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Color kitchen on Feng Shui: reveals the secrets

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To achieve harmony and success in life, the teachings of Feng Shui recommends that to begin with the right arrangement of personal space at home and at work. Getting to the issue of planning kitchen facilities is important to all: placement of furniture, Primary and secondary colors, materials and textures, shapes and sizes. Even improper placement of dishes can turn a good energy in the negative, from which there is an imbalance of the elements. Цвет кухни по Фен шуй – это первый вопрос, from which and should begin equipping the main room in the house.

Кухня в японском стиле
Feng Shui - the Taoist philosophy of symbolic development of the internal space of the house

Common color selection rules

What color should be a kitchen on the ancient Chinese theory? Choosing a color palette depends on several factors:

  • the compass, in which the premises are located;
  • private number gua;
  • natural light sources (window);
  • door location.

on, in which side of the world there is a kitchen colors depends premises. Ideal for the kitchen and dining room on the Feng Shui is considered to be the southern and south-eastern zone of the house, embody the elements of fire and Tree. If the layout provides a different option, north and north-east, of Feng Shui they adversely, but some tips can help rid the house of the accumulation of negative energy, even in this case,. determine element, dominant in the kitchen, you can use the octagon Feng Shui Bagua, the basis of which are the points of the compass.

Calculate the number of Gua can be based on the date of birth for each person individually. It allows you to define a host compatible with its own housing and the most favorable direction of the design space of home and office (workplace).

Feng Shui will allow you to choose the most favorable direction home design space

Kitchen set It can not be placed in such a way, to work area was opposite the door, because of the family hearth will leave the warmth and richness of. The number of windows depends on the general mood in the room. They are more than, the lighter and freer kitchen, and therefore space for the prosperity of bad energy there is no.

The balance of energy and color of the kitchen

According to Feng Shui in the kitchen should prevail Yang energy, but at the same time - this room, which always oppose two elements, Fire and Water. Stove represents fire, and cleaning - Water. To these two strong elements energy could peacefully coexist in the same room, you must correctly position the sink and stove to each other. major taboo:

  • opposed to each other;
  • location next to each other.

plate, oven, hob near South kitchen wall. If it coincides with the wall, which has a window, better to move the plate in the south-east. The sink should be placed perpendicular to the plate.

Properly decorated home space contribute to the success and well-being

Element of Fire - a red, Orange, yellow, Violet, pink color and all their bright colors.

Element of Water - it's black, blue, blue, gray colors and shades.

Rules kitchens feng shui, located in the southern part of the house, require the elimination of the most intensive water colors - black and blue, and vice versa. In this kitchen should give preference to light colors of fire, which is diluted with a palette of three remaining elements: air, Earth and the tree. Feng Shui Colors, characteristic elements:

Element Air - gray and white shades.

Element Tree - Green, brown, olive, woody.

The element of Earth - Sand, beige, brown, tyerrakotovyi.

Because, the kitchen is always dominated by the elements of Fire and Water, their colors in the interior uses a minimal amount of, the choice falls on the lightest shades.

What color is best for kitchens? Ideally, white, light yellow, light brown or pale green. This applies both to the tone of kitchen units, and wall decor, floor and ceiling. All the bright colors can be used as decorative accents, eg:

  • colorful crockery;
  • fresh lights;
  • cheerful paintings on the wall;
  • bright curtains or roman blinds;
  • juicy kitchen apron.

Яркая кухня
It should be used in the interior decoration of the kitchen more bright colors

Light and color kitchen interior of Feng Shui

Kitchen on Feng Shui - a room, light sources and natural daylight. Candles and fluorescent light fixtures are not welcome, they do not carry live positive energy. Feng Shui for the home in general and food in particular, does not tolerate any hint of darkness, generating negative. Therefore, all the colors tend to the lightest shades of his, and natural light abounds.

The kitchen must have at least two sources of natural light: one in the work area, where the cooking, and the second - on the dining table. An exception may be too small kitchen area, where only one lighting unit.

Location dishes and a choice of colors

Octagon Ba-Gua consists of 9 sectors. Using an ordinary compass, we can determine the direction of the light, in which the premises are located, where food is prepared and adopted, and in the octagon clarify its element.

Восьмиугольник Ба-Гуа
Octagon Ba-gua helps to clarify the element of your kitchen

Based on the location of the kitchen, define the color palette of the room.

  1. Location on the north side (north-east and north-west): dominated by the element of Water with a predominance of blue, brown and green.
  2. Located in the south (south-east and south-west): light orange, white, light pink color and metal.
  3. Kitchen in the east: shades of green, brown, citric.
  4. Kitchen in the west: white, silver, metal.

Now the question is what to do kitchen colors can be considered closed.

Favorable colors and elements

The most favorable colors for the kitchen is considered to be white, lactic, green, brown and blue. This natural natural colors, symbolizing purity, force, fresh and feminine.

One of the elements of well-being in the house or each room can be considered a sector assistants Feng Shui. It is located in the northwestern part of the kitchen or any other room. To activate this area and to attract into the house well-being, needed special items. It can be religious books and brochures, angels portraits, saints, photos of friends and patrons.

Japanese figurine

In the kitchen, portraits of friends and patrons of the family is not quite appropriate. In the northwest corner, you can hang a small picture of an angel, put a statuette or a bible.

What you should avoid

Tezisno about, What should I avoid while design of the kitchen.

  1. When you want to see its own kitchen bright and unusual, preference should be given to only one color intensity, wherein the red or orange better to exclude. These colors often produce strife, aggression and subconsciously stimulate human. From this broken harmony in the home and life.
  2. Eliminate or minimize the kitchen and mirror reflective surfaces and the decor. Ceramic tiles will let matte, and there are no mirrors.
  3. Delete the black and gray colors.
  4. Ensure that, that the room was as small as possible sharp corners.
  5. To smooth out the errors in the design of the kitchen or dining room, you can hang a magic or "wind chime".

Rules kitchen colors of Feng Shui - is not only a way to harmoniously build important rooms in the house. Proper combination of colors and textures to create a cozy atmosphere in the house, conducive to pleasant conversation and a sense of joy. When a color is pleasing to the eye, it does not irritate the consciousness, It does not excite anger and aggression, so the house will always be peace and harmony.


If we take the feng shui rules for apartments, you can build successful relationships between all members of the family, incoming guests and establish harmony inside.