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Several ways to turn the kitchen ceiling in a work of art

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Repair - it is time-consuming. Just a couple of decades ago, few people thought about the design of the ceiling - and whitewashed enough. But today the issue, how to make the ceiling in the kitchen is relevant due to the many options reincarnation ceiling coverings. But what is special about the kitchen ceiling coatings from other rooms? What better to do the ceiling in the kitchen?

The ceiling in the kitchen
The ceiling in the kitchen plays an important role

kitchen Features

In the bustle of everyday life a person spends much time in the kitchen, but that does not make the room cleaner. Housewives know firsthand, that the kitchen may pollute faster than other rooms. This also applies to the ceiling.

kitchen ceiling

  1. In the kitchen there is a steady indoor humidity fluctuation. During cooking it is filled with steaming food, and after airing becomes clean again. Because the ceiling in the kitchen to make better materials, resistant to regular jumps humidity. This feature kitchens reject materials for the ceiling of wood.
  2. You need to select materials, capable of expanding under the influence of different temperatures, because the temperature difference is observed in kitchens to 60 degrees.
  3. Lovers to cook in butter familiar unpleasant spray, albeit small, which are difficult to wash. They are able to settle on the stove and walls, and even reach the ceiling, requiring regular cleaning. Because the ceilings in the kitchen is best done from the materials, non-absorbent odors and grease, as well as easy-to-clean.
  4. note, in the kitchen there is the risk of fire, even a small, so make sure to buy slowly lighting up materials.
  5. Do not forget about accidents, which may arise through the fault of neighbors. Flooding can result in permanent damage to the ceiling cover, because the ceiling, able to hold water for some time,, It can save the walls and even the floor from moisture.

The ceiling can be so beautiful, then what the eye does not take

In this way, to the choice of ceiling coverings for kitchens need to be taken seriously, then it will help to keep the appearance and performance of the ceiling.


Plaster is known as since the time has passed, when ceilings hruschevke and this kind of apartments have not seen anything, other than ordinary white coat. But even today do not plaster It loses its relevance, to 2016 , the material is passed through a metamorphosis, Today decorative plaster captivated building materials market.

beautiful ceiling

Many advantages plaster finish. First of all, It is a durable material, strength, ability to withstand extremes of temperature and humidity. Also, this option is fire resistant and environmentally friendly.

You can make a ceiling in the kitchen with the help of plaster unusual. The variety of textures, colors and compositions provide customers more choices in the market, so you can pick up stuff, suitable for your interior. Convenience and ease of application - an undeniable plus. With the help of plaster removed defects and irregularities of the ceiling, but if you do not have experience in working with this material, better to entrust to do the ceiling in the kitchen professional.

Less finishing the ceiling plaster -sposobnost material to absorb odors and pollution, after which the coating is virtually impossible to clean. finish is also not able to cope with water - because flooding permanently damage the plaster.

Plaster is not eternal material and for a long time it will not be enough

Dropped ceilings

Can not be denied, that the suspended ceiling is now in vogue. they are relatively recent and the first time been the subject of luxury, but now the suspended ceiling, it is rather a necessity, than beauty, although this has not been without.

General characteristics for suspended ceilings:

  • The web is based on the frame, which is mounted within the parameters of the ceiling;
  • The framework is able to hide large irregularities, depressions and defects, and align headliner, but conceals the height of the room. Depending on the degree of roughness and the suspended carcass coating may steal 4-10 cm.;
  • Under the suspension design is convenient to place the wiring, ventilation or gas pipes;
  • Such a ceiling provides good sound insulation;
  • We must not forget the decorative function of this element. Various kinds of design and decoration techniques can visually enlarge the kitchen space and transform it beyond recognition.

We now turn to the question of, what is better to do the ceilings in the kitchen and talk about the existence today of design options.

Cassette design

cassette design
designer effect to the same practical, broke cover just took and changed the piece

Surely you did not notice, that cluster ceilings are found in almost every office, store or other similar areas. Usually they are of identical square mosaic panels, each of which is secured to a frame. These ceilings are based on open designs. There are also closed systems, which is converted into an integral member covering.

Class A cluster structure into three types: SLR, metal and fiberboard and particle board.

