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Pistachio kitchen - variants color combinations

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Pistachio color - one of the leaders among the flowers, used for kitchen design. This soft shade of green gives the room lightness, It makes it "summer" mood. It is suitable for decoration and small, and spacious kitchen.

Stylish kitchen pistachio-colored

The use in the decoration

How best to use this noble shade design? Give him the root note or supplement, which will change the character of the room, made of soft and refined? Pistachio color in the interior - Universal. He has combined with others, and easily fits into the overall design of the room.

With sentiment point of view, This shade creates a sense of peace, relaxes and soothes. Positive impact it will have after the completion of the working day: relieve tension, It allows to abandon the bustle and bustle. Pistachio kitchen - a place to rest, cozy family conversation and culinary talents of the Incarnation. On it and the hosts, and guests will feel comfortable and peaceful.

Color pistachio combined with various materials. They painted wood paneling and kitchen - complement interior in the style of Provence, or country. They soften its, make comfortable and quiet. To use this color in modern interiors best fit glossy tiles, plastic, glass, fake diamond.

Like other color, pistachio in the interior used sparingly. If you paint in the shade of the whole room - will achieve a negative effect. It is better to dilute it, use bright decor items, home furnishings, lampshades, lamps, pistachio-colored curtains, etc..

black and pistachio
The combination of black and pistachio colors in the interior of the kitchen

Compatibility with colors and materials

This color static. He remains the same when changing the lighting, that is appreciated by designers and decorators. Besides, it provides ample opportunities to combine:

  • light shades of pistachio-colored - white, beige, olive, coffee with milk, blue;
  • bright and saturated - with yellow, apricot, orange, pink and even red.

Kitchen pistachio colors - a great choice for creating a soft interior. This shade has a positive impact on the perception of the human. Room, decorated with the help of, acquires a special atmosphere and energy. Therefore, pistachio-colored kitchen interior use experienced and novice designers.


Some shades of green are combined with each other. An example of this - Pistachio kitchen interior house, complete with bright green. This is an excellent option for those, who want to make the room "fresh" and easy. It is best to this combination approach spacious rooms with good lighting. In such circumstances, these colors are the most disclosed. They energize, that and vivacity for the whole day.

Pistachio colored walls complement the set light green tint. Such a decision does not tire the eyes, has its own character and color scheme emphasizes this. Well if it is complemented by the white, which will smooth rich shades.

lime and pistachio
The combination of light green and pistachio in a modern design


Since this is part of a warm shade range, it is combined with wood. Such an embodiment is suitable for comfort atmosphere. This combination is often used in interior decoration in the island style, associated with summer and holiday. Kitchen in pistachio colors and wooden elements to create a harmonious design and a sense of remoteness from the busy city streets.

Pistachio walls and simple wooden furniture - perfect for room decoration. And the finishing touches will be bright accessories or terracotta peach-colored. Textiles in the same tones accentuate the interior soft and will create a paradise in the house.


For sober and calm personalities suitable combination of this hue with gray. This helps to mitigate its natural brightness and expression. The best option for this - paint the walls in a gray, pistachio and leave additional shade. It is suitable for a set of furniture and décor items. An excellent choice is a light pistachio color, perhaps with a touch of "dusty" shade. Quiet greenery in the interior creates a home giving it a special charm.

light green and gray
Lime suite and gray walls- Stylish Kitchen Design


It is best friends pistachio color is white. This kind of design classics. This combination always looks elegant and concise. In her leadership role with confidence it takes any one of them. Equally look good and white, and pistachio walls in the kitchen. The decor is worth emphasizing that a green tint. It can be found in the continuation of the bowl or small kitchen accessories. If the basic tone is set to white, it will be a great addition to it pistachio curtains and other textiles. Here you can safely experiment - a great result guaranteed.


Pistachio shade versatile kitchen, because they do not get turned on and suppresses appetite. With this kitchen pistachio color with other colors perfectly combined. In the case of beige - is a soothing combination, that will fit into any stylistic direction: from classic to hi-tech. These shades are ideal partners companions, and boast a total interchangeability.

The black

pistachio nuance
Pistachio nuance in black and white kitchen set

Another combination, to which I would like to stay - pistachio and black. This combination is aggressive enough. But despite some brutality, it is used in a variety of stylistic directions and decorated with bright colors. However it is necessary to use this combination with caution.

If you decide to choose the combination and want to smooth - use white. It will allow to dilute the interior, accents and create a truly unique atmosphere in the kitchen.

forbidden combinations

Despite the ease and versatility of pistachio-colored, there are some shades, with which it is better not to combine:

  1. Dark green and bog - they make the interior dark and "muddy";
  2. Autumn muted tones - in conjunction with the color and create a more blurred picture of disharmonious;
  3. Dark and heavy colors - is the antithesis of fresh palette to which the pistachio. The only exception is the black and warm brown.

The rest of the kitchen design pistachio color has great opportunities for a combination of shades. Therefore, everyone can find a suitable style option.


Color and size

By itself, it has no restrictions on the use of the rooms of any size. Using different shades made visual correction of space. Especially if supplemented with pistachio suitable colors. Light colors visually increase the space, make it easier. Warm shades will be perfect for the kitchen, windows facing the north side of. Light pistachio color is better to use it, where the light falls on the south side, and it is necessary to mute.

If you want to visually increase the height of ceilings - you should use light paint. Saturated colors give the interior brightness and make it more energetic. For those, who prefer a quiet and elegant design - it is better to use the classic combination of pistachio with white or beige.