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Proper location of the kitchen furniture: complicated, but it is convenient

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The most important point in the regeneration of kitchen space - competent planning, taking into account the dimensions and nuances of premises. After all, in spite of the rapid technological development of civilization in recent decades, most of the kitchen is a manual process. Consequently, Ergonomic layout of the kitchen space, taking into account the characteristics and parameters of the human body, It plays an important role for the comfortable work.

Furniture in the kitchen
The arrangement of furniture in the kitchen should be as practical

Studies prove, that proper arrangement of furniture allows you to save the hostess 50% spent time in the kitchen:

  1. reduces the distance, traveled by products from the storage position to the working surface;
  2. Less walk - to quickly prepare;
  3. Making smaller unnecessary movements.

Functionality - a practicality

That it should influence the choice and the arrangement of furniture in the kitchen. Design practice known cases, when the owners of multiple-ordered marker set, the purchase of which results in a tangible amount of pocket, taking into account only the selected line of furniture color and style decisions. After that, they have to move around in your own kitchen with caution and sideways, to anything or hurt, not oprokinutʹ, not injured on protruding corners. They, and even malovmestitelnye pallets, conceal the space when the door is opened, transform the furniture in the kitchen of a functional piece of furniture in the exhibits, carrying only an aesthetic function.

Rules furniture arrangement

Every item in the kitchen should not only be beautiful and comfortable, but also the most functional, comfortable and made with regard to human needs.

The triangle in the kitchen

Conventionally, the kitchen space is divided into several zones:

  1. Work zone;
  2. Dinner Zone;
  3. Pass.

Life Center kitchen - work area, comprising a product storage space, countertops, and the main area of ​​activity - work triangle, a furnace comprising, refrigerator and sink, it was his hand up the main hostess route. On the well-planned kitchen length of the sides of a triangle is minimal, and the motion within it is no cluttered.

furniture scheme in the kitchen

Let us consider separately particular location of each of the objects:

  • Sink - place, where the kitchen is performed half-time, Ideally set in the center of the triangle. On either side of her at a distance of at least a meter, maximum - two, placed stove and refrigerator. "Walks" space can be devoted solely to the desktop. When P and L-shaped kitchen layout optimally position the sink in the corner.

Council. When planning electrical wiring, not install the sockets on sink, Contact with water will result in a short circuit and personal injury.

ruglovoe location of kitchen furniture

  • Cooker or hob mounted as close to the ventilation system, but not too close to the window. Location plate in the kitchen near the dining table is incredibly convenient, but try to think about it that way, to pass between them, you do not hit anything.
  • Refrigerator is given a modest place in the corner of the temple food. This is done for aesthetic reasons, so as not to break the line of furniture. Open the freezer door must not occupy a significant part of such a valuable kitchen space. Also make sure the absence in the vicinity of the cooler radiators batteries or other sources of heat.

Organically fit into the interior wall cabinets, especially corner, they are comfortable and functional, you can store in its bosom stocks of food and utensils. They are hung at a height of 0,5-0,7 m from the working surface.

less area of ​​the triangle 4 m2 will create a feeling of tightness and stiffness.

location of kitchen furniture

Placement of household appliances and furniture in the dining room: correct and convenient scheme of feng shui

Before buying furniture, should think about the necessary appliances. Standard "gentleman" set usually includes: fridge, plate or hob and electric oven, hood, dishwasher. Note, microwave lately overshadowed, replaced by more functional multivarka. How did the kitchen to place appliances?

With the deployment of large equipment, cooler and plate, we figured out in the last paragraph, hood is mounted directly over the stove. The spacious kitchen allow to place them within the dishwasher, but the presence there of the washing machine is quite a controversial issue. The answer to this lies in the size of the room, needs of employers and specific models.

Small kitchen helpers are placed based on their frequency of use. If you cook every morning coffee, it is not necessary to hide the coffee maker in the lockers depth, possibly, it is to provide a place of honor on your desktop, windowsill or nailed convenient shelf.

furniture in the center of the kitchen

kitchen design 5,6,9,10 and 12 sq.m: ergonomic options

Most often the location of furniture made according to the selected layout type:

  1. linear kitchen. Typical for standard small and srednemetrazhnyh kitchens in urban high-rise buildings, the width of the room less 2 m. The optimal length of the working range - not less 3 m. So save valuable space will help a folding dining table and built in appliances. it is functional, beautiful and ergonomic, avoiding gaps between elements headset, ingress of fat, dust and dirt.
  2. Angular or L-shaped. The most practical layout, suitable for small square dishes. It allows to assemble equipment and furniture based on personal preferences and needs of owners.
    kitchen furniture
    Angle - the comfortable layout of the kitchen space
  3. With furniture from three walls, you create a U-shaped layout. Suitable for kitchen in different sizes, economize on space, excludes the through passage through the working triangle, which is important for compliance with safety regulations. At the ends of the letter "P" are set sliding cupboards or rounded elements. Sill frequently upgraded in a part of the working surface.
  4. Isle. In the center of the kitchen stove submitted, washing or working surface. Suitable for floor area exceeding 20 m2, It requires complex technical solutions (separate water removal, gases, ventilation).
  5. peninsula. It allows you to organize the space effectively, clearly separate dining and working areas. Polumysom imposed part of the working surface, plate, wash or bar.

Comfortable kitchen - a pledge of comfort!