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Orange-green kitchen: Tips for the proper preparation of design

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Kitchen - the most sought-after room in the house. It is intensely exploited all year round, It is a place, where every day for all family members gather several times. It is therefore important atmosphere, created here. Orange-green kitchen belongs to the unusual, but very colorful solutions, where a great variety of design options.

combination of green and orange
It is hard to pick up a harmonious combination of green and orange in the interior

Variety of colors

green and orange colors are more 20 shades, but they are in the opposite sides of the spectrum. Orange and shades - it's warm colors, is perceived as a joyful, positive, exciting and rescues from depression. Green - cool color. It soothes, It helps to relax, fall asleep, relaxes. Orange and Green complementary, so combinations are considered useful for the eyes and well-being.

Kitchen in orange and green colors can be represented in the following shades:

  • orange and tangerine;
  • carrot;
  • coral;
  • ocher;
  • amber;
  • the Red tree;
  • rust color;
  • lime;
  • green apple;
  • lime;
  • herbal;
  • olive;
  • fistashkovый.

The kitchen in green and orange tones involves the use of three primary colors, wherein one primary and intense, and the other two - the calm background. shades listed above are the most fashionable and popular in both modern and classical interiors. they are suitable for the Art Nouveau style, ethno, country, Retro and Japanese.

MDF kitchen
MDF kitchen. Colors: metallic orange lime

Realization of ideas

Design orange with green kitchen is complete and harmonious, if you add to the selected colors white, dark brown, black or gray. In the process of implementing the idea of ​​kitchen design, you can consider the following design rules.

  1. Perform the kitchen in one of the active color: orange or green. Mix two data tone ugly, pestro and tasteless.
  2. If you have a preference to perform the upper and lower boxes in different colors, the top can be orange, green or white, and the bottom brown or black.
  3. Light green color used as background (walls, floor, ceiling).
  4. Decorate a small room dominated by warm tangerine hue.
  5. Orange suspended ceiling visually expands the space boundaries.
  6. Floor tiles green color used in eco-friendly interior.
  7. Both colors in a modern interior are complemented by chrome accents (handles of lockers, shelves, holders).
  8. Paul Headset with colorful facades lockers must be monotonous, calm, frosted.

Green-orange kitchen includes a number of facades of modern materials - glossy acrylic or plastic. Matt facades are rarely used, because they can not convey all the brightness and richness of colors. The idea of ​​a bright kitchen will be lost when using a matt pale facades, made of postforming or MDF.

 color in the interior
Three colors in the interior: Orange, green and red

active orange

Kitchen design in orange color suggests the predominance of bright orange, mandarin, pumpkin, carrot or ocher. This is the most juicy shades, and that will set the tone throughout the room. So bright it seemed not too much, it is diluted with white or brown, but complementary parts light green or mustard.

Kitchen with orange facades look fashionable and stylish with gray, black or white tabletop. The same colors can do the floor and ceiling. What is the role of green in the interior? He serves as a decorative blotches. Walls can be pokleit wallpaper with green patterns, or choose decorative panels depicting natural scenery, colors, geometry. In the case of wallpaper designers recommend avoiding large figures, wide strips, images of cups and other utensils.

olive dishes, mustard Roman Blinds, lime light, green plants on the windowsill - so refreshing and dilute all the warm orange tones. Kitchen design in orange tones, ideally - a combination of the following colors:

  • peach (apricot) - malachite, green moss;
  • bronze, copper, terracotta - pistachio, green tea;
  • pumpkin, carrot - lime, lime;
  • coral - emerald, green apple.

Different versions
In this embodiment, the dominant color design- Orange

Such combinations are suitable for the premises in a modern and classical style. To decide in favor of one of the combinations, We need to rely on their own perception of colors. the combination, which is pleasant to the eye in the first seconds of the study and is correct. If the selected palette causes irritation, vague feelings and does not bring pleasure, her thrown out of design ideas.

active green

Kitchen in shades of green has become a popular design options with the promotion of eco-style. Everything, what makes a person closer to nature, It helps to calm down and have a good rest - today in the trend. Thinking design light green kitchen, We must take into account the fact, that cool colors suitable for large premises, in which they generously diluted with warm decor items.

Corner kitchen green - the idea for the combined facilities. Lush greenery actual in-living-room kitchen and a Japanese-style of the country. If the room is made in a modern style, green facade will make warmer ceilings orange. The brighter facade lockers, the lighter should be the ceiling and vice versa.

The light green eco-style is always complements the brown or zebrano, symbolizing the wood motifs in natural environment. Orange may be used in the upholstery of seats or seating in the dining area. If cabinets facades presented with olive or mustard, work apron can make ocher or salmon with a decorative pattern or mosaic.

the color scheme
Option color interior solutions with a choice of primary color light green

Interior kitchen orange with green suit families with young children. Bright and positive image of the premises will delight kids, contribute to their mental and physical development, as well as the excitation of a good appetite. Over large areas with green kitchen orange inappropriate.

Non-standard solutions for the kitchen

Orange or green may be the main source of color in almost any room kitchen. Exceptions are pink kitchen. These color spots can be green or orange dinette. They are suitable for gray, brown, white, purple, black and even red kitchen.

Green can be used for painting or papering the walls of the kitchen, located in the southern part of the house. Kitchen design with green walls is relevant in cases, when the wall is the backdrop for the cuisine in basic colors - white or gray. Walls, along which the kitchen is not the best draw in a warm and gentle tones: peach or lemon.


The area of ​​positive - so called bright island in the middle of the kitchen, by an orange or green color. Chairs to this island must be chosen identical to the color of kitchen fronts.

Orange and green in the interior of the kitchen in the room will create the mood of summer all year round, filled with vibrant colors and good mood. planning design, we can not ignore the right combination of shade and design of the kitchen base color. Harmony will be felt in every corner of the interior, if you follow the rules and tips, above. Just a few points - and the ideal kitchen will become a reality. Orange-green kitchen today is stylish and fashionable.