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How to position the refrigerator in the kitchen

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This is important for each household kitchen utensil, as a refrigerator, not enough to choose and buy. It still must be correctly installed. Since only located in the right place at the refrigerator will last a long time, but to use it will be as comfortable as possible. And in order to know, Where put on the fridge the kitchen, worth knowing a few rules.

fridge in the kitchen
It is impossible to imagine a modern kitchen without a refrigerator

Three kitchen areas

The kitchen is one of the main premises of any property. Here it is most of the time housewife, the whole family, and there is a meeting guests. And features a household kitchen appliances needed, taking into account the requirements of ergonomics, space and convenience of its use.

To this end, conventionally divided into room 3 functional areas:

  • labor, including a stove and a cutting table, cleaning and cooking;
  • sanitary. This zone consists of a sink, bin and sometimes dishwasher;
  • store. It includes cupboards and fridge in the kitchen.

If these work centers form a triangle with almost identical parties, ease of use is provided in the kitchen. Human movement will not hamper furniture and appliances, that will provide a more active cooking process.

The main kitchen area is considered a sink - near her spend the most time in the kitchen. Place it is usually in the center of the triangle, at a distance of 1-2 meters from the refrigerator. Plate is placed close to the table and in the 1-1.2 m from the shell. Considering, that this technique is the most traumatic, pass near it should be wide enough, not allowing people to accidentally get burned. A refrigerator installation, both the large-sized interior items, It can be made in a kitchen corner.

refrigerator in washing
Sometimes the kitchen is so small, that the choice of location for the installation of the refrigerator is simply no

Placement of furniture and household appliances in the kitchen is, using one of the standard layout for this:

  1. Single-row. Suitable for small-sized space length about 3 m. Furniture and appliances are not placed in a triangle shape, as well as a line, on the one hand which is plate. other, where there should be a fridge, It is far away from the window, and in the middle is set wash. Space when using this option to increase due to the high cabinets;
  2. two-row. In this case, working close to an equilateral triangle. the storage area, including fridge, arranged on one side, two others - on the contrary, the distance between the rows of 1,2 m;
  3. L-shaped. This corner kitchen with refrigerator closer to the center of the room can be placed on any area. Built-in appliances are placed further from the angle, providing convenient access to it;
  4. U-shaped. Option for a spacious kitchen area is not less than 10 quarter. m, where objects are arranged along three walls, providing easy access to all areas from anywhere.

technology opportunities

Modern appliances allow better use of space than previous generations. If, however, provide a more optimal location and equipment in the kitchen, and select the appropriate design, benefits increased. These include the release of additional free space, Now that will be used for other purposes, reduced noise levels and compliance with the overall style of the room.

Better yet, refrigerators with energy efficiency class A and A + saves energy. And for added ease of use the savings on maintenance.

color fridge
Nowadays you can buy a refrigerator of any color

Decorative features of all kitchen appliances depend on the selection of colors. So, black refrigerator the kitchen is combined with the same dark stove and hood. Although it allowed and contrast color matching.

Often, the choice of, how to arrange the equipment in the kitchen depends on the passage of the Communications room. The slab has to be installed near the gas supply pipe, sink - the water and sanitation. A refrigerator installation options, as an instrument, depending only on electricity, a lot more. true, changing a gas stove to electric model will eliminate the reference to the gas and allow the same to put the equipment in the desired point of the room.

Choosing a location

The alignment of the kitchen appliances, including fridge, depending on square footage space and its layout. In the area above 10 quarter. m is almost no problems, but on 4, 5 or 8 meters to choose a place for parking equipment harder. Therefore guided several embodiments verified placement.


Location in the corner is considered one of the best options for the refrigerator, because it saves space and does not interfere move around the room. dimensions, who has purchased the corner refrigerator, matched in size to other interior items, that he did not stand out in the line of kitchen wall. For this purpose, the angles used are flat and elongated device, depth coinciding with the standard furnishings.

refrigerator in the corner
Corner Fridge- good option

At the entrance

In small kitchens, common in old-style apartments, refrigerator set at the door. In this case, the device separates the high part of the kitchen and creates extra work zone. And when removing the door space is further increased, where to put the refrigerator easier in terms of ergonomics, and in view of easy access. Good accommodation and it is an option with a niche at the entrance, also provides space savings.

Under the surface of the table

option, suitable only for small devices with small volume. Products are less fit, and the freezing chamber will be installed separately, and the installation should take into account some of the nuances. But, if you set the built-in refrigerator, saves more space and get the location of the zones, which will be more convenient for the hostess.

The suites

There is a variant of the device and placing in the furniture wall. If you install the refrigerator in the kitchen headset, saves space, and he becomes invisible when the door is closed cabinet. The dimensions of the model in this case is less than, than the separate of available technology, but more as compared to the embedded.

fridge in the corridor
location option is the kitchen refrigerator

outside kitchen

If you have not managed to find a place to install, It allowed the imposition of the refrigerator beyond the kitchen space. To this end use storage, hallways or other rooms built in wardrobes. A device model design selected is not in accordance with the style of cuisine, and the interior of the selected installation site.

Special features

Applying multiple mounting rules will allow the refrigerator last longer. And first of all requirements for the placement and wiring do not recommend getting on the technique of direct sunlight, so installation is made in a dry and ventilated area away from windows. The appliance is not placed near the stove or sink. In those cases,, when place the refrigerator in the kitchen in a different way does not work, It requires separation from other areas at least by a cabinet.

The equipment can not be installed closer than 50-100 cm for radiators. And still install the refrigerator in the kitchen is made taking into account the distances to other interior items and walls within 5 see the winter and at least 10 see summer, avoiding overheating. At the same socket, to which it is connected, It must be grounded. To protect equipment from power surges on the network is recommended to use a voltage regulator.

It is important to know: in front of the appliance door is left space, which will ensure the free opening.

Ensure a tight closing of the door can be, if properly expose the refrigerator. To this end, the front legs are twisting this way, to the unit leaned back 1-2 degrees. Simultaneously with such stick exhibiting such an angle of inclination, which will help to avoid unnecessary noise, occurring at a deviation device axis from the horizontal position.


To properly set the built-in refrigerator, governed by the same rules, taking into account some of the features. So, the device should not tightly fit to the cabinet, as this will cause overheating. The rear wall of the chassis necessary to have openings for ventilation. A refrigerator cabinet and the door are fastened in such a way, to be opened at the same time. Therefore, the correct option will be to raise the built-in device for mounting an experienced installer, and not doing all the work yourself. Even better provide for the insertion of the refrigerator in advance, aligning with the installation of furniture.