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The original design of the ceiling in the kitchen with his hands: advices of the master

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Finishing is performed in order to improve interior design. Kitchen takes effort, since it takes a plan dining and working areas and equipment. Repair begins with the kitchen ceiling.

the kitchen ceiling
The original suspended ceiling under the color of the kitchen

Making this zone defines tone room. It depends on it, how the kitchen will be light, spacious and comfortable.

the kitchen ceiling

ceiling design It consists of materials, drawings, colors and configurations. Ceilings are multilevel, vaulted, straight or curly. Ceiling coverings made of various materials.

Finishing work begins with the creation of the project. When this material is chosen, color and shape design.

Varieties of ceiling structures and their design in a small kitchen, living in the Khrushchev 9 sq.m

There are various ways of formatting the ceiling. Before you start repairing the ceiling should choose the design of the kitchen ceiling and study the properties of materials on the market.

design of the ceiling in the kitchen

Features plaster on the ceiling a modern duplex in a private house

Stucco allows you to create unusual design. Using texture and color palette of the kitchen gives the volume and original effects.

Structural plaster helps to mask the irregularities. After the coating is applied primer and paint. To work with plaster special rollers used, spatulas and brushes.

To align the ceiling covering is applied putty. The design of the kitchen with the help of plaster is performed after the color matching.

After the plaster ceiling is painted. It uses structural and glossy colors.

It is important to choose the right shade, which would fit into the interior of the premises. Paint, used in the kitchen, It meets the criteria of practicality, durability and moisture resistance.

design of the ceiling in the kitchen

Facing plaster has the following advantages:

  1. Compared with other types of finishing the ceiling price available.
  2. Plaster mix do not emit harmful substances and are considered environmentally.
  3. Plaster ceiling in the kitchen does not reduce the height. The layer thickness does not exceed 5 cm.

The disadvantages are the inability to hide differences ceiling cover. For plastering We need a flat surface.

Venice Stucco is rarely used for ceilings. Material consists of an acrylic resin and the marble chips.

Textured plaster is not intended for a kitchen. Because of the uneven surface is difficult to remove dust.

Kitchen recommended polymer-based material, which is not afraid of water and less abraded by washing.

After putty ceiling progruntovyvaetsya. This will create a solid surface, and increase adhesion of paint.

ceiling design
Design ceiling made under the daisy flower and decorated with flowers photo

Advantages of ceiling tiles and wallpaper on a high ceiling

The ceiling of the ceiling tiles is from materials such as foam, wood or plastic. It uses tiles of different texture or relief.

To pokleit ceiling tile using a special glue. The mirror surface generates the amount of space. Using this material, you must use the hood, which pulls moisture.

Ceiling tile from polystyrene foam does not reduce the height of the room and is characterized by simple installation. Besides, such material is inexpensive and has a functionality. When installing it is not necessary to press strongly on the plate.

The original design of the ceiling in the kitchen

Ceiling tiles made of foamed polystyrene has the following advantages:

  • Laminated coating protects from moisture;
  • presents color options;
  • which imitates natural materials.

Ceiling tile, you can choose from the following types of:

  1. Extruded performed by pressing. It is made from a polystyrene strip. It characterized the smooth surface. Painted wood or marble.
  2. Injection is performed tile by sintering raw polystyrene. Characterized by the regular geometric shape and clarity of the picture.
  3. Stamped made of polystyrene blocks.

Properly glue the ceiling tile to follow these guidelines:

  1. The product is pressed bar, since it can press down arms.
  2. Using sealed with sealant gaps.
  3. In a small room tiles glued on the angle towards the center.

Ceiling tiles
Ceiling tiles with patterns and blue flowers at the wallpaper

Design of plastic panels: options

Plastic panels are cheap. Material is attached via the frame profiles and. There is no need to level the surface.

Plastic constructions suitable to any style of interior.

The material has the following advantages:

  1. Increased resistance to humidity.
  2. Stress resistance and fire resistance.
  3. Is easy assembly and dismantling.
  4. Material is easy to care for.

Panel - a suspended ceiling for the kitchen. There are options: from white to simulate a variety of materials.

Plastic panels are in the form of a lining, sheets and tiles. The surface of the matte or glossy material

The material is mounted on a special crate.

beautiful ceiling in the kitchen

Advantages of stretch and suspended ceilings

Stretch ceiling is considered to be the most popular of suspended ceilings. It is made of a woven fabric and PVC film. The canvas is stretched tightly over a frame.

Matte material resembles a whitewashed surface. Lacquer enhances the space and reflects the room.

Choosing or plasterboard ceilings, should know about the advantages of suspended structures:

  1. The film differs plasticity, from it to perform complex configuration. done Trey ceilings, arches, tents and vaults.
  2. Installation can take up to 4 hours and after work is not dirt and dust. Material used even after dismantling.
  3. The design has antistatic properties and does not attract dirt.
  4. Design of stretch ceilings allows you to post in the roof niche communication: electrical wiring or the ventilation system.
  5. The cloth is characterized waterproof properties.
  6. The room does not lose height.

unusual ceiling in the kitchen

tensile structures represent suspension systems, which consist of a vinyl film and aluminum frame.

The negative moments installation structure instability relates to high temperatures. If the design of the tension ceiling in the kitchen is to use spotlights, then their installation, use caution. Selected light sources with low power.

These designs allow you to implement design ideas.

Besides, Design of stretch ceilings mimics usual whitewash. In this case, it has a long service life.

Plasterboard with original design and lighting

Installation for tensioning the carcass structure further possible to change the film and change the interior.

On canvas painting applied. A drawing by using any colors. Work quickly to help special stencils. apply photo printing.

Drawings of future construction and installation are best left to the master. installation process requires special equipment and is complex.

Properties plasterboard ceilings: stylish lighting

Design of ceilings made of plasterboard can align the curved surfaces. Plasterboard performed any figure.

The basis material is a gypsum board, cardboard which is glued to strength.

designs recommended for kitchen with resistance to humidity. gipsokartna sheets come in various sizes.

beautiful ceiling

Plasterboard in the kitchen has the following features:

  1. Capable of aligning a surface with large differences.
  2. The material has not environmentally friendly and has toxic substances.
  3. Some brands are created with resistance to humidity.
  4. characterized by fire resistance.
  5. are practical. Design ceiling plasterboard changes using staining.
  6. Large variety of design options. Performed arched and stepped surfaces.

The disadvantages include loss of height in the room and the duration of the installation work.

Plasterboard ceilings for kitchen area divided into two types:

  1. One-level structure composed of a single plane.
  2. Multilevel have several planes.

stylish ceiling in the kitchen

Sibling ceiling kitchen sutured in one plane and one is the classic. The design looks stylish and fits in every room.

a multi-level structure used to create the original design. Performed vaulted or arched ceilings. The spotlights are used as decorative elements. The kitchen light is created in the working and dining area.

Suspended structures are used for zoning, and delimits the space design of the ceiling with exposed beams.

When creating a project plasterboard ceiling takes into account the following parameters:

  • design features;
  • purpose rooms;
  • area and shape of the room;
  • backlight application;
  • the presence of decorative details.

ceiling decoration in the kitchen

In the manufacture of ceiling screws used, gipsokartna sheet metal profiles and.


After mounting structure is made decorative finishing and dyeing ceiling coverings.

Only after studying the properties of each finishing selected the best option and use composite materials for the ceiling in the kitchen.