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How to choose the right design for the kitchen 5 quarter. m

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Dont be upset, if the kitchen in the house is very small, on any quadrature may think good design, functionality and comfort. design small kitchen you can make yourself, or call for help of an interior designer, which will put the furniture in places, visually increase the room, giving comfort and convenience.

Design kitchens 5m2
Choose a corner suites, because they are visually expand the space

In multi-storey buildings squaring small kitchen, especially for small families and Khrushchev, but owners use every available centimeter usefully. Having read this article until the end of your kitchen 5m2 will be cozy hearth and home, in which the activities will be a pleasant and joyful.

We arrange furniture in a small kitchen

Visiting construction sites and forums, You may have encountered this question: How to equip a kitchen design 5 m2 and arrange the furniture properly, so space enough for all? This question bothers the owners, who do not want to break the partition walls to increase the area, or remove storeroom, but want, so that all the furniture and appliances were in the same room, without taking up a lot of space.

Properly placed furniture
For a small kitchen the most important thing - it is right to place all the furniture

When we are talking about small kitchen design, once there are many examples of, how can it be beautiful and functional equip. For this is some tricks, without which the designers can not do any repairs.

corner kitchen

This type of kitchen unit arrangement in demand lately, to the same corner kitchen can visually expand the space.

Variants of arrangement of furniture:

beautiful little kitchen

  1. Sink in the corner. Such an embodiment is considered the most ergonomic, because, that the kitchen 5m converted into comfortable for the hostess. Above the sink, hang cabinet with pull-out - it will save space and put the necessary items utensils or cleaning products. Council: on the opposite side of the sink and put a sofa table, trust, place in this variant arrangement of furniture will last for all.
  2. Sink next to the window. This option provides for the transfer of a radiator in another place, It is making it harder kitchen interior. To this extend sewer and water pipes, and you will be surprised, What will the end result.
  3. Cooking corner cupboard. Such a decision can be called unusual and rare among the many kitchen designs, but it is for those, who often prepares. Besides, top hood will fit very well, You do not need to think about the small model, because there is enough room, to put a broad and powerful.

Corner kitchen
The main advantage of the angular headset - a visual extension of the space

Council: if under the hob no oven, place small refrigerator, this is an option, because the steam from the plate will go up and it will not hurt.

When planning the design of a small kitchen, first select, which corner you place the working surface, sink or stove, it depends on this coverage, so should choose the angle, which is closer to the window.

Ideas for a small kitchen design

I love the old vintage cupboards and all in retro style? Then be sure, that the use of space in the kitchen with the help of such furniture can be rationally. Modern design small kitchen Think well, Weigh the pros and cons, you decide, where to put the furniture and equipment. Classic style and country music in a room of this size would be inappropriate, but the retro, minimalism and east, It will be very helpful.

Discard the large two-door refrigerator, bulky cabinets and wide sofas, it will play into the hands of space and functionality.

Furniture and Appliances

That the room was as much free space, Choosing furniture for a small kitchen narrow and small size. Household appliances put on the possibility of one to the other.

Built-in furniture in a small kitchen
In a small kitchen it is best to set the built-in appliances and cabinets

With experienced designers recommend:

  1. Discard the headset and make ready for the size of your kitchen. Furniture manufacturers will do, what you need, wherein each involve free centimeter ;
  2. The lower modules make deep 30-40 see - it will give space;
  3. Lockers make the highest possible. At the bottom put frequently used items and utensils, and those upstairs, which are rarely used;
  4. Buy on plate 2 or 3 cooking places, under it - a small narrow oven;
  5. Refrigerator place at the bottom of countertops;
  6. In order not to buy a lot of equipment, select one, responsible for several functions. for example, oven with microwave function, or multivarka with steamer functions, stove and cooking.
  7. When planning a kitchen design, think about folding chairs and Transforming tables. After use, they can be folded and put against the wall. Very popular in the small kitchen use folding table, it needs to make the hinged shelf.

design for a small kitchen

Council: if a in the kitchen there is balcony, there put a fridge to save space, or place in a corridor.

Need to work:

  • corners;
  • screws;
  • jumpers angle;
  • nuts;
  • loops;
  • Table top and shelves for walls.

 small kitchen

Take the necessary set of partitions and assemble a shelf, that suits you best, consider, how many will make sections and their dimensions. When the shelf ready, fasten to the bottom of a piano hinge, step back a little from the edge, with the necessary tools, attach the countertop - half ready.

The next stage - a hardware support elements, by which the table will stand. By the wall, attach the two large corner. One side of the screw to the wall, another to the table top. When the table is required - Spread, and then gently lower down. As a result, you get a table, which do not take space.

Sofa kitchen
settee, made by hand, - perfect for a small kitchen

As for furniture, the same way you can make with your own hands the baby sofa with a folding seat, Considering that, that an ordinary sofa will not fit on your square meters. It is as well as the table will descend and return to the starting position, without taking up a lot of space.

important stuff:

  • If the space already used kitchen malyutkivy, but did not implement ideas, working surface will sill, where do good countertop or table, to have a snack or drink tea;
  • The decision in favor of the space - to remove the door, takes the place of. To do this, replace the vertical doors in the form of blinds, which open to the side and folded;
  • Above the working surface of the tube with hooks fasten. They are located in a suspended form of a cup, knives with scissors, prihvatki, Terk, small drying for dishes and other necessary kitchen utensils.

To furnish the kitchen in 5 quarter. m. usefully without taking too much space, you need a lot of creativity and interesting ideas. If you are not confident in their abilities, Refer to designers, who know their business and turn your kitchen into a comfortable and functional. design kitchens 5 sq.m completed.