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eastern magic: Japanese cuisine and features

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Kitchen in the Japanese style are at the peak of popularity. This is relevant to the style of city apartments, since designed color expands premises. Residents of the East live in small houses, footage which in rare cases reaches 40 square meters. Design tricks to help make the kitchen visually larger, but embody the kitchen design is not so simple in its pure form.

Kitchen in the Japanese style
Japanese style is very popular in our time

Important in this design - the lighting is, use of natural materials and a minimum number of parts. It does not mean, that you refuse technology, but it is best to properly hide, so that it takes up minimal space. The emphasis is on functionality, because the kitchen, Firstly, place for cooking, where everything is thought out to the smallest detail.

Color palette

Before proceeding to the kitchen alteration, Think about the color palette. Colors - it is an important part of the design, because it is not picked up shades will ruin the whole idea. Kitchen in the Japanese style is best to choose low-key and pastel shades - milk or beige, brown, cream and pearl. To make bright accents, choose the red or green color. But do not use too bright colors.

The ideal solution would be to make a drawing of sakura on one wall. To do this, hire a professional artist, or buy ready-made wallpapers.

Violet and purple shades with caution or discard them altogether, since psychoactive color data are depressing. Besides, correctly enter these shades in the design is extremely difficult in the Japanese style.

Olive color of the kitchen
Olive Japanese cuisine - organic whole style


By the choice of materials for the creation of the national cuisine in the Japanese style is important to come with great responsibility. Typically, only natural materials are used for this design, in a pinch, use analogues, that will fit the overall style. better to use:

  • Tree.
  • ceramic tile.
  • A natural stone.
  • Glass.

For Japanese cuisine fit decorative accessories, made of clay or bamboo.

finishing the ceiling

The ceiling in the Japanese style is usually made lamps in glass or wooden frames. The color of the ceiling at the same time should be in harmony with the overall color scheme. Preference is better to give the same shade, which made the kitchen walls.

Stop your choice on the stretch ceilings or ceiling panels, but must consider the, make it fit the overall style. even one, it would seem that, a small detail can spoil everything.

The ceiling in the Japanese style
Ceiling is an integral part of the interior

Materials for walls

It will depend on the finishing the, which ultimately will result. Proper design will expand the space and make the kitchen more bright and cozy. The options are many:

  1. Conventional painting walls and their subsequent decoration. Make drawings of dragons or hang interesting decorative accessories. Minimalism - this is important in the Japanese interior.
  2. Decorating the walls of the tree. Thus, the tree can not paint and leave it natural color. Use tiles to partially decor, it will become a bright accent.
  3. A natural stone. This design is better to use only one wall or several small areas, not to unnecessarily overload the interior. If finances do not allow the use of natural stone, replace it with an artificial. At the same time it should not be too fussy.
  4. Variant with conventional wallpaper. To do so you can finish your own. Besides, on the market a wide range of wallpaper with Japanese motifs.

Japanese kitchen design
decorations, accessories, ceiling - all matters

People, to make repairs in the kitchen, interested, how to draw sakura. After Sakura on the wall with their hands will be an original stylistic solutions for the Japanese interior. Use the stencils and use them transfer the pattern on the wall, Using a black and pink paint. Sakura in this case will not quite realistic, and more stylized. But in this decoration will be a minimum number of parts, a Japanese-style pattern should be such.

Materials floor coverings

Sex in the kitchen should not only be stylish and blend in color with the rest of the interior, but also be of high quality. During cooking in the floor covering often misses water or hot oil, which can lead to rapid wear of the materials. The right floor for Japanese cuisine - this tree. Can, but, use laminate or parquet, which imitate wood coating.

An interesting design decision will be made of stone or ceramic tiles. Prefer tile, where there is a pattern in the Japanese style. rugs, though natural, though artificial, There is no place on this kitchen. Japanese prefer to bare floor.

Lighting and light

In Japanese cuisine, even very small, Lighting is part of the total composition. The light should be soft and diffused, with an emphasis on interior items, thus emphasizing their significance. Important, to lampshades are made of opaque materials, even if the glass is used, instead of rice paper. Transparent lampshade will not give the desired effect and strong light would destroy all the general idea.

When planning a Japanese interior with their own hands, discard the various LED strips, table lamps and bulk crystal lampshades. It should ensure that, that there was no active light from the ceiling, walls and windows. Preference is given to spherical or lampshades rectangular. The correct solution is to make a separate backlight in each workspace, that is not only beautiful, but also functionally.

Japanese kitchen interior
posvetka hardly noticeable in the room, but very individual

Furnishings, textiles and accessories

Choosing furniture in the Japanese style, preference should be given to such material, as a tree. Japanese like antique wood, but the material is quite expensive. However, today there are technologies, which allow you to create wonderful analogues. On the eye to distinguish these materials from this antique wood is impossible. Repairs in the Japanese style and the selected furniture must meet a few basic rules:

  1. Kitchen set to be capacious enough, but it is compact and does not take up too much space.
  2. It is not necessary to abandon the upholstered furniture, it would be appropriate in the Japanese interior. Preference is given to such materials, like tweed, cotton or silk. The kitchen should not be a faux leather or leatherette.
  3. The dining table is better to choose from wood. If the space of the room does not allow to install a large table, choose a sliding or hinged variant.
  4. Home appliances installed only the most necessary. All kitchen utensils are stored in cabinets. And if something does not fit, it is not necessary, is reputed Japanese. The only way to efficiently use the space of a small room.

Japanese decor, like everything else - minimalistic and natural. For kitchen use or bonsai pottery with national motifs. Used for decoration kitchen artificial plants is not necessary, as in Japan, it's considered bad form. cushions, which shows a drawing "Sakura" will complement the soft furnishings.

The furniture in the Japanese style
Native Japanese colors make the room more colorful

As elements of decor using antique scrolls, figurines and vases. You can make a niche in the wall, where it will be placed. Please follow these guidelines when choosing decor for Japanese interior:

  1. The only thing, which in Japanese cuisine a lot - it live plants. Choose an orchid in a pot or small trees. These accessories will make the design more vivid, and the air cleaner and fresher, which is useful for a city apartment.
  2. Cutting boards, vases for fruit and other kitchen utensils are fully blended with the overall design and corresponds to Japanese atmosphere. Give preference to the following accessories, made of bamboo and wood.
  3. Make Japanese ornaments with their hands - pictures with Asian motifs or panels. Many people prefer to print Japanese paintings, and then insert them into the frame. Japanese-style panels hang over the dining table, that will add comfort to the minimalistic design.
  4. Pay attention to the choice of dishes. In the shop are interesting options - small cast iron teapots, sushi set, cups for tea ceremony.

Curtains in Japanese style need to choose carefully. The best option will be the panel curtains or roll of bamboo. Suit and ordinary wood blinds. Curtains made of fabric suitable only, if they strictly neutral style and color, or a Japanese pattern.

Of course, planning a new kitchen interior, should first start from their personal preferences, and not just copy other ideas. It is important to take into account the rules of Japanese style, otherwise ultimately not be able to order, that was originally intended.


moments, which is important to consider:

  • The use of ethnic objects - statues, vases, paintings and scrolls.
  • The division into the working area and recreation area. Use a bamboo screen or partition.
  • A minimum of artificial materials, if possible.
  • least parts. Beauty in Japan is shown in a small number of items and furniture. Congested space will no longer be so easy, a place to work reduced.
  • The natural color palette. It is better to give up the bright colors.

Here's a she, kitchen in the Japanese style, probably more than an amateur.