The mirror structure is used indoors, in need of visual expansion, because to do this type of ceiling in the kitchen will be the right decision. Applied to the surface pattern, which the customer can choose yourself or choose from ready-made designs, but if you want you can leave uni. Also you can choose - to make a ceiling matte or glossy.

Council. Choosing a glossy version, Be careful when choosing colors. Do not choose dark colors - they steal space visually and tangibly will lower the ceiling, it will be unprofitable to look even in a large room. Stop the choice to light colors.

Metal coatings made installed in rooms with high humidity - pools or bathrooms. Kitchen also preferred this option. Due to the property to reflect light, aluminum or steel structure will make the room lighter.

Aluminum cassette design
Very stylish ceiling

Fiberboard and particleboard options are not as popular today due to a presentable and severe type. It is possible to equip the rack ceiling open to terrace, in the dining room or other premises with a stabilized humidity level. Ceiling mount better to the kitchen of the moisture-resistant materials.

metal ceilings

Let us dwell on metal structures and study their characteristics more.

Metal structures often can be found in the office and factory premises, but in our days like ceilings appear in apartments. What attracts this material?

Metal ceilings made of aluminum and steel, then paint. Thanks to the technology of paint application can be achieved as a matte, and a glossy surface. Metal ceilings are best for kitchens, because they have a moisture-proof and frost-resistant properties, that protects the kitchen surfaces, even in the winter.

Besides, better to do the ceiling in the kitchen of metal, as it is non-toxic and fire-fighting material, because of the structure of which in case of fire, the smoke will come out. Form paintings varied - panel, Pinion, Cassette paintings complement the design of the room.

PVC panel

PVC panel
PVC panels are easy to clean and, moreover, they are cheap

PVC panels - a popular material, choose to be for several reasons.

  • Panel ceiling is not visible joints, so that the surface is as smooth and seamless;
  • The plastic does not absorb dirt and odors, because care of the ceiling is simple - enough occasionally wipe with a damp cloth, and to cleanse the fat droplets, use detergent;
  • You can make the ceiling anything - easy to disassemble and assemble back, if you need to place inside the wire;
  • Panels have undeniable qualities: ease, soundproofing, impermeability, the possibility of self-installation and long life.

Less PVC panels - the need for attaching them to a special frame. Because the ceiling panels in the Khrushchev may skrast height of the walls. Another negative feature - fusibility plastic. When exposed to high temperatures deteriorate or even ceiling lights, which will lead to the isolation of toxic substances. But if you are confident in your kitchen fire safety -make ceiling panels would be the best solution.

Stretch ceiling

Stretch ceiling
Vinyl inflate and get here is a beautiful ceiling

Stretch ceiling It represents a web, which with the help of special equipment is stretched on the ceiling surface. Fabrics can be solid, or constructed of separate pieces, the larger the surface of the ceiling, the greater the required parts.

The advantages of stretch fabrics include moisture protection, durability, fire safety and ease of maintenance. Separately should be noted color range and the possibility of applying onto the web print authoring. This may be reproductions of paintings or you can make your own sketch of the ceiling - it depends on your imagination.

On the downside should be attributed to the weakness of the blades sharp objects. If you accidentally damage the suspended ceiling, repair the defect does not turn yourself, will have to apply to the master. but, cut ceiling covering accident is virtually impossible, because with proper care this disadvantage is minimized.

It decided to make the ceilings of PVC film material. By type of surface of the canvas are opaque, glossy, satin, marble, etc.. There is also a classification levels.

Suspended ceiling in the kitchen
Multilevel ceiling gives the room originality

The apartments have high ceilings option tiered ceiling looks luxurious and interesting. But flatten ceiling installed and in Khrushchevki - when initially flat web coating takes between 3 cm and hide small defects.


In the kitchen, lighting plays an important role when choosing a ceiling need to pay attention to the possibility of installing additional lighting.

beautiful kitchen ceiling

Successful version - spotlights, which are immersed in any type of ceiling coverings. A distinctive feature of such a lamp in their light scattering around the room, that will provide you with even illumination. For convenience in the preparation of food such as lamps can be placed above the table and cabinets.

Another secret - installation of glossy ceiling. Due to their surface kitchen will look taller, and the internal space becomes lighter.


Thus you can carry out a comparison of types of ceiling coverings for kitchens and choose the appropriate option.