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5 best variations of light green kitchen interior

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room design - is the embodiment of the character of its owner. Green prefer positive, energetic people, full of ideas and goals. It is considered the most striking, among the range of natural shades. Light green color in the kitchen creates a sense of freshness and lightness. This shade is associated with lush greenery, leaves on the trees, grass, warmed by the sun.

Spring kitchen
Vitalising breath of eternal spring in your kitchen

For this kitchen color fits like no other. He does not overload the space and is therefore used in any quantity. Even if the room is to issue multiple shades of green - it does not become monotonous and boring.

note, that the lime, as well as other shades of green does not affect appetite. And for kitchen design is of great importance.

The basic rules of design light green kitchen interior

cozy kitchen
Light unobtrusive shades of light green organically complement the pastoral Provence

Salatnyi color - saturated and bright. Therefore, designers recommend when the interior dilute it with neutral colors pastel. They are necessary to mitigate this shade, since excess depressing effect on human.

Remember, that pastel colors are relaxing and soothing, and the bright and vibrant colors on the contrary - invigorate and energize.

The combination with orange, gray, beige, yellow, purple and other shades: design with white wallpaper, a black headset, ceiling, lilac shades, countertop under Metallic

Making interior kitchen in shades of green, Decide, what place they occupy: on walls or facades furniture. Besides, should think in advance, combined with what and how to do accents. Selected combination affects the character of the interior and its impacts on human.

Light green color in the interior of the kitchen

The term light green kitchen, often understand headsets, whose facade is painted in this color. But if you choose this incarnation green color in the interior, how to arrange everything else? Here are some good choices:

  • The walls are a soft beige or cream-colored, Ceiling - White, and the floor is easy to support the dominant green color.
  • Light brown, amber walls, perfectly set off the green, and colors of the ceiling melted milk emphasize lightness and warmth of the interior. Complements this combination - brown floor.yellow to light green kitchen wall
  • Bright light green color and combine with the yellow range. In this case, light colors are used for ceiling, to visually enlarge the space. Walls give pale yellow tint, and is suitable for floor gold.
  • If you choose for the walls a light green paint, is to balance the interior, ceiling made of white, and the floor milky. In such a combination, and the kitchen looks bright, and is easy to simultaneously.
  • Blue and green color combination in the interior is not always, but the kitchen is quite possible. To do this, make a smooth transition from the white ceiling, a bluish-white walls. A floor used soft shades of blue.

Big room
With the right approach light green color can transform the interior of any kitchen

Another point, which should be paid attention - drawing accessories kitchen units. Bright and cool colors complement the silver or chromed metal. To warm shades should pick up accessories a bronze or gold.

For a harmonious kitchen design green interior, pay attention to the compatibility of worktops and kitchen apron. Good, if we can execute them from a single material or to pick up high-quality imitation. This creates a sense of a single plane, It has a positive effect on the perception of the overall design. Color contrast is selected, but combined with light green: cream, Gray, the black, orange or brown.

light green kitchen

Options for the kitchen interior

Kitchens green color - a fashion trend, which today has acquired popularity among designers and customers. It reflects the creativity of the owner and gives space for imagination. This shade is easy to implement in Provence or Art Nouveau. With his help, the room is created atmosfera.neobhodimaya designer.

bright kitchen
Sweet and light watercolor shade will turn the kitchen into a paradise

Pay attention to the following points when selecting the design:

  1. Light green color in the interior itself has a certain effect on the atmosphere of the kitchen. is he, as an emotional outburst, a source of optimism and energy charge. Therefore, the design, designed with the help of, It will be fresh and active. Make it subtle and cozy Provence style help.
  2. natural motifs, natural materials and vegetation create an atmosphere of harmony and tranquility. Green walls in the interior should be supplemented with light furniture - it will give the room lightness.
  3. Art Nouveau is characterized by the absence of elaborate details and frills. The emphasis here - lighting. Spot lighting design emphasizes Exquisiteness. lime kitchen interior Provence emphasizes the darker shades of furniture.light green and white kitchen
  4. The Art Nouveau style harmoniously looks green kitchen with black appliances. Remember, light green walls that should set off the light or dark furniture. The first - the design will give freshness and lightness, visually expand the space. Second - add dynamism, make the interior a spectacular and memorable. An interesting addition will be glass furniture. It will reduce the workload of the room and add to its ease.
  5. Designers are advised to use a light green hue kitchen, as it is practical. It does not stand out minor abrasions and scratches. Besides, He successfully combined with any lighting: Dark interiors become lighter, and sun - softened. Enhance this effect will allow the combination of light green and white. This kitchen in the interior of any style looks for spring warm and bright.

Light green kitchen interior

Accents on the lockers

Making interior in green shades, There are several options for placement of accents. If you choose this as cupboards kitchen units, It is not wrong. note, they do not necessarily have to be for this bright green design. Interestingly facade looks blue or turquoise, combined with the green. First - adds interior solidity, second - refreshes.

Yellow, an accent color, also suitable for kitchen design. The combination of the sun and the natural greenery advantageous looks and creates a summer area in your home. Depending on the selected shade, It creates a necessary addition to the general style of the room.

Lime tree
Bright and juicy lime color, It will be for the hosts an inexhaustible source of energy and vitality

Lime interior can continue on the facades of kitchen cabinets. In this case, it stands mute neutral shades on the walls, floor and ceiling. Come to this combination and light furniture. Particularly well it fits into a small space, expanding the space and adding air to it.

Wooden furniture

Interior Design kitchen in light green color perfectly complement the wooden furniture. For this purpose, as the light, and dark rocks, whichever, what the nature of the premises wants to make designer.

light green kitchen with a wooden table

This combination of materials and colors has a pronounced sedative effect, because it emphasizes the natural shade of the dominant motives. It creates a sense of privacy and peace. This duo is widely used for interior decoration in the style of retro and Provence, but also to other areas not far behind.

Current Trends affect the embodiment of the classical coupling. It reflected the spirit of tropical countries and tourism. Designers began to supplement the light green walls in the kitchen furniture made of exotic woods: makassar and Zebrano.


Given the inaccessibility of these materials and their extremely high cost, They used imitation, print applied to a veneer or plastic.

Lime color headset

This pattern has clear thin strips of light and dark shades of brown. This makes it more interesting color and texture.