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Kitchen set "Svetlana": standard practical kitchen

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Each kitchen selects on the personal discretion. Someone important, set to match your favorite style trends, others - that the furniture was made exclusively from environmentally friendly raw materials, others equip the kitchen in strict accordance with the laws of Feng Shui. If among a variety of options it is difficult to find a suitable set, pay attention to the furniture, which bears the same name as a hostess.

Kitchen set Svetlana
Price and practicality - the main advantages of the headset

firm, engaged in the manufacture of kitchen furniture, They call their collection sounding female names, that everyone's lips. But as women, and headsets have a special appearance and characteristics.

Svetlana cuisine

kitchen Svetlana Budget and considered universal one. It is installed in the premises of different sizes and combined with any decor. Factory sets are available in standard sizes, configuration and combination shades. But if the standard version is not suitable, the customer has the right to order the project to manufacture headset individually. The kitchen is the size of the customer is not cheap, but it allows you to fit harmoniously into the furniture in the room non-standard.

Kitchen set Svetlana - a classic style, so it enjoys enviable popularity for 10 years old. The color scheme affects a variety of finishes, stained glass and the original handle of brass or aluminum alloy decorated facades.

The distinctive features of kitchen units Svetlana:

  • durability:
  • wear resistance;
  • ease of use;
  • ease of care;
  • manufacture of high quality raw materials;
  • harmonious combination of colors;
  • attractive appearance and original design;
  • democratic value of.

Kitchen design attention to detail, so the buyer is not difficult to correctly place the hob, hood and other appliances. They harmoniously fit into the style of kitchen furniture.

kitchen Svetlana
Headset functionality is important

Kitchen consists of a spacious floor pedestals and hanging lockers, which provides a large number of branches and shelves. They can easily accommodate appliances, products and dishes. There is also additional space for decor, with which you can decorate the interior.

Svetlana from Premier Kitchens

"Kitchen Premier" - the company, engaged in the manufacture of kitchen furniture. Production of "Kitchen Premier" much cheaper than imported models: own production makes it possible to reduce the cost of furniture without any loss of quality characteristics. Svetlana cuisine from this manufacturer are made in the "modern" style. many models, so the choice will satisfy even the demanding taste:

  1. Model "Svetlana Gloss". Shiny coating in different shades looks elegant and elegantly. Facades Kitchen gloss easy to clean and visually increase the room.
  2. "Svetlana Chameleon" model. The name speaks for itself: color changeable, and varies depending on the illumination. The viewing angle also changes the perception of light. With such a kitchen can be fun to surprise friends and acquaintances.
  3. "Svetlana Krakolet" model. The combination of the smooth and modern forms of the aged surface with cracks looks unusual. Such combinations achieve using varnishes krakeliruyuschih.
  4. "Svetlana Metallic" model. For fans of high-tech style, this option will appeal. Severe forms, metallic luster and bar leave a lasting impression.

Svetlana from Premier Kitchens
Furniture with glossy facades gives chic room

Svetlana from the south wind

The company "South Wind" is engaged in manufacturing of furniture economy class. Material facades - MDF, glued PVC film. To the naked eye it is difficult to the difference between MDF and wood. The options are many shades and textures, so there is plenty to choose from. Budget kitchen sets are made-to-measure, that allows you to purchase kitchen, the parameters appropriate to a kitchen room.

Svetlana from the kitchen of your style

Distinctive features of the models of the company: pithiness, rigor and cool sophisticated style and a no frills decor. But such a design model "Kitchen your style" buyers had to taste. Minimalism, light shades and concise framework facades do not clutter, and visually enlarge the space. On request can be made the same business-class cuisine in other size or other color.

Before placing the order should ask the manager a chance to see the selected model in the interior with the help of 3D-visualization. This will help avoid any unpleasant surprises after installation.

bright kitchen
Light kitchen always gives a person a cozy atmosphere

Cost and quality

materials, which are used for the production of furniture set Svetlana, according to the technological safety standards relate to the E1 class. They pose no threat to health, since the content of the extremely low formaldehyde resins. Slabs of chipboard and MDF, coatings for façades and tops clean and do not emit harmful substances into the air.

There are three options for production of fronts:

  • wood, from an array, Processed resistant varnish;
  • MDF-plates, coated solid and dense film of polyvinyl chloride.
  • of chipboard, protected at the edges of the quadrilateral edge of polyvinyl.

As facades frequently used insertion of tempered glass. This material has high production Italian strength. If a strong impact is crumble into small pieces without sharp corners and edges, so it is almost impossible to get hurt.

It must be remembered, that specialized salons are more expensive headsets, than in conventional furniture stores and large hypermarkets. The latter are often old collections are sold at low prices. In the salons of kitchen furniture is made to order, and it is always expensive. The price also includes shipping, assembly and installation of technical equipment. In shops and supermarkets can be acquired by the kitchen to collect their own hands. If you plan to collect your own kitchen, you need to check before buying the presence and quantity of all components and fasteners, and ask the seller detailed assembly instructions.


Before you buy a headset, need to make, he was in all respects suited to the size and configuration of the room. It is better to think before you buy, than to invent tricks mass for the harmonious arrangement of furniture.