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Choosing materials for kitchen decoration: the best

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Kitchen space difficult, Being accepted for the repair so think ahead, some kitchen decoration in your case it seems appropriate. The choice is not easy because, they regularly cook in the room, wash dishes - going to condensation and moisture, With that comes to fight and every material normally carries such influence. Priplyusuet to this the temperature drops during cooking and get a full set of unpleasant factors, to be faced with the interior decoration of the kitchen.

design kitchens
Kitchen design should be attention to detail

Therefore, the selected new materials for walls carefully, come to repair this room is responsible, it was not necessary to alter the future. The materials, Use in the kitchen room and strict requirements to make the right choice is really hard. Focus on a high level of moisture resistance and practicality in terms of daily washing greasy surfaces. Wear and deformation of the use is an important factor, select materials, which do not have to change in a year or two.

And our article will show the rules for choosing finishing materials and will help you understand every nuance of the process. Internal kitchen finishing process will be fun, not painful.

The types of materials for kitchens

When you need to decorate the walls in the kitchen issue here rests on the choice of the right type of materials, with this and start. The current construction market is filled with a variety of goods, tiling the kitchen is not the only option available - choose something now really hard. Of course, in that case, if you decide to repair the premises of modest means, and the choice of, What will be the interior walls are not rich, and to decide on this matter you will quickly. As they say in this case the statistics - more quality and modern decoration of the walls in the kitchen will make the properties of the room better.

kitchen renovation
Modern materials and functionality are able to make very comfortable and practical kitchen

But here is the acquisition of such materials can afford not to everyone, so decorate the kitchen walls so, as might be desired not work. Sad in this case it is not necessary, because there are the best in price and quality materials for interior walls homes, that will please lovers of refinement and the, who do not want to spend too much money. We can only make the right choice, on the basis of a particular room and then decorate the walls in the kitchen, ceiling and floor. It is not so difficult, as it seems, and we will help to understand the issue.

finishing the ceiling

Renovate the kitchen, we recommend that you start with the ceiling. Though the surface here, and like a wall, but there is a difference - suspended ceiling beneath a tree stretched the most recent, after that, the walls and the floor is already finished. If you choose a different option, for example Ceiling tiles from foam, it is put in the first place.

Make repairs, this is a very amusing thing, but let us turn our attention to the fact, the market offers:

  • Paints. In the store you will find a bunch of different color options, but it is important for kitchen use water-based or dispersion enamel. These models after drying becomes a dense film, which is easy to clean and does not absorb into the dirt and grease;
  • Wallpaper. This embodiment is desirable to use in the case, if installed on a gas stove hood, otherwise wallpaper engorged and turn yellow;
  • Plastic panel. modern ceiling trim realestate this type is considered relatively low and the embodiment is characterized by the positive side. Plus plastic in, what he It allows the ceiling sheathe and add brightness room drawing figure;
  • Tiles made of styrofoam for ceiling. This type of finish is relevant for wet and rarely washable premises, since the laminated expanded polystyrene does not absorb into the personal.

Finishing the ceiling in the kitchen
Potlok on top, but it should be given as much attention as the rest of the areas of premises

note, that PVC panel under internal finishing brick for cheap and easy to maintain, so do not recline at once such an option. For the care and cleaning using the classic wet rag, even detergent and sponges do not need. Yes, and plastered ceiling plates so you get rid of the problem repaired immediately pololka.

repair wall

Decorating the walls of wood or other materials requires attention and a careful approach. Use homogenous material does not get, as in places of installation of the stove and sink tile expedient. Materials for interior walls are selected with a fair margin of safety, and the very tiles forming the apron requires special attention.

Replace tiles allowed such options:

  1. DSP;
  2. MDF;
  3. Strained glass.

But other options already chosen to risk. By installing wall panels for interior decoration under the tree, consider the practicality testimony, because in this room you still cook.

Some designers offer for walls use wall laminate, which is also protected by a durable outer layer.

As an alternative, if you are afraid to use suitable ceramic tree tiles wood wall. It is a versatile option, which will help the, who wants to wooden walls and the, who fight, that the kitchen tree quickly will become worthless. But, as already mentioned, each option is selected independently and for the consequences no one answers.

Decorating the walls in the kitchen
Decorating the walls can be made in any style

repair floor

If the walls will be sufficient clinker tiles for interior walls, then the floor will have to think about. The fact, that this space is used on a daily basis and people are scurrying back and forth more often, than in the other rooms. Least, home 3 times a day, gather around the table for a meal, which means, choose the flooring, choose durable and reliable.

Choose here can be long, finish and design of the kitchen on a rich variety of case. But if the funds running out, and I want to pick up a quality option, we will recommend such materials: linoleum and tiles on the floor. Yes, in DIY stores offer, alternatively use a moisture resistant wood coating, but the material is not an example of expensive, than above. With the tiles easier, once putting this option it does not need to be replaced is not another decade. If you still get the same plastic finish of the walls and ceiling with tiles on the floor, it is almost a perpetual repair.

But there is also a bad side of the coin - the cold tile material, walk on it barefoot, even in summer unpleasant, so try to put underneath "warm floor". Another negative - tile strong and resilient enough, that dropped the pottery on the floor will only throw. These disadvantages make you think about the choice.

floor finish in the kitchen
Do not forget the floor you thought, but look at it often

Another practical inexpensive option, linoleum, It has an even broader spectrum of positives:

  • cheapness;
  • Easy installation, with this case able to cope every man, who once something repaired;
  • Linoleum practical material, he washed and cleaned with detergents improvised;
  • Concrete floor apartment chosen insulated options linoleum;
  • It requires a minimum of preparation before laying.

In some people, such floor covering is in doubt, due to the expected lifetime of. However, we note, that the current strength of linoleum in front of past analogues or worse, than the laminate in this regard,. Yes, high-quality linoleum is costly, but once make the floor and walls of the kitchen to finish better quality, than once every three years to remodel repair. Besides, if you yourself lay linoleum, the money, allocated for it is better to invest in the purchase of high quality materials. Time laying out at least, and it is incomparable plus.

As materials affect the design

If you decide to look at the design of the future from the kitchen, then do it in terms of purchased materials. Why is that?

Kitchen wood
Kitchen wood is first of all the warmth and comfort

See, Do you want to, to design kitchens present a lot of wood, but it runs the kitchen Decorating the walls with plastic panels. Respectively, no naturalness in this case not be able to achieve and the, that the tree does not become immediately visible natural. If the intention is to have a lot of wood, then the walls choose laminated panels, and on the laminate flooring - then get this design, how do you see. If you try to save, it is better not to think of the interior in advance, and go to the market and already there from the, that is cheaper to think on the fly. Otherwise, then having decided one, but otherwise you will be getting upset by repairs and nothing good is not end. Besides, If linoleum put on their own are not a problem, it's okay to put the tiles can master.

If we summarize the text, set out in this article, the conclusion is - approach to the process of repairing a kitchen should be reasonably and with skills in this matter. Repair work requires knowledge, otherwise you will spoil material or not achieve the desired result. And if you still do not have a big budget, do not make up one's mind beforehand gold walls - plan of forces and based on the actual price on the market for construction services.


successful repair!