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How to harmoniously combine the room with kitchen: design secrets

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Design kitchen coincident with the audience became popular a few years ago. This design solution has many advantages: visual expansion of space, increasing the operating or dining area, simplification of the cleaning process and other. Thanks to new technologies in construction, even from the usual one-room apartments are apartments - studios, that fascinate for its originality and uniqueness. Today let's talk about interior of the kitchen and room combined together.

Open plan lounge
Hall with generally-style kitchen - a very original

The first advantage of the united space - an increase in area of ​​the apartment. During the demolition of the wall it is possible to set duplex stretch ceiling, make a step, increase the space, Add room more daylight, delineate the room wall or bar. The combination of these two rooms allows you to make the space more functional and original, realize all the design ideas and suggestions.

But a desire to combine these two rooms a little. Combined space should be in harmony with each other, and it is very difficult to do. Therefore, before combining thought out all the details of the future interior.

room and kitchen together

replanning: on which aspects to pay attention

Combining rooms is due to the demolition of the wall. Therefore, you must first see the house plan, whether it is a wall bearing. If yes - it is excellent and you can start. But if the wall is not a carrier - not worth the risk. Snesya such a wall, you can trigger the collapse of other walls or ceiling, and then we need no longer be combined living room with kitchen, and build them anew.

If a person lives in a residential high-rise building, before the demolition of the wall it is necessary to appeal to the BTI to obtain a permit. If it's a private house - the permit is not required.

For an affirmative decision in the BTI provides blueprint for future interior. It is not necessary to describe in detail the arrangement of furniture, etc.. The main point, completely to be demolished the wall or not.

cozy kitchen

Variations in kitchen with a lot of room:

  • The wall is completely demolished, thereby turning the room into one large space.
  • Demolition of a portion of the wall, while the remaining serves as a separating element between handicap.

Depending on the design chosen and the alleged interior Future living room - kitchen. Before you choose furniture, wallpaper, baguettes or curtains in the room or the kitchen, you need to decide whether to remain in place, these rooms. This refers to, You do not need to swap them. Often the combination of rooms is done in order to increase food, and vice versa. Merging allows you to "regulate" the area according to your taste and needs of the household. If most of the time housewife spends in the kitchen - it is necessary to increase the space. Then on the living room respectively are allotted less space. If necessary, make the recreation area of ​​more, expanding room, and the kitchen becomes less.

room with kitchen

If necessary, increase the cooking zone must adhere to these rules:

  1. Obtaining permission from the BTI.
  2. Stove is located in the "old" kitchen area.
  3. All water pipes are replaced with polyethylene.

When you transfer the kitchen area to the living room is better to use the services of professionals. Transfer of electric cables, laying and connecting the pipes in humans, not having these skills, can cause problems.

Kitchen and living room

Undesirable transfer plate, particularly gas. According to the rules, the pipeline is prohibited to transfer, but it is extended if necessary.

Transfer of sewage - a complicated matter. Pipes will extend or migrate in a bathroom. Doing it yourself is not recommended. It is better to take the help of plumbers.

The latter aspect in kitchen transfer - This installation of the ventilation system, which is vital when combined rooms.

Wrap a recreation area in the kitchen much easier, since there is no need for laying pipes and elongation. a couple additional outlets do enough.

the combination of the hall to the kitchen

Methods zoning kitchen room with hall

Under zoning refers to the separation area of ​​the apartment or room in the work area and recreation area. The interior should not only be exclusive, but also functional. Zoning ensures separation of the kitchen and the hall of their functional accessories, therefore plays an important role in the interior.

Beautiful kitchen

Methods of zoning:

