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kitchen design and hallway together: rules idelalnogo combining premises

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Changing the location of rooms in the apartment may have multiple causes. So, if the size of the hall and situated next to the kitchen is too small, they can be combined. While the same is done for a spacious property, but with different objectives - to enhance the functionality of each room. Anyway design kitchens with entrance hall, together requires compliance with certain rules of placement of furniture, decoration and design. Today let's talk about, how to make the best kitchen, hallway.

Open plan hallway
The kitchen is open plan with the hallway - a great design solution in the apartment

Receptions everything kitchen-hallway

All the projects of redevelopment, combining the kitchen with a corridor, developed individually and depend on the size and placement of rooms, as well as the preferences of the owner housing. But there are a few tips, the implementation of which is recommended in any case,.

Firstly, recommendations relating to the location of bathrooms. If it turned out to be when combining between rooms, requires the transfer - and the remainder from dividing wall between the bathroom and the kitchen hall will provide for separation zones. true, This will entail additional costs:

  • rework sewer and water pipes;
  • risers transfer;
  • removal of walls.

But, if funds permit, quite feasible option. When, when the removal of bathrooms will cost too expensive, it is left as a boundary between rooms.

If you plan to carry not the full transfer of the kitchen to the hallway, but only a combination of adjacent sections, it is recommended not to remove the entire wall, a punch through hole in a rectangular or circular archway. Sometimes clean only the upper part of the opening, leaving the bottom for the placement of kitchen utensils or colors, and at the same time providing a natural corridor lighting from the kitchen window.

L-shaped arrangement of space for cooking relatively hallway can affect when combined load-bearing walls and require the permission of public services and the replacement gas stove to electric.

Beautiful hallway
Beautiful entrance hall - can become a full-fledged part of the interior

planning Features

kitchen facilities and a corridor objectives are completely different and makes them incompatible. AND, to solve this problem kitchen and hallway with You should have the design and layout, which would divide the space into zones. Firstly, This helps furniture.

The alignment of kitchen furniture

Combined kitchen-hall contains the furniture, needed in both areas. But more emphasis was placed on the kitchen area. Therefore, items, intended for the corridor, is selected smaller - enough walls for clothes and shoes with closed, from an aesthetic and hygienic purposes, shelves. The kitchen should be all you need for cooking, including desktops and appliances. it's desirable select embedded in furniture equipment, gather up, but leaving the functionality of the room at a high level.

Pantry and appliances removed from the door. A good option is to install them in a single line in the most remote from the entrance hall wall. If the height exceeds the kitchen 2,7 m, Furniture it can be raised by 5-10 cm high podium. A insular arrangement of furniture is suitable for spacious rooms only.

The scheme of arrangement of furniture in the kitchen
To properly arrange the furniture in the kitchen, necessary to make the scheme

variants of the zoning

To visually separate rooms on the sites used zoning kitchen and hallway. The most popular option in this case is to set sliding partitions (moving on set on the floor and ceiling rails). Design closes with the arrival of guests or during cooking.

The barrier may be a constant - the rest of the wall or made independently of plasterboard or brick. The main requirement to it is the abandonment of the passage from the kitchen to the hall.

ensure zoning, planning the design of the kitchen with a corridor, allowed and with such options:

  1. Installation on the border of the cabinet or the refrigerator zone, performing its functions and at the same time share a room;
  2. Fireplace or aquarium, which was not enough room in a small apartment, Now place between the rooms and separate space for cooking and hallway.

TV is not suitable for separation. It should set so, so that the screen could be seen from the corridor, and their specialties - or, if you make a combination of just three rooms, More and living room.

design space

Creating a kitchen design combined with a hallway, an important role is given to the decoration, lighting and color of the interior. With their help and comfort, and zoning, and hygiene in the premises.

Bordovaya kitchen
Choose the color of the kitchen, that you like


Choice of finishes for the hallway and the kitchen provides a simpler version for the first space. for example, floor tiles and wrapping the walls with wallpaper. The kitchen area is worth to lay on the floor laminate or linoleum (second option is better because of less exposure to moisture), and the walls are finished with plaster or paneling. The ceiling is created in the same style.

If zoning was carried out without the help of finishing, but, eg, partitions, furniture or appliances, the floor in the bathroom room decorate equally. Decorating the walls is selected in accordance with the requirements for these rooms at a separate location.

Color spectrum

To provide visual separation possible, if the kitchen in the hallway is made depending on the zone. light colors suitable for the working portion. Dining area made bright, and the area near the entrance - darker. Another option - the use of one color and its separation by shades. Colors look great, adjacent spectrum - orange and yellow, blue and purple. Not recommended sharp contrasts type of combination of yellow and black or red and green.



A decisive role in the creation of comfort, and zoning plays a room lighting. Its share on the premises - in the kitchen and hallway. In the kitchen, make light brighter, leaving a soft lighting in the hallway, that allow you to feel the transition between rooms. Additional lighting in the hall put the mirror, in the kitchen area - at the table and work area.