective surface

More enjoying its popularity on the strength of its own mechanical-physical characteristics, they have a pretty long lifetime and they are not afraid of the water ... This choice will suit perfectly for any kitchen, since silver color - it's a neutral color.

  • colored. For color type includes: gold, bronze and graphite. For the production of this type of glass is used the colored layer, which has the property to reflect or tinted glass.

apron in the kitchen of stained glass

These species have long life. Unlike silver apron, which dim, These aprons are ready to become true interior decoration. These colors are elected, who lusts to build its own kitchen and catchy progressive.

  • aged. manufacturing machinery, used for the production of these mirrors, artificial aging, such an effect is obtained due to placement inside webs painting and decorating mirror parts, in other words the outside it has virtually no automatic flaws. If the kitchen is used classic interior, then this type of mirrors perfectly fit here.

Mounting of the apron and its elements from the mirror

To perform the work with a mirror, we need apron: iron stiff brush, it is intended for initial cleaning plane, glass cutter on the tile (diamond), a set of cross-shaped parts in order to survive Rows installation, gun mount, needed to align an iron spatula, and the rubber is suitable for grouting gaps, construction level, chalk cord, it is intended for weaning the apron of the mirror on the first row, roulette.

If you start from the plane area, it is necessary to count the number of the most tiles. Mirror tiles should buy with supplies (10-15%).

Of great importance is not only the ability to reflect tile, but in addition the size of the tiles, because with the increase in the size of the result of the light reflection is most directed, both at the time of light ceilings have the ability to reflect arbitrarily small tile dimensions, and all this in different directions. It is for this reason that most of the spectacular aprons are obtained because of the small dimensions of the tiles (less 200*200 millimeters).

Above all, this applies even fragments of individual tiles from the mirror. With all this, you can achieve the desired mirror plane and a variety of solutions colors.

The sequence of placing a mirror on a white kitchen apron

  1. Once the plaster dries on the outer plane of a special adhesive material applied, for all that use a multi-purpose adhesives are not recommended. It is important to know, than sticking a mirror. On the good side showed itself from adhesives brands Litokol 55 or Axton.
  2. Laying should start with a series of top of the wall, which is adjacent to a window or doorway. Tiles need to closely attach to the right place, and stand in this position (25-35 seconds).styling mirror panels
  3. Laying need to keep on top of the bottom, thus setting the dividing crosses.
  4. Life can have an incision in the last row using a tile cutter or glass cutter.
  5. Shvachivanie adhesive finally takes place over somewhere 2-4 days. Next, and then make a seam grouting, using a sealant made of silicone. Once the glue dries it becomes dull hides the seams.

Mirrored apron for the kitchen can be cleaned with a damp sponge, which should be soaked in detergent solution which is neutral properties. After that plane should be wiped to dryness. The most important note, which is necessary to take note: to wash the mirror without stains completely prohibited to use abrasive products for cleaning.

If the result is to use a mirror plane lost one hundred percent. It is better to be patient and to use more sparing methods of care for such a surface. Mirror, his hands can be turned into a sparkling stone, if you use a soft, paper napkin. Especially a method of caring for these whimsical material, suitable interior holder, which has a mosaic mirror tiles.