  1. finishing the ceiling. With the help of the different ceiling levels are separated by zones. In the kitchen are flat ceilings, and made plasterboard ceilings in the hall allow to transform the room into a cozy and comfortable zone. multilevel ceiling trim allows you to make beautiful repairs in the apartment, precisely delineate areas. Suspended ceilings are visually reduce the space. But thanks to them that the ceiling looks neater and more interesting. Complement the beautiful interior of the apartment to help embedded colored lamps on the ceiling, when enabled, create incredible lighting on the ceiling perimeter.
  2. Decorating the walls. Different wall decoration will help to make Design room in the apartment the original. When different zones of the finishing look in different ways. With the help of finishing the room visually separated, that is, not additionally required in the interior of the hall in the apartment inserted dividing objects, like cabinets, sofas or racks. Popular kitchen interior - it's a classic or a modern kitchen, made of natural wood. As the finish is perfect ceramic tile in combination with linoleum and vinyl wallpaper. The living room will look favorably leather furniture or substitute in conjunction with a wooden table small. As a material for finishing lounge selected natural stone or paint. These materials are advantageous to emphasize the wealth and well-being, but do not look defiant.the original alignment of the hall to the kitchen
  3. septa. To delimit the zones used partitions from different materials. Glass partitions in the apartment look favorably nouveau interior pomescheniya.Derevyannye walls complement the classical interior with leather furniture and wooden kitchen. Plastic partitions help decorate conservative style interior, a mirror to help visually enlarge the area of ​​the apartment.
  4. Rise. Different floor levels help to create a transition effect. A differentiating element in this case serve as a podium or steps. Kitchen is usually located on the upper plane. This allows a better view of the living room. Since the "different" floor levels relate to the interior style Art Nouveau, respectively furniture hall and kitchen steals modern. Patterned kitchen and sofas of the XVIII century in the interior will look ridiculous. Therefore it is better to give preference to furniture, formed in monochrome gamuts. Sex at such a finish better delineation pictures. Is perfect laminate. With such an interior will look favorably furniture and light-colored duplex plasterboard ceilings.the combination of the hall to the kitchen
  5. bar counter. It fits perfectly into the style of Art Nouveau and Art Deco. The reception gives a chic apartment. It is located between the living room and work area, and also serves as a dining destination. The decor of the hall in the apartment is done by painting and correct lighting. In the room with the bar organically fit into plasterboard ceilings, and Roman shades or blinds. curtains for interior room is selected based on the wall lining or finishing, material and style of furniture. If the "old" furniture look favorably Austrian or London kinds of curtains, and fit blinds and curtains for modern furniture - rolls.

spacious kitchen

color solutions: luxury dining room design in a private house and the apartment

The main task of rooms combined to make one of the working zone, and the other for recreation. Delimit the zone can not only use the walls or furniture. When probed with the help of wall decoration is important to consider, that the range of colors plays an important role. Typically, such facilities are not executed in a single color, so we offer you a few basic rules of differentiation of literate premises by color:

  • With this embodiment,, as the kitchen in the hall (moving the working area into the living) working area is allocated more vivid color. In this case, the interior of the kitchen in the apartment does not have much to stand out, so choose furniture quiet tones, like peach, olive, brown or white.
  • When combining is not necessary to paint the room in similar shades. Visual color zones will merge into one color and then color zoning will become useless.
  • Contrast. When painting the living room in the dark color, chosen furniture for the hall light colors, and vice with kitchen in interesting colors
  • The flat surfaces are colored in pastel shades and tranquil. Too bright ceiling or wall will irritate and annoy.
  • If zoning is room curtains, it is strictly forbidden to choose the same color for painting room. It is better to choose a couple of shades darker or lighter. So the room will not merge with windows.
  • hall design in modern style It looks great in no bright colors. Perfect color solution for the modern style of the interior will peach, white, sand color. It is worth remembering, that the modern style of minimalism means, ie excessive decor or molding is not allowed.

Kitchen-living room
This interior creates visual extension of

interior styles

Kitchen design with the audience can be done in antique style. In this case, you need to paint the walls in ivory color and dilute the dividing elements of sand shade. In ancient columns and arches with built-in lamps are used to illuminate the object as zoning. Equip a room in an apartment, you can use the laminate or tile with ornament "marble". Furniture selected classic, but not modern. Furniture set is selected and patterned with cutouts. An antique style indicated by the presence of frescoes and murals. A large number of vases can help decorate the interior.

If the room is done in a country style, then to use bright colors can not be. Bright and flashy colors are used in the art deco style.

Modern design rooms - nouveau, It is achieved by the use of wooden furniture with elegant fittings. Paul in this style is done in a light brown shade. It looks great parquet or linoleum. To achieve the effect of modern curtains are hung in the hall. The design of the room in a modern style involves the use of a large number of household appliances, neat furniture and original paintings. window decoration in the hall in Art Nouveau style is carried out with the help of Japanese, or English types of curtains.

Two in one
Design kitchen coincident with the audience will be popular forever

secrets of the lighting

To achieve a beautiful interior design and kitchen coincident with the audience do not forget about lighting.

Useful tips on lighting:

  1. The kitchen is light brighter, than in the living room.
  2. With the help of built-in fixtures can visually enlarge the space. Such bulbs are used in the false ceiling in the living. Recessed luminaires are mounted mostly on relaxation area.

original room lighting

To give the room dividing the subject of originality (shelf, the bar or partition) given extra lights.



If the kitchen combined with the hall should pay attention to the basic rules of redevelopment. By combining these two rooms area allocated immediately, intended for leisure and pastime and a work area. According to the designer, kitchen should occupy less space in the bathroom spaces, as the living room serves as a place for a family gathering and socializing.