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Rules and Secrets of arrangement of furniture in the kitchen: 5 Deployment models

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The ergonomic layout Furniture in the kitchen It gives a comfortable environment for the proper performance of household tasks. Proper planning makes it possible to take into account the basic requirements and characteristics of the premises. Cooking takes much less time and effort, using a suitable scheme placement of kitchen furniture.

Placement of furniture in the kitchen
Proper placement of furniture in the kitchen will solve many problems

It is important to preserve the functionality of the room, without overloading the interior of unnecessary items and details. The convenient location of furniture in the kitchen involves calculations of proportions and human dimensions for comfortable travel. Hanging lockers and dimensional objects should not be an obstacle, causing irritation and discomfort.

The main parameters of the ergonomic layout

To organize the space in the kitchen, possible using conventional layout options, the choice of which depends on stylistic, areas and specific facilities. All types provide for a major activity centers. cooking hobs, washing and visually create refrigerator in the kitchen working triangle.

Furniture in the kitchen

Rational planning of storage areas, butchering, and preparation of products will ensure everything comfortable and functional environment.

Triangle rule in the kitchen to minimize the time required to travel between its vertices. Properly placed furniture in the kitchen sink can be installed in the center of the work surface, hobs - closer to the dining area. Refrigerator optimally placed in the corner, dimensions do not block the free movement of.

The ergonomic layout should take into account the main parameters:

  • time spent on the activity centers;
  • preserving the free movement between the vertices of the triangle;
  • creation of working surfaces between the major elements;
  • opening the refrigerator door should not prevent movement of the workspace;
  • the area between the plate and dining table must comply with the safety requirements.

ergonomic kitchen
Ease of use functional - that's the secret of ergonomics

Proper arrangement of furniture in the kitchen It envisages the creation of an ergonomic basics, around which are placed additional items of furniture and equipment. The distance between the centers depends on the area of ​​premises, no more than three meters.

Rationality arrangement allows to perform household tasks in quality storage, convenient butchering and cooking. Furniture needed in the kitchen to create a comfortable environment and is represented in suite, dining table, chairs, open shelves, kitchenette, or sofa.

placement of furniture in the kitchen

Design options for furniture placement

Arrange the furniture in the kitchen in accordance with the rule of the triangle to help the main interior solutions on a complete room:

  1. linear accommodation.
  2. The angular alignment.
  3. U-shaped kitchen.
  4. Peninsular equipment.
  5. The island layout.

The linear layout - traditional option arrangement

The linear arrangement of furniture in a small kitchen has many advantages, allowing you to place the necessary items in a confined area. Kitchen set is installed along the wall, providing enough space for the organization of the dining area. It is not recommended to create a close proximity of the fridge and hotplate. Properly arrange the data centers of activity will help separate the elements by using the kitchen sink.

Kitchen Linear Pastel
One line of kitchen merges with the room

Working surface occupies the space between the main components. It is better to place the furniture in the kitchen and wall cabinets headset along the wall, creating a situation integrity. Kitchen hood can be installed in one of the lockers, Continuity lines creates the visual effect of the expansion of space and freedom. Properly arrange the furniture in the kitchen with linear planning is possible in one, or two rows.

Unsurpassed comfort corner kitchen

The angular alignment of different functionality and practicality. Planning will allow optimum use of usable space, and create a full dining area. Work triangle in this case is divided into two regions along the walls. Location sink and stove in the kitchen is recommended to perform a single wall, refrigerator - set in the corner on the opposite plane.

practical placement of furniture in the kitchen

L-shaped equipment forms enough space for the additional elements. Correctly place appliances in the kitchen can be the basis of the activity centers. Production and installation of angular furniture does not require time-consuming. layout form creates a comfortable working surface, allowing you to use the corner space in the area and the sill.

The compactness and capacity of the U-shaped kitchen

Properly arrange the furniture with a U-shaped design helps create a level of the triangle. The main centers of activity established by the three sides of the room. Dining area takes place at the free wall, or on the center of the room, if space allows.

Option provides the ability to fully accommodate household appliances in the kitchen, moving the dining room area in the living room. Spacious area allows you to vary the interior solutions, depending on personal preferences and wishes. U-shaped plan is selected connoisseurs functionality and ergonomics.

U-shaped kitchen
U-shaped room requires a large area

The modern style of the peninsular and insular configuration

Proper placement of furniture peninsular design requires a large and spacious kitchen. A distinctive feature layout is protruding worktop. compartment sink, or hotplate would require changes in the arrangement of communications networks.

Continuation of the desktop in the form of a bar, or organically zoned serving countertop space and creates a comfortable interior.

Originally and properly arrange the furniture in the kitchen island layout help. in practice, use confirm whether circuit in spacious rooms. The island allows you to move to a single surface of the cooking plate, or washing. Lower space is equipped with spacious niches for storage of kitchen utensils. The surface of the island is often used as a dining table, or a working table top.

beautiful furniture in the kitchen

Rationality and practicality regulated areas

It is important to take into account the basic parameters and specifics of the room plan, harmonious combination with common style. Zoning space will allow correctly to place the kitchen furniture and equipment for right-handers, placing activity clockwise centers. Equipped kitchen for lefties recommended, placing items in a reverse direction.

modern sliding, or pull-out mechanisms gives additional ergonomic furniture, retaining useful space. Base cabinets better equipped with roomy drawers, abandoning doors. Full extension allows convenient and easy to get necessary items.


Correctly place the kitchen furniture can be given the parameters of the human body, placing frequently used items in reach. The width of the working surface for comfortable use corresponds to the size 90 cm. Working height varies depending on the individual growth performance. Good lighting will be a beneficial addition of a kitchen interior regardless of the type of plan.

Now you know, how to arrange the furniture in the kitchen.

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